Square plunging gradient: how well adopt it?

Square plunging degraded deconstructs-idee

The square cut is among the most requested in salons hairstyles. It is natural, elongates the figure and door easily. But when it adds more layers of some degraded, it becomes even more interesting.

It's no wonder that stars like Nathalie Portman and Victoria Beckham are tempted by this short hair cut. The gradient plunging square can be worn sleek or tousled with wicks or shaded. In short, the choice is great. Check out these few images to get an idea of ​​what is the square plunging degraded.

What are the advantages of plunging square worse?

Square plunging degraded blond-short-hair cutter

If you have long hair, the first step to take is to go to the barber and cut their hair. For some, this requires a lot of courage. But know one thing. This is not because-you have short hair you're not feminine. Quite the contrary. The advantage of the gradient plunging square is primarily healthy hair. Over your hair is short, unless your ends rub against clothing, and therefore will be less damaged. Also your hair breathe better. But in addition to this, wear a plunging square is much easier and convenient. It's much easier to maintain and drying your hair take you much less time.

brown-glare-breaker short

If you want to stand out with an interesting hairstyle, then the gradient plunging square is the perfect solution. But besides this hairstyle exudes one of the most beautiful parts of the female body: neck. The square will elongate your figure and will bring out your femininity. And not to mention a very important detail: the short cuts are doing very well with all kinds of accessories. So, are you tempted?

square-dipping-gradient-asymmetrical fringe-side

The gradient plunging square remains a great timeless in the world of hairstyles. It can be worn smooth and corrugated qu'ébouriffé.

The square cut plunging degraded - what type of face?

The square cut goes to all types of faces, but be careful with some differences. For example, if you have the long face, the best idea would be to adopt the square shorter version. And for a round face, the downgraded cut is ideal.


The gradient plunging square can be worn with bangs. You can choose between a classic straight bangs and asymmetrical. The latter will add more movement to your short haircut. But beware, the fringe is not going to all types of faces. If you have a round morpho, we recommend you.

square-plunging-gradient-curly hair

The gradient square can lighten your hair by adding volume. Hair becomes more structured and dynamic. The principle of the gradient square plunge based on three principles: the volume at the roots, well-defined levels and healthy tips.

square-plunging-damaged hair-thin

What is the difference between a classic square cut and a plunging square?

This remains the most often asked question. While the classic square is characterized by hair cut the same length, plunging the square, he is asymmetrical door. It is recognized by the short lengths at the neck and longer hair to the jaw. This hairstyle allows you to have short hair, keeping lengths forward. Besides, it's a good transition between a long and short cut.

square-plunging-gradient-with-short fringe

The plunging square gradient has the advantage of softening the features of any face. That is why many women choose a square face precisely this hairstyle. But again, worn with a shaded hair, this cut is even more brilliant and bright.

square-plunging-gradient-black raven

What adopt cutting - square plunging degraded long or short?

The short square plunge, we also know it as a bob cut. It can be worn sleek or tousled, leaving you a choice of hairstyle. No need to go to the hairdresser for that. You can barber alone with a flat iron and a hair styling mousse. And to adopt loops, you can use a curling iron or simply using hair rollers.

Here's a little trick: For a disheveled bob, place a dab of styling mousse in your hair. Then, begin to crumple them. Iron with spray stylized for some it takes all day.

cut-short hair-blonde

The plunging square degraded short allows you to make you coloring hair. The locks are just the most often used for short cuts. This coloring technique create a more pronounced reflections shaded hair or hair sweep. If you want to train your hair with more character, you can go beyond the natural hues and opt for vibrant and unusual colors.


But for those who are afraid of going too far, the gradient lob long hair dipping may be the solution. In addition, the gradient lob is really beautiful, with its structured cut. It can be worn natural, which does not require any special maintenance. Or, you can again buckle and ruffle your hair. Moreover, tousled hair is trendy this summer. So feel free to try different hairstyles to find the style that suits you best.


For extra shine, gradient along plunging square is ideal hair sweep. This coloring technique will make your hair shiny and natural than ever. This partial coloring comprises dyeing a part of your hair, to obtain a melted and degraded almost unnoticed. If you're brown, you can warm your color leveraging blonde shades for a sudden effect of sun. And if you are blonde, you can soften your look with darker shades. In short, the scan goes to all hair colors and if you want to keep the natural side, you are on the right track.


As already said, the gradient plunging square can be adopted by all women, as long as it is done in harmony with the facial features. Blonde, brunette, red or black hair, something for everyone.








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