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Interior design small apartment 31 photos

interior design of small modern apartment design studio

The interior design of small apartment is a difficult task. Here are some ideas for the interior design of a studio apartment.

When shall install a small apartment, you have to think about decorating and organizing furniture.

To do this we must learn to prioritize and consider the purpose of each room. For example if you work at home you need an independent office or at least a space that suits our business. So it is always useful to have a blueprint of the apartment to maximize the available space.

The interior design of small apartment: a real game

interior small studio apartment deco small area

Think about how you use your furniture. Mobile furniture could be used for separating the room. For example, a sofa in the middle of the room can create two independent spaces. In order to separate the bedroom from the kitchen, use a library or kitchen counter. Opt open parts separating solutions and avoid the cumbersome fences and furniture.

Carefully arrange your furniture

interior furniture small apartment kitchen idea

There are a few ways to hide the bed in a small apartment. You can arrange a curtain or other item that separates the room providing an independent space. The development of a corner is also a way to create space for rest or work. The Murphy bed allows you to fully optimize your studio. Tidy wall, you free space and can use it for other activities. Same for the kitchen - if the latter is small, arrange it with a folding table and / or a removable kitchen island.

Opt for wall or wall bed folding beddevelopment within small furnished apartment space saving bed

When planning your apartment feel free to merge certain areas: the separation can sometimes inspire a feeling of narrowness. If you merge, you have a small space but open and multifunctional. Take for example the room below: living room, kitchen and workspace are carefully arranged to maximize space.

Merge different parts

interior small apartment wall separation piece

For the interior design of small apartment it is important to use all available space. The corners of the parts can be used as office, storage or reading nook. Turn windowsills or corner balconies to eat or imagine the dressing room as an office.

Idea development small apartment with green velvet sofa Interior design small apartment

There are really no limits to the choice of colors for the walls, ceiling and floor. This year, the most fashionable colors are blue and green: blue peacock, blue and green oil, blue duck. These colors fit very well with all interior styles - from modern to more traditional. As soon as the green or blue is present in a room, it installs a Zen atmosphere and has a very nice energy. If your studio is very small, it is always better to book light colors for walls and ceiling. For the flooring, you can afford a darker shade if desired. Take for example, the room below, it is small, but very bright and Zen thanks to white walls and the presence of greenery.

Use available corners

Interior design small apartment

A blueprint carefully crafted by yourself or by a professional would give you more precise ideas on the optimal use of the available space. Also consult a specialist can inspire many solutions that you have not necessarily thought. Therefore recommend! If not, arrange a small space can be a fun challenge, it's like a part of Tetris where each piece of furniture has its place, and how it will be directed into the room. Many ingenious solutions are the result of the need, try combining practicality and aesthetics.

Modern kitchen in a small apartment with greeneryInterior design small apartment kitchen

The greenery is one of these decorative elements without which it is impossible to install a Zen atmosphere in a room. Here's why it makes special attention to plants. Feel free to install plants in every corner of your apartment: bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room. There are many species of plants easier to maintain. There is no need to be an experienced gardener to have plants at home! Remember to put a potted plant in your workspace, this will stimulate your creativity, your concentration and will help you de-stress you. In the kitchen, think about creating a garden wall. Having herbs and a few cherry tomatoes at home is always very pleasant.

Idea bedroom small apartmentoriginal ideas small apartment furniture

Cook in a small apartment is not always obvious. The smells from the kitchen quickly invade all parts. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, we invented the hood! There are cooker hood models * very powerful, specially designed for small apartments and small open kitchens. Still, to prevent cooking smells settle into your bedroom space, for example, consider installing a curtain or sliding panel.

Architectural details for interior design small apartmentinterior small apartment solutions

Installing a kitchen bar is a perfect compromise for the small apartment. It acts as a wedge to prepare and cook, but also a dining area and taste great.

Optimizing the successful spaceinterior small mini apartment kitchen

Take the following example: a small studio where the kitchen island serves as the dining area and avoids the need to install any dining table.

Decoration ideas for small apartments

small apartment decorating ideas

All white, all very stylish and sleek. The example of a small apartment below is ideal to define what is modern living space Scandinavian style. light wood flooring, wood furniture, greenery, comfortable sofa in dark gray to contrast with the rest of the white furniture - this is definitely our favorite inside!

friendly interior for small apartment


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Folding bed interior wall

* Tips to choose its hood

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