Hairstyle woman hairstyle man 2017 and 2017 and if you head to change it?

hair woman in 2017 cut short woman

Want to change your mind? Ladies and gentlemen, today we present you a special selection of female hair hairstyle human ideas 2017 and 2017. Discover what are the trends for this season and how to choose her hairstyle according to the morphology of his face!

woman hairstyle man hairstyle 2017 and 2017: trends

In a previous article, we talked about a recent trend - the androgynous look. Men and women, everyone, we cut their hair short or semi-short. We adopt an androgynous hairstyle, which can be feminine and masculine at once. If your facial features are soft or spoken, cutting short highlight. If Cut short hair, man or woman, means to emphasize one way or another the facial features and the color of his eyes.

2017 hairstyle woman hairstyle man androgynous look in 2017

First, we present you some visual ideas female short cut, followed by a modern man cutting selection and eventually give you some tips how to choose cuts depending on the hair texture.

The short cut - female or male?

Long short woman cut was seen as unfeminine. This myth is totally wrong. Indeed, the short cut highlights the neck and facial features. It also depends on the cut you adopt. Do you want a really cut very short or you prefer to leave some volume to vary your hairstyles?

In 2017, the wife and hairstyle man hairstyle trends are very similar, although it looks almost the same! For convenience and to be fashionable - choose a trendy short haircut. Male or female, any cut choose depends mostly on the shape of your face and your hair texture.

woman hairstyle trend in 2017 cut short woman

And yes, we are not all alike. It's very different from each other. The cut reflects our personality, our style and our tastes. The key is to be comfortable with her cup, her outfit and look. Completely change your look can make you good and probably surprise your friends. It is for you to take your personal style.

hair-woman-2017-breaker short-eli-bauer

The bowl cut - hair hair man woman 2017 and 2017 very trendy

The bowl cut is always in fashion this season. She is very cute and goes well with people face long, oblong, square and triangle.

2017 hairstyle woman concept woman short cut bowl cut

The bowl cut bowl or cup is one of the short cuts simpler to achieve. Here's why almost all children when they are small to wear - this is the cutting easier to do for moms. The hair forms a kind of "bowl", hence the name comes from, and are of the same length all around the head.

This cut is also one of the oldest. Many people still associate with Joan of Arc and King Arthur. It's hard to tell where it originated, but for its easy implementation, it is not surprising that one door for centuries. Very fashionable in the 80s and 90s, is again back in 2017. It is no longer synonymous with "mom cut", but man and woman very trendy cut.

man cutting-au-bowl-men-short-cuts-bowl

The rebels cut - a lot of volume to have a rock'n'roll look

If you cut your hair short, you will not need to think of hairstyles. But if you want to enjoy the short hair of comfort while experimenting with different hairstyles small, let the length above your head. You can put them back for a look 70, or the train to peak for a rockabilly look.


This is the man cut, universal and very trendy woman.

If you like to keep the length and have a short cut at a time, it is possible. We keep long hair over the skull is cut short on the neck and sides. It is the woman cut and universal man and very fashionable lately. It is inspired by the New York Undercut the Cup with the only difference that it plays a bit with the lengths.


When one is at the hair salon, one puff fashion magazines and it seems that there are thousands and thousands of hair that exist. quelques'unes was chosen that make us want, but when we sat on the barber chair, you really do not know which to choose.

It is true that the history of the art of sculpting the hair is long. The choice is difficult, but in fact we can classify cuts in five categories:

  • short
  • semi-short
  • average length
  • semi-long
  • long

This year gives way to the first two categories: short and semi-short. Indeed, there is a new category of cut that is neither short nor long. This is the cut man and woman super trend in recent years - long the short cut! And yes, it does not really feel like expression, but you can see we talking about below:

Hairdresser woman in 2017 Semi-long ideal for men and women

hair-woman-2017-cutter ideas-androgynous

The cut is short, but we keep the long strands over his head to vary his hairstyles. This cutting pattern is as if we cut that half of her hair and the hairdresser forgot to cut the rest ... Really modern and comfortable for summer!

Hairstyle woman 2017 California scan

hair-woman-2017-breaker short-wife-idee

The short woman cut: a movie story

Remember Jean Seberg of Godard and his short haircut? Many actresses mark the history of the hairstyle with their very short cuts. All very fine features, they introduce the short and feminine cut. The boyish look into softened version with smokey eyes makeup. It is impossible not to mention Audrey Hepburn was one of the first to introduce cutting short woman indeed.

hair-woman-wife-2017-breaker short-androgynous

Woman Hairstyle 2017: short hair and sexy


Modern man takes care of his look and his hair


Modern man takes care of her hair and her look. This casually elegant door at once. The cut is very important. It is important to choose his own in terms of its morphology to enhance the facial features and the color of his eyes.

Hair-man-2017-hair trend

Determine the shape of his face or the morpho-hairstyle

If you still do not know which section to choose, first determine the shape of your face. Do you have a round face, oval, long, oblong, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond or square? For this Take into account the size of your forehead, your cheeks and chin, and the length of your face.

