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The man is a progressive gradient hair trend for spring. The sun and temperatures that climb invite you to change your look. This is a section that is both chic and practical.

short, long, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, Viking or pompadour ... You decide! Discover, in the image gallery below, ways to bring this man hair and looks to adopt.

The devilish charm progressive degraded man is enjoyed by young and men over 50 years!

brown hair cut man degraded resized

To realize the man gradually degraded hair is in deconstructs the tapering. The sides can be very short or shaved; long or medium length hair is cut of an undisciplined manner.

Too thick hair - a real challenge even for hairdressers. Tame them with the man gradually degraded!

Modern man cut spring afro style resized

For such a modern cut, you can shave the bottom of your hair and keep the top to degrade literally! This type of hairstyle (pictured above) is very trendy among the very young and adolescents.

Feathered or floors: the upper floors longer than the lower floors

long hair degraded human scissors

Fine hair is difficult to style. That's why the man gradual gradient is ideal to add some volume to your hair. This man cut creates a cascading effect for a bold and impressive look!

The gradient Elvis Presley style remains fashionable with the mixture between masculinity and romance

cut degradee man style elvis resized

Too thick hair is a challenge even for hairdressers. They are unruly and often adopt chaotic forms. And that, even when a rather short cut! This is the case with natural afro-type loops that are abundant and do not obey the brush.

Pompadour side parting: a retro and contemporary hairstyle both

cut degrades human hair blond resized

The stages will help you to shape according to your taste. As for the scissors, they suppress the weight of the strands. The hair is then free and light. So an idea look man with thick hair that will make your daily life. Scrounge in the mirror in search of ways to put order in his rebellious hair!

Blond hair trend this spring

Modern man spring cut blonde hair style elvis resized

The gradual gradient is a perfect man hair trend for short and medium length hair. If you are ready to embark on a new experience, try to combine with a very light blonde in color. A good idea to offer a stylish look that does not require you to keep long hair and often too demanding.

The Afro style and progressive man degraded are not incompatible. Quite the contrary!

degrade human hair afro style resized

The man gradually degraded fit any face: long, short, oval. If your face is short, sharp and underlined the floors around the optically lengthen. One more reason to bet on this hairstyle man short hair this season!

For such a modern cut, one needs at least two stages. If you're fine hair, you can opt for more

progreffis degrades man short hair long middle dimensions resized

If the face is long, short-story addition of human hair volume. This effect is explained by the ability of long strands to attract attention and distract the face. The focus then falls on thick hair with lots of volume! The oval face is an ideal base for all types of hair.

A nonchalant and elegant look that suits all occasions

degrade hair brushes progressive gum has the dimension resized

The hair trend this season is spring side of Elvis-style pompadour. The singer and famous artist liked to experiment with her hair. Did you know, for example, Elvis Presley was the brown hair that was coloring in black?

The pompadour cut, what is it?

Gradient hair trends short man

The pompadour hair guy named hairdressing Mrs. Pompadour who wore her hair combed up, clear face. Similar in some respects with the rockabilly look, modern pompadour comes in variants inspired by Elvis Presley and James Dean look.

Shiny hair of the famous artist Elvis Presley is an ideal example for progressive man degraded

elvis progressive degrade human hair resized

The brilliant Elvis Presley's hair is an ideal example for progressive man déradé. The top hair is styled like the crest of a rooster. It gives the determined and masculine air that Elvis is the main instigator in the 50s and 60s.

The top hair is styled like the crest of a rooster

progressive style degrades man elvis resized

Nowadays, its original cut is imitated by many famous people such as footballer David Beckham, singer Justin Bieber, etc. The gel or spray are required to preserve the unique shape of this type of cut rock star, Rebel romantic both.

If the gradient is not well stylized, was a rebellious look

Man degrades progressive hair medium length resized

The other man degraded progressive style is named Viking. It was popularized by the television series "Viking" from the "History" channel. This unique cut is more aggressive than the pompadour.

Look wise boy showing their apparent innocence that is preferred by the mysterious men look

Man degrades progressive hair medium long brown resized

To achieve this shot, the sides of the head are normally destroyed. The second level is a little longer than the first. The last is stylized in a unique way. The hair often go with male braids.

This unique cut is more aggressive than the pompadour and rockabilly. The male braids give it an even manly

modern cut hair medium long braid contemporary African man resized

Traditionalists believe that braids are reserved for girls. But, as you'll discover by browsing the images of our gallery, fashion changes and evolves with time! At a time when we often talk about gender equality, why not experiment with male braids?

classic French braid for a provocative look

hair trend men's braid resized

At present, the braids does rhyme, in any case, with diminished masculinity. On the contrary, those who feel comfortable with braids show their masculine nature can not be reduced to a haircut. What really counts is the charm that a person has and the presence of nature.

