Hairstyle 50 years for men and women –

Hairstyle 50 years for men and women

50 years grace kelly hair blonde hair half long

Hairstyle 50 years is associated with the retro chic of Hollywood - the world of the cinema center. The 1950 was a period of experimentation with regard to haircuts. It was the period after the Second World War.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" became a symbol of chic hairstyle 50s and 40

The world being freed of Nazism and austerity began to pay more attention to style and appearance. The need for luxury and abundance turned into desire for a glamorous look.

Naturally curly hair is easy to style hair in 50s

hair medium long style 50 black girl

And since the hair is an essential part to appearance, we concentrated on the hair. Modern designers at the time were Alexandre de Paris and Raymond Bessone.

The band is one of the main accessories for a chic retro look

hair 50 years cut short mid headband woman

The French, in fact, invented most years the headgear 50. They were then exported in Hollywood. Their unique style is remarkable even today! High fashion has risen.

The French, in fact, invented most hairstyles 50s

hair long hair woman 50 years

The bouffant hairstyle, layered and curly was the hit of the season. For men, it was the large pompadour or hair carefully brushed. And frost, always freeze to keep her hair in shape!

Nowadays, romantic curls and bold pompadour are still very popular

50 years hairstyle headband woman bun loop

The fashion of the 50s is still present. Nowadays, romantic curls and bold pompadour are still very popular. Hairdressers have created hundreds of variations of the 50 classic hairstyle.

The retro chic of this hairstyle is often accompanied by accessories like headband, flower or lace

50 years hairstyle headband large loops woman

So, take a look at the retro chic Hollywood that is both more contemporary than ever! Teen culture appeared at the time of the 50s.

The bun double front is necessarily determined by gel or spray

50 years hairstyle dual woman bun

Fashion has suddenly become more important and more popular than it was before the war. She was accessible to everyone and not just for adults.

The fringe of 50 years is usually voluminous and symmetrical

50 years bun hairstyle largest Breton blue woman band

This feature was also good for hair as an essential element of fashion. If an actor or singer had a chic cut, teenages were the first to see and appreciate.

The poodle cut is for those who want to emphasize their elegance

50 years poodle hair red curls bun

The physical appearance was so crucial to the careers of popular people. For girls, short cuts have become really trendy. They were popularized by actress Audrey Hepburn in her first film "Roman Holiday" (1953).

Audrey Hepburn popularized the short hairstyle for women who feel comfortable with a bold cut

hair 50 years audrey hepbern independent visions

Her fine hair styled in soft curls little impressed the audience in North America and Europe. It's a 50s hairstyle very easy to maintain.

The hair style Audrey Hepburn is adopted today by dozens of women

black woman short hair style 50

It is practical and bold. The cut illustrates femininity eccentrically. Not necessarily need to have long hair to feel beautiful!

Hair style 50's modern and practical with a braid for medium length hair

black woman brown hair style 50

The cut accentuates the facial features and her beauty a little lackadaisical. The retro chic of the cup has been enjoyed by many other actresses in Hollywood like Mia Farrow and Goldie Hawon.

Marilyn Monroe has become a symbol of sex and femininity with her golden curls like Poodle

hair 50 years norma jean sex symbol Marilyn Monroe

She said "I want to be wonderful!" And his unique hairstyle is essential to its success

The other hairstyle 50s, which is modern even today, is composed of loops poodle kind. The Hollywood star who became a symbol of this feminine cut is the actress Norma Jean, popular with his pseudonym Marilyn Monroe.

The original style of Marilyn was mimics by hundreds of women at the time and today

hair 50 years wife marilyn monroe style woman

The star of "Some Like It Hot" and many other classic films become amazed the world with his blond curls. Her hairstyle trademark elegance, tenderness and also the audacity of his personality.

Italian hairstyle for women like 50 years, Photo by Verity Jane Smith

50 years hairdressing Italian woman- cut Verity Jane Smith

The poodle cut is for those who want to emphasize their sexuality as Marilyn. The archives of his talks testify she said, "I want to be wonderful!" The abundant lux characterizes her hair is desirable for every woman who likes to enchant others.