You know and see probably the American actor Leonardo Dicaprio and "hobbit" Elijah Wood film The Lord of the Rings. These two actors are the perfect example of what a round face. This face shape is not very long, the chin is rather small, the cheeks are rounded. This is one of the most widespread forms of face among men and women. It features soft features. The round face is also considered as the form of the most symmetrical face.

If your face is round, you really lucky! Due to its symmetry, almost all cuts are going perfectly!

Hair-man-2017-breaker androgynous man

Hair-man-2017-breaker to-man

Your jaw is pronounced? You probably have a rectangle-shaped face If you have a broad forehead and cheekbones are pronounced, then you can be sure you are the lucky owner of a triangle face shape! If your forehead is broad, your jaw and pronounced cheekbones are pronounced, then you have a diamond shaped face.

For the rectangle or diamond face are chosen sections with volumes on the sides or on top of the skull. Find out below, two ideas hairstyle man 2017 trendy this season:

This season short styles with volume on top of the skull is on top of trends in 2017

Hair-man-2017-cut-hair-summer-red hair

Undercut Cup with very short sides

Hair-man-2017-cut hair

The oblong face is ... long! This type of facial features jaw and cheekbones proportional. The front, too, often symmetrical. The stylists advise cuts that will reduce the size of the front with the volume on the sides. Below you will find an idea to cut oblong face with volume:

cut-hair-hair-loops-trend short hair

Choose your cut depending on the texture of her hair

If you have hair rather purposes, stylists advise to avoid long cuts. A short cut can bring a lot of volume to your hair, while fine hair long and sometimes seem dull and lackluster. Finally, the cup can help bring some volume to your hair, but remember that it is mainly the alimention and the care you take for your hair that will make them beautiful and brilliant. Forget any kind of aggressive hair products. Use as little as possible hairdryers, straighteners, hair clipper etc. All devices, even if the sellers will tell you otherwise, damage the hair. The more natural, the better. Your hair needs to breathe!

cut-man-hair-androgynous trend

Ideas cuts for curly hair

Having curly hair is really cool, but maintenance takes time. If your hair is curly, you know very well - it is sometimes very difficult to comb and the wake was like a crushed salad. With proper care, you can always have a manicured hair and fluffy! You choose if you want to keep long for Mick Jagger look or cut short for a cute poodle look.

hair-woman-2017-coupe-woman-hair-long hair

Some people want smooth and hair curly hair and reverse ... We kept wanting to change or improve its look, whereas this is only possible if it enhances her features and her natural hair. If you were born with curly hair, this means that it is because they are you perfectly! If you were born blonde, then there is no need to color your hair black. Nature is smarter than what we believed ... She made you perfect!

hair-cuts-man-2017-hair curls

Why do some have curly hair and others not? Everything is a matter of genes. Your hair is the result of inheritance from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents ... You carry the story of your genes on your head!

Hair-man-2017-cuts-man hair curls

Curly or straight, always remember that your hair is unique! They result from a combination of genes of your ancestors. Each person has a unique genetic code and you well know.

cut-man hair curls

How to choose a color for her hair?

The coloring is not a must this season. If you would still like to refresh your natural color and bring shine to your hair, the trend is to opt for natural shades.

If you have blond hair clear, you can play with golden undertones, dark blond or coppery. Opt for very different shades of your natural color is not recommended as this we may not go very well.

If you have brown hair, opt for shades of blond, red, brown.

For black hair, in short, it is difficult to lighten dark hair, so it is better to opt simply for purple or red highlights.

The California scan is also very fashionable in recent years. This is a partial coloring of hair - we add bits in lighter shades for effect "sunshine in your hair."

cut-man-look-look-hair trend


Experiment with her hair.

When you are a teenager, it is not always good about yourself. Adult, we already know what we want and we assume its style and belonging to a group of friends. Adolescence is the period of experimentation of all, this is the age when one is such a fan in a band, we really want to be like him. Stained his red or blond hair, you get peaks ...

Experiment with her hair is well occasionally. It is still important to always keep in mind that some stains or discolorations can weaken and make our hair dull. With the cut, no problem, we can vary his hairstyles all less without worrying that our hair will spoil.


Hairstyle blonde woman in 2017 and coloring

cut-trend-breaker androgynous woman-woman-look

The hairstyle woman 2017 and the trendy look - androgynous


human-hair-cut trend-hairstyle-2017

human-hair trend-hairstyle-2017 man cutting-hair-length-androgynous

man-summer-hair-cut idea-man-trend

idee-cut man-cup-2017-au-bowl ideas

idee-breakers man-hair trend-look-red

idee-breakers man-hair-trend-man-2017

idee-breakers man-was-trendy trend-breaker

hair-cut man-idee

hair short-man-look-trend-breaker ideas

Idea woman hairstyle 2017 long curly hair, why not!

woman curls hair-cut-retro-trend

Coiffure rockabilly woman in 2017

hair-woman-2017-short-cut woman

Ideas natural coloring