short cut black hair: 34 fabulous ideas –

short cut black hair: 34 fabulous ideas

woman short cut idea square hairstyle trend woman

You fancy a short cut for your black hair? Today we present a selection of 34 ideas for short haircuts for women with black or dark hair.

All models present here are also suitable, of course, women with light hair!

What short cut for women with black hair?

Cutting-edge modern-woman hair

Always trendy, short cuts continue to invade the fashion shows for some years. It was only in the 30s that women dare to wear their hair shorter than usual, especially some American and French actresses. The icon of short hair of American cinema and the first woman to introduce lasting the short cut to the hair salon for women, it's probably Audrey Hepburn.

The short always trendy cut: the bowl cut

short woman cuts hair woman idea short bowl cut

Another historical figure who cuts her hair to rebel against society and its prejudices, it is well known Joan of Arc. The bowl cut has become a cult in the 80 and 90.

The classic short cut: the square

woman short hair cut idea square cut woman

Nowadays, seeing a woman wearing her hair short, or even very short, is not surprising. Long live the emancipation?

stylish short haircut with a longer sideshort woman cuts hair short hair trend idea

Have you already decided what short cut to choose or you're not quite sure? If you are still looking for the perfect cut for you, first take into account the shape of your face: do you have a round face, oval or square?

Idea for cutting curly hair or wavy

cuts short women tend idea afro

For example, the fringe is not very suitable for women oval face, but it's perfect for a square shaped face. As for the ladies with a round face, they are lucky - all cut their go well!

square haircut with bangswoman cutting hair trends idea square face

As for coloring, last year the blue or gray coloring was very fashionable. This year, it is always the case!

futuristic haircut with bangs colored in blue

hair cut woman modern trend idea

To cut a little more different and original, you can opt for a short cut on the sides and allow longer hair behind, as in the photo below:

Cut short on the sides and long in the middleWomen tend cutting black hair idea

The square cut was always trendy. As and when, it turned a little, but its shape remains the same and always recognizable. Here is a more modern interpretation of the classic square, with an original color:

square haircut in a more modernized version

idea woman modern hair trend short square cut

For a boyish look, you can opt for a short cut and leave still a fringe.

Idea boyish haircutwoman cutting hair trend short cuts tend idea

modern short haircut, photography Stockholm Street Style

trendy cut hair modern idea woman

Finally, the hair are free, the accessories are not very present this year. The minimalist movement invaded the hearts of all kinds of creators, including hairdressers. This explains the return of short cuts. This type of cut is itself minimalist, one might even say, functional. No need to brush hair long ...

Bowl cut: classic a must this seasonWomen tend cutting bowl hair cuts woman idea

Have a cut that makes us feel good about ourselves is important for our well-being. The hair is in fact a very vital part of our body. Sensitive and delicate, hair is indeed part of our business card, face.

Haircut futuristic and dark blue color

Hair cut idea trend woman blue color

Feeling comfortable is important. Our cut and our holding is a matter of taste and wellbeing. Follow the trends is a matter of choice. Finally, it is for you to decide what is the cut that fits you best!

Idea modern square haircut and with more movement

modern woman cutting hair idea trend

interesting and original haircut, source Saco Creative Team

woman cuts hair short cuts tend idea

Idea classic haircut and simple

hair cut woman woman black hair idea


short haircut and dark gray in color trendy

woman cutting hair trend original idea woman

Photo boyish cut and modern with a wick

woman short black hair cut idea

Idea short haircut for Olye

woman short hair black hair tend idea

semi-short haircut with bangs

woman cut short fringe idea trend

Idea Cup very modern with a little staining

coloring woman modern idea short hair trend cuts

Woman with curly hair with classic short cut

woman curly hair idea trend cuts short women

boyish haircut

boyish hair cut idea woman short hair trend season

Idea elegant square cut

square black hair woman idea trend hair cut women

short haircut and modern

female short modern idea cut long hair modern design

Photo cut for very curly hair

woman cutting hair curly idea trend cuts

Idea cut for women with curly hair

woman curly hair cut idea trend short cuts

haircut with a long fringe

woman cut black hair trend short cut modern idea

Haircut Photo inspired 20s, source

woman short hair cuts trendy idea

Bowl cut in modernized

hair female hair idea modern short cuts

A funny hairstyle very cute heart-shaped female hair hairstyle idea trend cuts short women

short boyish haircut style

cut trend woman cut boyish idea


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