Shaded blonde – techniques and ideas hairstyles trend –

Shaded blonde – techniques and ideas hairstyles trend

shaded blonde hair Hair idea long natural undulation

If you like to experiment with the latest trends in hair and hair color, you've probably heard the blond shadow, the coloring technique that has attracted a lot of pop stars and film in France, Europe and in the USA.

And if you consider adopting the shadow blond makeover for you on the occasion of the arrival of the beautiful days of spring, you probably have questions about how one gets what looks, on the length of hair befitting a such coloring and hairstyles that will best suit your mane.

Focus on the blond shadow - how to get and with what hairstyles wear

shaded blond hair woman long hair model

In this large dossier on the blond shadow, we'll try to answer all these questions. We start with a little explanation about the technique, then review how to wear a shaded blonde with hair of different lengths and finish with ideas hairstyles tend to every day, but also for more special occasions, such as: a marriage. Here, without further ado, all these facts and ideas of hairstyles that are yours to discover!

The blond shadow, a trend color to enhance your mane!

blonde hair long shadow ripples idea hairstyles trend woman

As its name suggests, the shaded hair consists in mixing several shades to obtain a shadow effect in the field of hair coloring but also in the nail art and even in interior design . Became very popular in the first decade of the 21st century, it is one of the most common techniques and adapts to the most worn hairstyles now.

Coloring Shadowed blonde shades - some information technology

how to wear shaded blonde hair mid woman long hair trends ripple

The shadow is also known by the name of gradient colors as hair coloring technique results precisely in a gradual discoloration, usually ranging from dark tones to lighter shades, and more particularly, the blonde in all its richness.

The blond shadow scanning enriches the nuances of our manes *

shaded blond woman cutting hair degradé profressif long hair

Recently, this technique has been enriched by another: that of the scan, thus resulting in what is called the blond shadow scanning introducing strands of light shades on the hair length.

What hair length for a shadow to maximum effect?

hair blond hair shaded scanning mid long undulations

The blond shadow scanning further enriches the nuances of the mane and brings more shine to hair while producing an interesting effect to wear with hair of different lengths, including short cuts such as "pixie cut", he popularized a few years ago by stars like Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson.

The dip dye, a version of the shadow suitable for short and medium length hair

shaded short hair blond woman cut bob shadow

The shaded blonde is a technique applicable to mid-length or long hair, regardless of the chosen cut. Thus, one of the varieties of this technique, dip dye, resulting in a pronounced break between the two colors, produced a very interesting effect on medium-length hair worn cut bob.

The tie and dye for coloring to natural effect and optimal results

shaded blond bob hair cut short trend

The tie and dye, another variety of the blond shadow also fits shoulder-length hair, and brings a more delicate but equally successful result.

The shaded blond version for all skin types and face

idee blond red shaded long hair natural wave

Those with a long mane enjoy a lot of inspiration for their shaded coloring since they can be modeled on sections of a series of celebrities who have embraced this coloring: Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Drew Barrymore Sofia Vergara ...

Hair color gradients to be trendy this season

shaded blond woman degradé progressive cutting red hair

All these popular names and their looks are proving that shaded hairstyles adapt easily to all skin tones and all forms of female face.

Fashion cut with ripples and shaded with blond shades

shaded blond hair sweeping undulations cut idea hairstyle woman

often worn with long cuts, the shadow shines in all its splendor with hair in gradual gradation but also in hairstyles with natural or artificial waves.

Porter scanning with a sectional progressive gradient

shaded dark blond hair color 2017 trend woman

The latter cut is also very trendy for women who dared a blond coloring with shaded scan.

Long cut with ripples and mane color shades

shaded scanning blonde long hair ripples

And this is due to a rather simple explanation is that the color of the locks seems to naturally follow the bursts of light shades in their manes.

How to wear long sleek hair with blonde shaded colors

shaded section scanning tends blonde woman modern hairstyle

But this does not mean that you must submit to constant treatment of your hair at the risk of damaging them! Because, yes, the blond shadow is ideal for long straight hair, as you can see in the picture above.

