Coiffure Hair woman runs around the pixie cut and bob square –

Coiffure Hair woman runs around the pixie cut and bob square

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Today, we discuss the subject of short hair female hair and examine a series of 20 short ideas women tend cuts centered around the pixie and the square.

These two types of female hair cut short listed both among the most popular ideas among those most often selected by hairdressers stars. It is therefore understandable why they enjoy much popularity now! You will see, there are a thousand variations

woman hairstyle hair short pixie inspired or square.

They adapt to hair colors and shapes of varied faces, highlighting the natural beauty of those who wear them. Be seduced by the pixie and the right square or plunging and find the woman short haircut that suits you best!

Hair Ideas woman short hair around the pixie cut

woman hairstyle hair short pixie-wicks-blondes

The pixie cut is one such woman short hair hairstyle ideas that never go out of fashion. Simple and natural, the woman cut hair short was introduced in the world of fashion and film in 1950 and 1960. It was made popular by stars like Audrey Hepburn and actresses Mia Farrow or even as dummies like Twiggy.

cut-woman-hair short pixie-brown-ideas

The hairstyle woman short hair inspired countless longer or shorter variations. They vary according to the desires but also to the next cut that made us crack ... Yes! Some variations of the pixie cut are ideal for those who let push their hair!

cut-to-hair-woman-short pixie-asymmetrical

The different options woman hair short pixie hair inspiration we offer several advantages. Below we list some of them.

The benefits of hairstyle woman hair short pixie inspiration

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The hairstyle woman short hair pixie is simple but it adapts perfectly to every face. This is because it can take longer variations that beautifully frame the face and soften her features. This is the case especially with pixie bangs whose length is attached to the face shape.

cut-short-hair-woman brown-ripples-idee

The woman hair cut short pixie comes in even curly hair variant! Perfect for everyday, it also adapts easily to more formal occasions. And you can even wear indeed wearing disheveled. What better way to those who dream of a woman short hair hairstyle that does not require the intervention of a flat iron?

hair-hair female short-cut-vintage-cheveulure-loops

Ultra short version, this short curly hair hairstyle woman adopts a slightly vintage look. A small amount of product stylized enough to showcase a timeless way!

cut-hair-woman short-blonde-platinum-idee-line-of-odds

Among the advantages of the pixie cut, long or short, there is also the fact that it does not require the whole lot of time. Forget blow drying that takes hours every morning. You only need a few minutes to pass an ultra glamorous every day look!

hair-hair short woman trendy ultra-short military

The girls who like to experiment will certainly crack a hairstyle woman lightweight short hair military version. The skull is then almost shaved, underscoring our eyes and offers plenty of comfort during the hottest months of the year. Try necessarily by those who want to play with a short woman cut.

short-hair-woman-cut bangs hair-short blond

This idea will appeal to those who want to go through all the version of the pixie cut gradually as they let their hair repel!

female hair hairstyle ideas inspired by the short blunt cut

hair-hair-blonde woman short-cut-au-square-bob-asymmetrical

Want to cut your hair short pixie but without the overhead? In this case, consider the option of a short woman cutting trend inspired by the square. This hairstyle woman hair short is available, too, in several versions that have, at the base, cutting to the right square or plunging. Below our selection of ideas to bring this chic hairstyle and ultra feminine.

hair-woman-hair short bob-square-frieze-fringe

Recently, plunging the square is worn looped version wavy or curly. The plunging square cordoned thus combines optional with or without bangs. It can be achieved with a straightening iron or without heat. We have dedicated him a separate article that will give you ideas to make the cut version woman short hair or medium length.


Of course, the square plunging curly or wavy is ideal for girls with naturally curly hair. They have the opportunity to further customize their hair short hairstyle, is opting for a curly or smooth fringe.

idee-hair-woman-short-cut hair-de-trend-line-ripples-on-side

The square is also dipping door with capped alternatively locks disheveled. This short bob square or seduce women who want a natural hair, easy to perform and with a slightly wild side. It is also an ideal hairstyle for summer days, especially with seaside-style buckles.

hair short hair female shadow-hair-square-plunging-frize

This cut is also a nice option for those who want to change their hair color. A test with a scan or blond hair with a shaded hair trendy!

Customize her hairstyle woman hair in court right square or plunging

woman hairstyle hair short bob square-yard-line, on-side

The plunging square or right is female hair short hairstyle that has a very long history. It is attached to girls who claim their personality but are not afraid to showcase their feminine side and elegant. To do this, we will opt for a cut slightly vintage square. Featuring some nice waves, it can be worn with some original strands in shades of green or pink.

cut-to-woman hair-asymmetrical short-model

To give even more originality to a square, we opt for an asymmetrical haircut woman. On the door with a side parting in short or mid-length release. The best part is that it also perfectly fits with curly hair and curly!

cut-woman-short-hair mid-cap long-ripples-décoiffe

Fancy a short cut or original medium long but worthy of a star? So try to beautify your right square or plunging with slight undulations. With or without fringe, in polished version or messy hair, you decide! The pictures below will give you some additional ideas.

hair-woman-hair short bob-ripples-brown

short-hair cutter-woman-trend-bob-square-France-décoiffe

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