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Honey Scan – everything about this trendy technology

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Recognized by celebrities, technique scanning honey is a growing trend now. It invades us apace with its way of turning the hair into a natural asset.

This type of coloring that has conquered the hearts of the girls is the topic we will talk about today. Read these lines and get inspired by our pictures carefully selected for you.

What honey scanning and why try?

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Scanning is a partial coloring of the hair. Its aim is to clarify the brown hair and brown until a lighter color what honey. Honey scanning brings a bright, natural look with its blend of shades. Depending on the natural color of the base of the hair, the result can be more or less clear.

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technical question, we must first choose a color one or two shades lighter than your basic hair. This is important for the most natural result. Your hairdresser will file its product to some of your lashes with a brush and will wait for it oxidizes. Finally, rinse and will nourish your hair extra care products. Now there are sweeping colorations honey to buy a kit to perform at home. But beware ! This requires good technique and we recommend that you first do a test to your hairdresser.

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The benefits of honey are numerous scanning

If you have never colored your hair until now, this is the right technique to adopt. She abyss lot less hair than a traditional coloring. Moreover, this is the ideal method to hide your first gray hairs.

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For that is made honey scan?

As we have mentioned before, honey scan is ideal for brunettes and women with brown hair. The main purpose is to lighten hair and have an effect "sunburn." There are other scans light colors, so the caramel and honey scan. But there are some small differences in the nuances.

hair long-reflection-light

Some of you are probably wondering what is the difference between a honey scan, shadow and wisps of color.

We are here to give you the answer.

While scanning the goal is to give a natural Sunlight effect to the hair, the purpose of the shading is another. This is a clarification from the roots through a dark shade to a lighter shade under a two-tone effect. As for the locks, they are much more visible and demarcated. This technique is for those who want to give character to their hair.

hair long-glare-ripples

Honey scan is ideal for all skin types, as long as your hair stays in the semi-dark or dark tones. The shape of the hair is not important either. Whether you have wavy hair, smooth or curly, whatever.


That said, if you have too much hair short like a boy, hair scan is not for you. The main reason is that you can not achieve the desired fade effect. In this case, we recommend you choose a classic or partial coloring with bangs.


Maintain your honey scan is easy. Just go to your hairdresser every four months to revive your color. And until your will you make, be sure to apply care products to maintain your color as well as for the health of your hair.

reflections Hair-light-gold

And above all, you have a scanner or not, be sure to protect your hair from UV rays! So, are you ready to try the color of the sun?

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