blond shade scan to be fabulous and present –

blond shade scan to be fabulous and present

scanning brown stiff back curly hair

The blond shade scanning is a partial hair coloring technique of lightening the base color of your hair by targeting specific strands of hair.

Even if you are blonde, scanning boosts your hair and embellish your look.

blond shade Sweep long hair of a girl

Scan long hair blond girl shadow

If you have curly hair, the effect is even more dramatic because everything seems more natural and glamorous at the same time. The coloring, partial or treating the entire head of hair, a little hair abyss, so if you have curly hair, the curls will mask slightly damaged ends.

long brown hair on scan to have ash blond highlights

scan on long chestnut hair ash blonde highlights

The blond shade scanning allows you to have fabulous hair reflections of the sun, full of sparkle while having, of course, a natural effect.

Scan shadow blonde different type of long hair

scanning blond shade different type long hair

ash blond or blond short while, the hair to natural hair golden highlights are all poets and all men have dreamed of caressing with fingers at least once in their lives. Feminine beauty, according to Western literature, is typical that when the woman with blond hair, blue eyes and round and symmetrical face.

Scan shadow blonde hair shoulder-length 2017 trend

scanning shadow blond hair shoulder-length 2017 trend

Blonde hair has always been synonymous with desire and envy, purity and chastity. At the same time, blond hair have always suggested softness in communication, lightness in relationships, ease of living.

Scan long hair to platinum highlights

long hair platinum reflections scanning

The ash blonde is a hue that appeals most. The platinum locks like a lot too. They go well with girls with fair skin, sometimes girls with dark complexion.

the platinum hair highlights Scan to emphasize the youth and dynamism

Sweep hair platinum youth dynamism reflections

That the base shade or color, brown, blond, that does not matter, the blond shade and sweep ash strands always go well and catch the eye.

Sweep hair with blond highlights ash natural effect

scanning blond hair natural effect reflections

brown hair platinum reflective scanning

scanning brown hair platinum reflections

Returning to the classic blond shade scanning and golden yellow blonde highlights. This is what works best and will be eternally trend.

blond shade scanning hair the natural effect by Amber Joy

scanning shadow blonde hair natural effect

A kind of femininity emerges in women and tenderness and sexy attitude emerge in humans when it is the hair of the same color and the same type.

blond shade scan for dark blond hair, image pickup back

scanning blonde hair shade back

An air of success and prosperity spreads around people with blond hair. You all remember the sketch Gad Elmaleh on the blonde, is not it? He was right to say that "the blond is not a hair color, but a concept!"

blond shade scan for dark blond hair, image pickup back and profile

scanning blond hair shade back profile

Scan blond shade: two different techniques for a natural effect

scanning blond shade different natural effect technical

For those who are just curious to know what it is scanning and how it's done correctly, you have the opportunity to see up close. Please be aware that the choice of hair coloring is important! Nothing should be done at random, symmetry and a succession of steps must be followed.

short hair scanning in order to achieve a light blonde effect

scanning light blonde hair short

The blonde is especially well to brown hair base. As if the sun had touched the hair and the most exposed to sunlight part. Thus, the upper lashes took a sunburn and lots of sparkle!

long brown hair on scanning for obtaining blonde highlights

scan on long chestnut hair blonde highlights

Sometimes you'll get a coppery effect after a blond shade sweep. In fact, everything depends on the color of your hair, the number of times you've done the coloring and lots of other secondary factors. Do not worry, if this effect is not the desired effect, you will get the golden effect next time.

long brown hair scan for a copper effect

long brown hair scan for copper effect

Here are some models that can inspire you.

blond shade scanning hair reflections of all kinds

blond hair shade reflections scanning any kind

If you need a little more tenderness and softness to your hair, here's how you can make a hint of blond shade sweep.

long brown hair on scanning for lighter highlights

scan on long chestnut hair lighter highlights

However, if you are looking for visibility and more daring, you probably will not hesitate to get a gold or copper effect.

