glossy brown – season trend for all hair styles –

glossy brown – season trend for all hair styles

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The glossy brown is increasingly a place in our lives today. It is found everywhere. Both in interior design that Deco and even hairstyle.

More and more women are opting for this hot color. And those who already naturally opt for woman haircuts that come sublimate even their hair. In this article we will show you the different haircuts glossy brown and various shades of this type of coloring. So you want to be in trends this summer? Do not miss our images below. Good reading !

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The chestnut brown color is a warm shade that can sublimate all women. We love it for its brilliance and its different tones depending on the type of hair. She brings a lot of freshness and is ideal for the summer season at the beach. Moreover, it is so easy to maintain that little indulge.


The brown color is timeless.

It's always been known and stars love it. Remember the hair of Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria and Boyence. They have already left try. Some women already have this natural color all done. But for those not so lucky, they can do so simply by passing the hairdresser or the making at home. And did you know that you can achieve hair scan based glossy brown color?

Who can wear the brown glossy hair cut?

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Shades of brown are ideal for skin as pale as dull. If you have brown hair, glossy brown hair will put even more worth your look. One of the greatest assets of this chocolate color is that it is ideal for women older than 40 years old. This color brings a lot of pep and rejuvenates every woman.

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In short, it can be worn in short cut that long cut. It's up to you what haircut will fit best with your skin tone and face shape. The chestnut brown color comes in several shades - from lightest to darkest. Be careful when you choose the color for you, because some are more than clear to dark skin and vice versa skins.

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If your skin is dark, avoid too light chocolate color.

Pick a dark brown which you can integrate blonde highlights. In department stores, you can find coloring kit for each type of hair. For this, just follow the instructions and apply color to the root, while stretching to tip. After standing, you can see the result? It's simple, right?

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In any case, regarding your haircut, there is no rule.

Regarding color, all shots are allowed. Nevertheless, you have to pick the hair style that suits best to your face morphology. For example, if you have a round face you will have it longer. To do this, cut that will fit you best should be symmetrical and preferably on medium-length or long hair.


If you have a square face, we have to soften the features. For this, the hair cut should have the most suitable volume on the sides and possibly add a fringe. And if you have the chance to have a face oval, you can afford all kinds of cuts. Anyway, it would be best to seek advice from your hairdresser.

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The chestnut brown color is natural and bright and it is part of a broad spectrum of brown colors. Dark brown for example, we find the licorice nuances, ebony and black crow. Generally women have hair that color opt for natural highlights, obtained by a simple color haircut. Moreover, the reflections are perfectly glazed chestnuts on hair, especially when wearing a short cut. You're not sure? Try !


Being brown hues is not too common, but in fact it makes a lot of pep and boost your look very natural. We love aubrun and copper highlights.


But what is the secret of a hair cut glossy brown color?

It's simple ! With more structure and less volume to hair, cut all works perfectly in shades of brown. Follow the example of the gradient we recently showed Jennifer Lopez. But even to sublimate your hair, treat yourself to the sank hair. This trendy color is to lighten hair gradually. This coloration is just perfect for women with brown hair. The main objective of this method is to distribute the glossy brown to lighter shades, while keeping the hair look natural. The line between the colors is done in continuity and the result is a nice effect sunburn.

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Aside from the fallen hair, brunettes often use staining technique wicks or brown hair sweep. First, you can wicks from natural vibrant hair. The main purpose is to customize your hair giving shine. You can from the more neutral tones, such as honey color to the red and blue shades.

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Unlike hair strands, the scanning is done by extending the hair and basing many different shades. The hair is scanning a trendy staining technique of lighten or darken hair in a molten gradient. The result is a shiny effect back from vacation. Brown opt for this color for thinning hair and to obtain caramelized effect. This color takes longer than that is classic but its maintenance is much easier.

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Want to skip brown but you still hesitate? Know that the glossy brown is a color that says personality and exudes confidence. It softens facial features, provided it is well chosen and applied. Anyway, you would have understood. This hot color glossy brown suitable for all women, styles and ages. So what is your shade?

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