Autumn Cup 2017-2018 stylish man: ideas to be in tune with the times –

Autumn Cup 2017-2018 stylish man: ideas to be in tune with the times

autumn cut man trendy look

Fancy a new autumn cut, gentlemen? You come to the right place! Today, we will introduce you to our ideas of the best cuts Men 2017-2018 for the coming season.

fall look trendy cut man 2017 2018

New season, new cut ... We all want to change the head from time to time. Arriving at the hairdresser, we have a very broad idea of ​​what we will cut best. Fortunately, there are several models of different cuts. With our selection of 20 ideas, we will try to help you find the cut adapted to the morphology of your visage.Vous be amazed - everything is in fashion this year and return to the retro trends is final.

Man Cup Fall 2017-2018: selection of twenty ideas really stylish cut!

Autumn man cut short hair idea

Fashion is what goes away.

Back to the 60, 70, 80 ... The cyclical trends makes us go back. The man cuts 2017-2018 trend inspired by film stars Marlon Brando, Alain Delon and Belmondo. We often say: fashion is what goes out of style.

Choose a cut with which it feels comfortable. A cut that showcases the features of our face and the color of our eyes. This is the trend fall cut man (and woman) universal. If you choose your cut according to your desires, you will never go wrong ...

autumn cut human hair trend man

The Undercut, bowl cut, long or medium length hair - you choose your cut man fall according to its desires and the shape of his face. In summer, we prefer to wear light and cut her hair short. But in autumn, we can let them grow and vary its hairstyles. It all depends if you're comfortable with slightly longer hair.

hair cut man cut Autumn 2017 2018

The morpho-hairstyle: a face history

In a recent publication, we were interested how to choose cut according to the morphology of her face. Well, it's not very complicated! round face, oblong, square, rectangular or oval - put yourself in the mirror and pull your hair back. Forehead, chin, cheekbone, length - here are four things to consider that will help you determine your face shape and choice of an appropriate cut. If you want more information on the morpho-hairstyle, please read this article.

An elongated face and a big forehead? You can then opt for a cut with bangs or bowl cut! Let your long hair in the middle and shorter on the sides - this way you can vary the hairstyles with bangs or without. The idea of ​​moprho-hair does not hide its flaws, but to highlight her features we like the most.

cut-man autumn-trend-short

The famous cup undercut is still very fashionable. Some associate it with New York fashion, others know it conducts its origins in Germany. And we, we know that this cut is so stylish and universal that it suits all face shapes. Happiness ! If you choose the cut undercut, seducer your look 100% guaranteed. This cup is a good compromise if you hesitate between a short cut and long cut. It is both at once! You will leave some hair above the head and shave or cut short sides. Very simple, fast and always super original!

trend-breakers man-look-modern-trend-2017-2018

The bun: an ever present tendency for the 2017-2018 season?

If you like to keep your hair long, you'll probably need hairstyle ideas. The bun (bun in English) is always in fashion for men. Combine it with a three-day beard, a denim jacket, a plaid shirt and you will get the romantic musician look stylish 100%. Cute!

Autumn man cut undercut trendy look 2017 2018

Autumn Cup Men 2017-2018 and zoom the coloring.

You really want to change the head and a new haircut is not enough for you? Well, why not opt ​​for an original color? To rejuvenate your face, our advice is to go for a California scan or lighten its color a bit. It is better to choose a partial coloring (balayge, shaded hair, sank hair or highlights). The partial coloring is very trendy right now because it is less aggressive for hair. There are also many modern coloring products with ingredients that make hair soft and shiny. Our advice is to avoid aggressive coloring and highlighting your natural hair! Stain few strands will play. In fashion design and hairdressing, fashion is natural. We do not want to be all the same, right? A bit of originality and confidence really good!

man-breaker fall-trend-2017-2018

Put the gel on his hair still in fashion?

If you have very voluminous hair, you probably use often freezing. Very fashionable in the late Ricky Martin, the gel is long outdated. Well, he's back this year! With the freeze, you can experiment and change of hair every day. Again, we advise you to choose a product based on natural ingredients and toning. Take care of her hair, it is important to feel beautiful and confident in itself.

cut-man autumn-trend-look

Small beard that goes with your autumn cup, gentlemen?

Oh, the beard ... Long, beard and mustache were considered super retro, and some even a "great father of thing." Not anymore ! It's been a few years that the bearded men have found their way onto the catwalk. If you have soft facial features, beard give you a masculine look, for example. Remember beard or mustache - both asking treat every day with the right products. It is as if you have two cuts to style the same time!

The shorter your beard or mustache, the easier to treat and less product to use. Choose your beard or mustache depending on the shape of your cheekbone and chin. In summer, this is perhaps not the best idea to let his beard grow. Fall is the perfect time to let your beard grow. It will keep you warm in winter. What a clever idea, right?

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