clever storage for garden tools: 24 Practical Ideas –

clever storage for garden tools: 24 Practical Ideas

storage shelf smart gardening tools outside ideas

Gardening enthusiasts like to collect all kinds of working tools for their hobby. Here are our 24 smart storage ideas of these instruments, starting with solutions for the garage and for the winter garden through the garden shed to finish with storage ideas for small spaces and balconies.

clever storage ideas for gardening tools for small and large spaces

Layouts clever storage Garage garden tools

Of course, the most common arrangements for organizing jardiange tools are the cabinets and shelves. Those lucky enough to live in a house with garage often choose to convert a corner with this kind of furniture to ordain his tools.

clever storage for garden tools in a garage or garden shed

Garage storage gardening tools

The owners of a house extension or a conservatory also have the opportunity to book an area, within that part of their housing, their gardening tools. The main advantage of this solution is to have all its instruments to hand in a room for his hobby.

Shelter of wooden garden and clever storage space and little greedy

clever storage ideas gardening tools

If you have an outdoor space, why not acquire or tinker your own garden shed? Shelters modern gardens come in various sizes: they can be in the form of a small house or simply a kind of closet outside. In all cases, it is a practical storage space for all gardening tools, including plant pots that not occupy a lot of room.

Small garden shed and smart gardening tools Storage

ideas garden storage shed garden tools

How to organize gardening tools outdoors

clever storage shed garden furniture Resin

Modern shelters are made of different materials (wood, brick, metal, resin ...) each offering its own advantages. If you have a little space available in your outdoor space, consider the possibility of making your own garden shed and install a water point to simplify even more outdoor work!

hand Storage outdoor garden tools

Storage clever gardening garden furniture

Recycle old furniture and make it a smart storage for its gardening tools

Storage shelves idea outside plant pot

Garden shelters need not function as building apart. Today, many people decide to make such a space backed by a wall of their house. This clever idea you will save money, because it requires the installation of a piece of furniture or a series of shelves. One can even repainting old furniture we already have at home for use outdoors!

Wall hooks for smart storage in the garden

clever trick plant pot garden tool storage

Idea of ​​clever little storage for the garden

tips shelf storage garden tools

In addition to the shelves and closets, hooks are among the most practical storage items for gardening tools. It can be used for almost all items needed in his garden. In addition, they make us save space!

clever cupboard image for garden lovers

Malignant garden garage storage

Today, gardening is not a passion reserved only for those with a large garden. More and more people who live in an apartment adopt the idea of ​​building a garden on their balcony, a terrace and even on the roof of their building. The hanging gardens and vegetable gardens in height further facilitate this trend.

Storage suggestion for small balcony or garden terrace

home garden tools clever storage cabinet ikea

Storage Tip mini garden on a balcony or terrace outside

balcony garden storage cabinet

If you have a garden like this, we know how important it is to properly organize the available space. Instead of cramming her gardening tools inside his apartment and make several round trips to retrieve them, why not bet on a cabinet in the open?

Bench idea and storage for garden tools in small outdoor space

storage tools Scandinavian deco balcony garden

Again, one can use a small shelf or a cupboard backed by an outside wall. But the practical solutions do not stop there: the benches with storage space is another very practical idea for mini gardens. They hide all our work tools and offer a pleasant sitting area that everyone can decorate to your preference!

Photo original storage for garden with vintage letter box

clever storage garden furniture small space tools

Recycle old items to make small storage for its garden tools is always a good idea.

clever storage for wooden garden: they adapt to any space!

DIY gardening tools diy smart storage shelf

How to better organize its garden tools with wooden furniture

malignant external storage tips gardening tools

The wooden garden storage instruments give unlimited possibilities. They are simple to make and can be adapted to all field, regardless of their size.

Practical storage baskets inside or outside

Photo store your gardening tools

Idea of ​​organizing gardening tools with basket and hooks

home exterior storage garden tools

The baskets are another clever storage form that is suitable for all areas and all kinds of gardening tools. In addition to gloves, scissors and secateurs, you can even keep small boxes with different seeds.

Small storage of garden tools for novice gardeners

storage bag idea gardening tools

If space available is very limited, you can opt for a basket with multiple pockets that contain the essential tools for amateur gardener.

Idea of ​​small wall cupboard with metal garden tools

smart storage idea gardening tools metal shelf

Idea of ​​smart storage for garden tools with wall pocket *

Storage smart home garden tools

The wall storage is one of the most practical solutions and consume less space. Wall pockets offer plenty of opportunities for an excellent organization of the objects we use in his garden every day.

Picture wall storage garage or garden shed well organized

gardening tools storage shelves

Mini garden house with shelves for good organization of gardening tools

garden shed storage tools

*Idea of ​​garden tools with stylish storage wall bag by Pottery Barn

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