Partial bun with romantic curls for an irresistible charm

hair curls woman 50 years bun

The French hat is always in fashion and adds retro chic to this cut, photo by Iuliana Cristina Popescu

Hair hat woman 50 years romance Iuliana Cristina Popescu

Long poodle like curls are a change in hairstyle Marilyn Monroe. They are linked to the hippie style that became popular in the 60s, they contribute to an appearance both romantic and carefree.

The voluminous ponytail is combined with glasses and a typical headband for 50s

hair 50 years bandreau woman ponytail

The retro chic of this hairstyle is often accompanied by accessories like headband, flower or lace. This is the case where the loops form a horse's tail or half a tail.

Long earrings are elegant enough even without accessories and lots of makeup

long curly hair style 50

The headband is big or small in all colors. However, the most preferred colors by fans of hairdressing 50s appear to be white and black. These are the colors associated with the golden age of Hollywood and its retro chic.

This retro chic hairstyle highlights the beauty of the neck and the woman's ears

black woman long hair curls romanriques

Gold and more rarely red are also good choices for hairstyles like horse's tail. They emphasize the elegance of the neck, ears and shoulders of women. Therefore pillows are suitable accessories for this type of stylized hair.

The storied hair is of American origin. Their original charm has attracted hundreds of teenagers who want to have a hairstyle 50s large. The stories form hair easier to style. Add the volume with the hair dryer and a round brush. Hairspray is mandatory for a finished look!

Clark Gable Carole Lombard with his love - a couple very popular with the Hollywood elite for its style

retro chic Hollywood clard gable carole lombard

The hairstyle 50s retro chic Hollywood Men was popularized by famous actors like Clark Gable ( "Gone with the Wind," 1939). His appearance was enough to see women swoon even during the 50s and now!

The carefully brushed hair and set the mark of the look Clark Gable and symbolize human elegance of 50 and 40

retro chic Hollywood clark gable short hair man

One of the secret ingredients of his success? The hair slightly curled and brushed fixed with gel or ointment. This is a male hairstyle and elegant at the same time. Lux abundant that it radiates was a huge attraction for girls who like men with style.

Elvis Presley popularized the style pompadour hairstyle that seems to keep an eternal attraction

retro chic Hollywood elvis presley hair style

The Hollywood stars - James Dean and Elvis Presley - have had the same effect on women as Gable. Dean and Presley popularized the style pompadour hairstyle. Its appearance seems nonchalant keep an eternal attraction.

The nonchalant hair and stylish but have a strong effect on girls

retro chic Hollywood hair free elvis

Their hair is indeed a mixture between rock and romance. The mix between sex and tenderness is the key feature of this type of retro chic cut. He was refreshed by singer Justin Bieber and popular artist.

Free and daring James Dean pompadour gives it a charming appearance boy who will not grow up

retro chic hairstyle hollywood james dean

Her hairstyle Coq Sportif type is a contemporary variation of the Elvis style cut. There are also more daring options such as hairdressing 50s partially shaved.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is a fan of Presley style look and Dean

justin bieber hair like elvis presley

The hair on both sides of the head are very short and the middle part is longer. stylize's ways are for you to decide. Remember hairspray! This is the only mandatory thing regarding this hairstyle.

Pompadour combined with partially shaved hair for 50 years modernized cutting

Oakam human hair partially shaved

In sum, the retro chic of the 50s hair is always in fashion. The fixed or free loops and volume are essential features for the elegant cut of girls.

The hairstyle for men 50 years was adopted by various origins people

hair style black men 50

The banners and flowers, such as laces are pretty accessories for a finished appearance. The boys opt for hairstyles like pompadour hair and brushed.

Rock and punk style of today has its origins in the 50s, photo by Dvora¹

Man cutting style 50 dvora

In all cases, the gel or hairspray are essential charm lux years after the war. The charming masculinity and aristocratic elegance go hand in hand with the riot daring fashion.

Make hairstyle retro chic to man himself, it's easy!

retro chic hollywood human hair the pompadour

The retro chic is often combined with leather clothes for a determined look

retro chic Hollywood hair pompadour

Then the 50s hairstyle is easy to do, convenient and charming. What do you expect? Experiment freely with our retro chic Hollywood ideas and impress you - yourself and everyone. Good luck!

The charming masculinity and aristocratic elegance go hand in hand with the riot daring fashion

retro chic Hollywood brushes the hair man pompadour

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