laundry Landscaping: 35 examples for small surfaces –

laundry Landscaping: 35 examples for small surfaces

laundry small space furniture

The laundry must be a functional space, easy to maintain and pleasant to visit, yes! But how to do when we have a tiny laundry room? This publication is aimed at those and to those who ask this question precisely.

We offer 5 planning tips and decoration that will help you transform this small space in laundry. All this, accompanied by 35 very interesting examples!

Small laundry room furnishings in white and blue

compact ikea furniture laundry

One of the simplest ways to make your small laundries more pleasing to the eye, is to conceal part of household appliances and other objects that clutter the space. You can do this by opting for closed cabinets and closets with doors.

Development of small laundry in white and wood

furniture design laundry Layouts

For those who do not want to spend much money, there is also the solution of curtains: install a worktop above your washing machine (if you do not already have one). Attach it curtains for easily hide this rather bulky device!

decorating idea with wall decoration and flower vase

Deco stickers laundries small houses

Neutral colors are always a good solution for decorating small spaces. White, black and gray will give your laundry a more elegant look. And they will agree perfectly with accessories of all other shades! For an even more interesting and sympathetic look, consider placing an eye catching wall sticker in a prominent place.

Ideas small laundry storage

small laundry storage system

When one proposes to develop a small room, one quickly realizes that every centimeter of available account. This is especially true for spaces such as closets and laundry rooms. Because they always seem to lack enough space to accommodate everything you want put it!

Deco for small laundry rooms with WC Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind

small laundry rooms deco toilet design

Maximize space with clever furniture small. Install them in the empty corners, and with shelves. But be careful, try to give your cupboards open aesthetic value and avoid cramming too are products!

How to arrange a laundry room in a wall recess

beautiful furnishings shelves laundry

Some modern apartments do not have an area specially dedicated to the development laundries. Yet many of us are in a poor because we want to give our homes a more organized look. For these cases, we are forced to resort to DIY solutions to offer a small area of ​​this kind.

Stickers Wall Deco laundries

sticker wall deco laundry

The most practical way to proceed to develop a small piece of this sort is to adapt a wall niche for this occasion. It installs her washing machine and dryer, with possibly some storage space for its products and to sort clothing. Then we find a way to conceal the niche.

laundry room furnishings with wall niche and curtains

laundry room ideas decoration small space

For this, we may well use curtains installed to appliances. It is an economical option to view the space it requires. And it can be achieved even with a small budget!

Idea management utility with wall niche and barn door

small space storage shelf tricks laundries

Yourselfers have another option: to protect its equipment from view with a sliding door. For successful development of bet a mini space of this kind, it would be enough to tinker a door wooden barn. Secure it to your wall unit and win a piece for your washing machine!

How to gain more space in a small existing laundry?

home furnishings small laundry area

Having a space for her clothes, that's good. But when this space is extremely small, we also need to be creative to make more room for all the objects that we want to install it. For this, nothing better than fitted units. But still have to choose the clever way.

Storage Idea laundries cheap

bunderie deco cheap

In a limited area of ​​a room or wall unit or the machine area of ​​our house will become immediately more functional result if one has the opportunity to supplement it with some hooks. Hang it two cloth bags and you get a way to sort your laundry. All this, without even needing additional furniture!

Storage gray and white in contemporary house

laundry room storage small area house

Optimize the organization of the room and enjoy all the little corners. In an area of ​​this kind, each additional centimeter can be used to install some shelves save space. You will probably find ways to put it to use; lay out cleaning and maintenance products, your home fragrances; or, use them, quite simply, to store towels or clean cloth. Here's how you're going to release some additional shelves in your wardrobe!

Small wood furniture for laundry rooms and cellars

small cellars furniture

To imagine a functioning washing machine space, mobilize all the smart solutions available on the market today. Get a foldable wall-dryer for small items such as towels and socks. Do not hesitate, either, to serve you a piece of furniture on wheels. Use as additional support will make it easy to store under your worktop when you do not need it!

Ideas and inspirations for development of small laundries in pictures

convenient laundry small surfaces

Finally, have the creativity and experiment with the areas in which you sort your laundry or space reserved for ironing. And, above all, look for ways to organize them without blocking access to other parts of the room!

Modern bathroom with mini laundry

mini bathroom laundry

The curtains, furniture and space saving wheeled storage are your allies; experiment with these clever solutions to offer a practice area even if you do not have a room specially dedicated to this function. You can check the rest of our development examples of small laundries here:

Built concealing the washing machine in a small apartment

laundry closet Layouts small apartments

Small cabinet with sink for laundry

small laundry sinks furniture

Example of planning for small laundry rooms with storage

small cabinet trick laundry storage

Modern furniture for laundry

modern home furniture laundry

deco furniture storage laundries

Sink deco modern laundry

furniture storeroom management

idee decoration laundry small apartments

Layouts small laundry closet

laundry sinks small apartment

washing machine laundry small areas

pantry shelves organization space

idee deco pantry cheap

idea wardrobe white laundry

laundry kitchen furniture avce

aménahement laundry pantry idea

washing machine bathroom modern laundries

Layouts modern laundry tips

color deco pantry closet Layouts

Machine laundry area Bathroom Washing

deco modern furniture laundry

storage cabinet laundries

cabinet shelf small laundry

furniture laundry L

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