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woman haircut and his wife cut short variants

woman haircut bob-dark-blonde fringe

You want a radical change to your hair? Or you simply want to enhance your current cutter? Read our article on the haircut woman short length.

The pixie cut, bobsleigh, plunging square, boyish - there for everyone! We will guide you found all what has short ideal woman for you section on your face morphology and texture of your hair. Be sure to throw u look at our pictures and get inspired.

The woman haircut is as convenient as feminine

woman haircut square-degrade-blonde model

We tend to believe that the short cut is not going to everyone, but it is false. The short cut is to almost everyone, as long as we choose the right one. The short woman cut never goes out of fashion. We love to his way of being timeless, elegant and practical.


Depending on your reasons and your desires, it can be worn smooth, lacquered, disheveled, asymmetrical, rock and roll, but again and again ... Contrary to the short cut the woman we believe is very feminine. Sometimes even more feminine than a long hair cut as it emerges one of the most delicate parts in a woman that is the neck.


As for long hair, you can use styling products to fix our hair. But also can be used without hesitation a straightening iron or loop. Accessories can enhance each short hair cut especially for special occasions. Moreover, be sure to check out our article on the hairstyle short hair marriage to get an idea.

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We are here to bring you advice

To adopt the right woman haircut, just follow a few basic rules.

  • Consider hair texture
  • Choosing the cutting pattern according to the morphology of the face
  • Think about the maintenance haircut


Among other things, all the short cuts are ideal to perform on smooth hair.

But if you have curly or frizzy hair, avoid short cuts too boyish to avoid having a bushy effect. In case it is better to adopt a mid-long or short and asymmetrical cut. In all cases, we recommend you seek advice from your hairdresser.


The second thing to consider is the morphology of the face. After all, in the end we want a result that we like to feel good about ourselves. If you are among the lucky ones with oval shaped face, know that you're spoiled for choice among the many haircuts! Whatever you choose, you will not go wrong. Besides, you can even add a little pep to your hair by opting for a hair coloring.


If your face is elongated, it should rather focus on a short hair cut with wicks on the side, to give some volume. For this, the good haircut is the square plunging adopt or mid-length cut. If however this is not enough, you can always visually shorten your face leaving you grow bangs.

idee-hair short asymmetrical

The objective of this association cuts and morphology is to harmonize the facial features.

If your face is round, once again the idea is to play with the proportions. You have beautiful cheekbones? Put them in value by refining your face by relying on volume to the top of the head. Question section, we advise you to opt for a small gradient, a mid-short or a plunging square.


For a square face with angular features, our goal is to soften your look and lengthen it. A short square plunging, the boyish pixie and remain a good solution. These will lengthen your face and will clear your neck for added femininity.


Basically, think of a woman cutting hair away from your face shape. But that's not all. It is always possible to add a little pep to your hair by adding color. For this, you can perform a locks coloring to brighten your chevelure.Si you want the intensity in your hair, do not hesitate to choose the most extravagant colors.


What he is maintenance?

First, a short hair cut requires regular stint with your hairdresser. The hair grows back quickly and the short cut is readily apparent. To style your hair, you can use a styling mousse and hair spray. Through them you can decline your hair in different styles by adding spikes, undulations or simply changed positions of the line hair.


But with this, do not forget the accessories. Now we find in department stores full, starting with bandanas, headbands, ribbons, pins and scarves. Opt for large earrings for more femininity. In any case they will enhance your wife haircut.


Whether long or short, the main goal of every haircut is to bring the shine, volume and life to your hair.


The short haircut is easily carried in daily life and can be transformed into an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle at a party. We like it as much for its simplicity as for its extravagant side. Convenience allows us to not have hair before his eyes all the time.

model-boyish-brown accessories

The woman boyish haircut is also among the most worn this year. It leaves us the choice to wear smooth and sleek or tousled in rock'n roll style.


Now, as the fringe is back. It has the power to enhance every look, while emphasizing the shape of the face. Clear, balanced or right - your choice.


The line of hair can transform your short cut in thirty seconds. Do not hesitate to make him change positions for a little diversity.


How you may have noticed, the choice is great. With or without bangs, straight or asymmetrical, for you to find the short cut that suits you best!

Face-long-hair short

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