You just need a few bobby pins or elastic to achieve that original look

hair trend spring bun man resized

In addition, at the time, the length and shape of braids illustrated the social position of man in society. The complexity of this man gradually degraded indicated what his male capacities.

The beard has become a desirable accessory that goes perfectly well with the man gradually degraded

degrade progressive hair man brown beard resized

The Vikings were warriors and explorers. They were not afraid to leave their native lands, to subjugate much of the known world at the time and venture to Paris! Acquiring braids inspired by the Viking look means a lot more than adopt a hairstyle just unusual.

Scissors suppress the weight of hair. Your hair is so free and light

Gradient man resized

The African type of braids are preferred by men with naturally curly hair. They give more than human hair structure and this very easily. They can be worn several days without removing them, which is really convenient for all those who have a rather loaded daily.

The man gradual gradient is ideal to add some volume to your hair

hair trend hair spring degraded resized

The bun male is another popular variant of progressive man degraded. Top of the skull, at the highest level of the human head, the hair is shaped into the form of classic bun or messy. For the original look, you only need a few bobby pins or elastic.

Experiment freely with the length and the number of stages

progressive degrade human hair blond resized

Did you know that the popularity of this type of man is progressively degraded as the hairstyle has conquered a lot of young people? Some European universities have already banned this type of hairstyle. That may be because it causes too much to be borne by students. However, his popularity remains high.

Johnny Depp is a fan of the man gradual gradient with a mid-length haircut

progressive degrade man johnny depp resized

Another interesting trend in recent years: the ponytail is more popular among boys than among girls. This is a man hairstyle trend that is very fashionable this spring. It is classic and modern at once and gives us a lot of freedom during the hottest days of the year.

Gray hair make the most interesting hairstyle and refresh the look

progressive refresh old man degrade resized

The devilish charm that hair is appreciated by young people. But for some time, those 50 and older have also begun to discover the benefits of progressive man degraded. And they soon realized that my gray hair make the most interesting hairstyle and cool look!

The man gradually degraded suits all face types and all colors of hair

hair trend spring black hair degraded resized

If each floor is a different color or the ends of the hair are emphasized, the man gradually degraded turns into a true masterpiece. The blonde shades are always trend. Blue, light green and natural colors are also modern. If you want to impress everyone, mix a few shades for a look wow!

The loops are easily styled with the man gradually degraded

hair trend hair curls spring resized

However, pay attention to the choice of colors! Try to limit yourself to a few colors to avoid too ostentatious result. The best thing would be to opt for a single color. Incorporate its different shades to your hair and play with shades of blonde or brown. It is both elegant and extravagant!

If the face is long, short stories add volume

black hair man degraded progressive resized

If you want a more traditional look, preserve your natural color. Male beauty is related to simplicity. We do not necessarily need a new shade to grow its charm. If you opt for a more dynamic and aggressive look, défrisez floors.

The short hair cut man on several levels creates a cascading effect on a daring and impressive cut

hair trend spring hair degraded human resized

The completely smooth hair is the hit of the season! They impress with their simplicity and are easier to maintain than the loops. So, we opted for a gradual gradient man or worn rebel chic way. A man decidedly hairstyle trend for spring this year!

Human hair trend with medium-length curly hair

Gradient long-cut man-ripples

Human hair worn in progressive way degraded pompadour rock and romantic are made even more original by male buns and braids.

Male beauty lies in simplicity - therefore adopt a cut man who points!

hair trend Spring man style pompadour resized

The floors add volume to fine hair and stylize unruly hair. And, moreover, they are suitable for all types of face and all occasions, formal or not. This is making it a great idea to cut man to wear in college, at work and for more casual events.

Gradient classic progressive man and easy to maintain with a round brush and a little product fixing long strands

hair trend spring degraded hair beard resized

Now, bright and natural shades are also preferred by men who care about their appearance. For, thanks to the ideas discussed above looks, men can, too, experiment with their hair and change your look according to their desires!

The floors add volume to fine hair and stylize unruly hair

hair trend spring-degraded progressive hair resized

The man gradual gradient is very easy to maintain and stylize. Get you the gel, a round brush and a hairdryer. That's all you need to model hair short or medium length!

A barbaric and very attractive appearance to a remarkable look with a modern man gradually degraded

hair trend spring two floors hair resized

Even modern women began to opt for a gradual gradient hairstyle. Do not hesitate to adopt a gradient to amaze everyone around with your modern and appealing look at once!

A little gel, a round brush and a hair dryer - products and equipment necessary to tame your hair gradually degraded man

Human hair brushes hair back spring resized

The short hair cut gradient is suitable for all hair colors - dare one!

Arab man degraded black hair resized

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