brown hair sweep for copper and gold highlights

scanning on chestnut hair reflections copper gold

The copper strands are sometimes called golden raspberries.

brown hair sweeping until dark blond highlights and copper

scanning brown hair dark copper blond highlights

Here is a nice mix of techniques and colors. This mixture is perfect for girls seeking more originality and uniqueness.

brown hair blond and blond scanning raspberry reflections

scanning brown hair blonde highlights

Having bits of different hue, look for the unique reflection that your hair will have once they have been exposed to direct sunlight, is called to be bold.

Sweep hair, wicks in different colors to research more originality

Sweep hair different colors wicks search originality

This year, the trend is expressive and visible contrast. A discreet scan would you perfectly, but if you want to be fashionable, be aware that there can be nothing delicate in makeup and nothing timid or discreet in coloration.

brown hair scan for obtaining blonde highlights: a 2017 trend

scanning brown hair blond highlights in 2017 trend

Expressive and visible contrast does not mean that the effect of staining and scanning will be unnatural.

brown hair sweeping and sun glare as a result

scanning brown hair sun glare

The contrast, though obvious, must be smooth.

Scan for shadow blond short hair

scanning shadow blond short hair

As you see, the effect is natural with the nuances of change of technique in all tenderness. The colors blend initially to mingle gradually to end.

blond shade scanning hair - taken back and the two profiles

blond hair shade scan back two profiles

Several actresses, models and famous people choose blonde shade sweep. Returning to this technique and some others, close to the first, to explain the difference between them. Indeed, over time, they accumulate and are all very trendy. Finally, we must be able to differentiate them.

Sweep hair long, thin blond strands for Gisele

Sweep hair long blonde locks Gisele

The contrast we talked about you becomes visible through the hair Shadow technology. Unlike the scan makes the hair to blend the shaded hair clear gradation in color between the roots, the middle of the hair to the tips. We can still talk here about this technique, smooth gradation that makes the hair to blend in a way because there are other techniques that show the changing nuances of a very marked way.

long hair sweeping the natural effect for the model Gisele © Bob CassCapital Pictures

Scan long hair natural effect Gisele

Seek different shades instead of a single color for her hair is to remain current and love dynamism. It is already very interesting to have disobedient hair that reflect light as they see fit or rather as the barber was decided.

Sweep hair for blonde highlights on a dark base

Sweep hair blonde highlights on dark base

Sometimes it is just to look for lighter shades or highlight the darker tones in order to seek a different effect not too far from natural. These tones play on the expression of your eyes, your face and your skin tone.

hair and copper highlights scan for softness and grace

copper reflections hair sweep smoothly through

These tones soften your facial features. Your eyes have more to say. Your hair, playing more with light, communicate more.

hair and copper highlights scan for Jessica Biel

scanning hair copper reflections Jessica Biel

You are certainly more interesting and original. You feel it in you, you inhale.

blond shade Sweep dark base for Rihanna

sweeping dark blond shade Rihanna

In addition, a blond shade scanning rejuvenates you. They say stay in the sun does nothing beneficial for your skin and hair, but the sun indeed brought to your hair brought joy and a second youth. The game and shine in your eyes confirm it.

Scan blond shade: perfect execution and a very natural effect

scanning blond shade perfect natural effect execution

Finally, remember that maintaining your hair does not make you less natural. It is important to maintain your look, not to keep you max the look that nature gave you but to emphasize the traits you have, to get noticed, to communicate your aspirations and desires. Do not underestimate the importance to manifest in life, one way or another! For there is nothing more sad not to have had the opportunity to sign his presence at least once in his life. It's true that you can do it by creating something, inventing something useful, saving a life (of a plant, an animal, a human being), but just to do something itself a small thing even as the scan is done more than color, believe me!

blond shade scan for Sarah Jessica Parker

scanning blond shade sarah jessica parker

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