The trick clothing storage for each small area, come see! –

The trick clothing storage for each small area, come see!

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When referring to our clothes, especially for women, it's a hassle. It accumulates more and more to the season and you never know where to put them.

Renew her wardrobe is something normal, especially if one wants to follow new trends. But we did not used to get rid of clothes that are no longer wears. This theme is a sensitive issue for all women. That is why our editorial was organized to prepare this article for you to do the opposite'Trick clothing storage that will help you organize your space.

The good trick is storing clothing for each house

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There are many options for storing your clothes. Among them, there are dressing rooms, portable hangers, drawers, baskets and storage boxes. But before you choose the right solution for your interior space, we have to start by sorting out your wardrobe. Get rid of what you no longer wear and you will see that you will gain more space. That said, we advise you to donate your clothes to a charity.

The clothes trunk is increasingly proven

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We do not all have the chance to live in a large apartment and have a whole room for our dressing room. That is why we need storage trick clothing to prevent bazaar home. Practical and pretty, clothing trunk is the perfect option if you want to store your t-shirts or socks. Hint: choose socks compartments to help you understand. If you do not want to look in stores, you can make your own out of cardboard.

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Do not hesitate to use every little space of your room as storage. The bed is also a very convenient option. This is ideal when lack of space in his room. Use storage boxes or clothes trunk to store all your clothes off season. Besides, if you plan to soon buy a bed, you can opt for an integrated drawers bed.


But tens or hang dresses and shirts? We tend to believe that the carrying garment is intended to stay in the attic or in the store, but it is however not true. Today we find more and more in small apartments. And when it is tidy it can even become a decorative element to your room. The clothes bearing hints at a little personality. Quick tip - to keep the aesthetics, put your clothes by size and color.


Besides, you can bring a rack of clothes hanging! This is a real space-saver for your room. Besides, you can even make your own. For this you can use a sturdy tree branch and of sufficient length. Take a rope and made several turns at the ends of the branch and then hang your creation on the ceiling using hooks.

A garment hanger-functional tissue

Another option is presented to you. The cloth wardrobe is a convenient option to store your clothes while hiding from the eyes of others. It is lightweight and available in all leading stores in different colors and patterns.

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Here is a little trick Storage: align your scarves on a hanger with clothespins.


Do you know the vacuum bags? They are ideal for storing your clothes off season and it's a real place to win your cabinets. To do this, simply fill the bag of clothes and make the air gap using a vacuum cleaner.

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Use your imagination to use every little space of your room.

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