What cut short to mid-shaded hair blonde?

shaded scanning blond woman model wicks half long

As for those who want to try a more aggressive cutting and coloring shaded same time, they can very well afford a steeper gradient, to wear with or without a few slight undulations!

Idea hairstyle for short hair with soft shadow

model hair blond short hair female shadow

The blond shadow beautifies our manes and makes us want to wear our hair down. But sometimes we need a little variety and one wonders what hair we could try with this type of coloring. Below are some ideas for those who ask this question.

Coloring blond shadow - our hair ideas to test daily

scanning shaded hair blond hair bun coupons

Need an idea of ​​hair shaded for long hair you can wear every day and feel good and fashionable, at work or college? Above a nice suggestion with a mini makeshift bun leaving part of your hair free.

Mini bun with ripples and shaded coloring

Peasant Wedding hair cut hair blond ripples shadow

Take this latest hairstyle as a starting point and offer you a romantic look and practice both, working the ends of your long hair with a curling iron!

casual bun for long hair shaded

shaded model blond chignon hair trend hair medium length

For evening entertainment during the week and for beautiful evenings with friends, go for a casual bun that will showcase the nuances of your shadow while sparing you the obligation to spend hours in the mirror!

Bun top casual style to feel comfortable every day

shaded bun blond woman hairstyle trend 2017

After all, our hair also needs rest, so from time to time, we can be worn in a bun trend and rebel! And we took the opportunity to showcase the beautiful features of our faces with a little makeup type nude makeup!

Idea ponytail mat for long hair shaded color

hairstyles tend mats blond ponytail shadow

And if you have long hair and we would like to find a sense of hairstyle for weekend outings for his workouts at the gym or for hiking in nature, the focus is on how a tail mat horse!

blond Shadow - idea of ​​chic hairstyles for weddings and special occasions

shaded blond bun hairstyle idea ripples shadow wedding

After these ideas hairstyles for everyday, now see how to wear the blond shadow at most special occasions, like a romantic evening, gala or a wedding.

shaded long hair hairstyle worn on the side

scanning shaded idea blond hair long hair marriage

We said: the shadow marries well with wavy hair. Take advantage of this and invent your glamorous hairstyle wearing your hair on the side, with a nice accessory, like the one shown in the photo below!

Hairstyle for long hair with natural undulations shaded and chic accessory

Long hair blond hair marriage ripples shadow

The mat has long been on the list of wedding hairstyles both elegant and romantic.

The mat shaded long hair, a classic option for a wedding day

wedding hairstyle ideas ripple blonde hair long shadow

And as we have seen on previous photos, it highlights the strands discolored for a beautiful result. What better way to an elegant wedding hairstyle and trendy?

romantic mat blond hair and coloring shaded romantic style

blond hair trend 2017 wedding hairstyle idea mat shadow

In addition, you can choose the type of mat depending on the length of your hair and play with infinite variations of this ideal hairstyle for your special day!

Mat braided ring around the head blond shaded Version

wedding hairstyles mat idea long hair blond shadow

Indeed, even the mat braided crown around the head fits a blond shaded coloring and provides an inspiring and romantic option for your wedding day.

Small mat crown with shoulder-length hair falling in shaded color

wedding hairstyles tend shadow blond hair medium long

You want to bet on a classic and royal headdress at once? No need to go very far! In this case, the best solution for you would be simply to adopt a variant of the bun.

What options for a bun for blonde hair coloring and shading?

Wedding hair blond bun ondulationombre

As the mat, the bun is combined in a thousand varieties and adapts with ease to a shaded mane which he highlights the nuances in a way quite remarkable.

Chignon hair drooping and color to blonde braids shadow in shades

Ombre hair blonde hair cut idea wedding trends

simple bun at falling hair, braided, up or down, to try, to experiment and choose! And indeed, here are some ideas for hairstyles such blond shaded release:

Bun marriage to bleached hair in shades of blonde

shaded long hair wedding hair blond bun trends

Hairstyle marriage with braided bun down for long hair shaded

wedding hairstyle woman shadow blond bun idea undulations

Hairstyle blonde shaded marriage with high bun

Wedding hair long blond hair shaded model trends

* Photo and hairstyle Johnny Ramirez

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