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35 models of kitchen and kitchen plan ideas

plane fitted modern kitchens kitchen

The kitchen plan affects its functionality and comfort. Today, we examine 35 models of kitchen and explore the benefits of these spaces. L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen with central island and bar with ... Let's see what characterizes each of these forms and what are the ways to use them!

fitted kitchen and linear plan kitchen model

fitted kitchen design kitchen design

The linear kitchen is organized around a division of the interior space into two parts. This is an appropriate option for small spaces and for sealed rooms. I also called kitchen or kitchen in length, it seeks to mobilize all the available space on the walls to compensate for the lack of space in the room.

kitchen model and linear idea for a bright interior

kitchen deco interior corridor

This type of cooking can also be organized around a single wall, especially in the interior too narrow when using two worktops installed parallel to each other will not be practical. Modern linear kitchens are often painted in bright colors: it's a nice way to make this part of the brighter home, where the windows are placed in a corner of the room.

kitchen model fitted lengthwise in black and wood

fitted kitchen island linear kitchen

The main benefit of a length in the kitchen is the fact that all of the equipment and work tools are concentrated on a small area. Depending on the size of the room, one can resort to some tricks that could make the cozy kitchen. For example, a sealed space with furniture on both sides, can dispense with storage in height. If you want to arrange a dining table in such inside, use the empty corners of the interior.

Photo of kitchen and U indoors plan

u idea kitchen kitchen

Plan fitted modern kitchen U

develop its shape kitchen planning

The U-shaped kitchen is an effective way of organizing a square-shaped space. Here, there are many storage possibilities in the three corners of the room. The central area also offers several management options: with a small central island with a dining table or even a service on wheels that can be moved if needed.

Kitchen U: idea for a small practice space blank

fitted kitchen design the kitchen u

In a small U-shaped kitchen, we will choose a storage solution with multiple base units and less high cupboards. This is what will give the interior a look airier and brighter.

Model fitted kitchen in L with center island and plenty of circulation space

modern kitchen planning

Another classic form for kitchen decor is the L-Called with also a corner kitchen, the kitchen has two walls which are concentrated cabinets, appliances and countertops. Well organized, this interior also offers plenty of room for movement for members of your household.

Photo fitted kitchen in L with wall of windows for more light

Image bar modern design kitchen

This kitchen plan is also suitable for the construction of a central island which acceuillirait storage space on the sides. Senior furniture does not clutter the inside and they allow you to organize all your kitchen tools in a very easy way!

Idea of ​​modern decor in white and wood kitchen L

amenagée modern design kitchen

L kitchen or kitchenette with contemporary central island

kitchen cuisines'angle

Small modern kitchens willingly adopt the plan in L. A minimalist design would bring them a very elegant touch to the interior. Additional advantage of this kitchen model: flexibility we have the choice of organization and installation of furniture!

Model kitchen equipped for modern interior

fitted kitchen deco interior design kitchen

In modern apartments, kitchens are sometimes parts with more original forms. In such a home, it is well to center the food preparation area in a corner from the inside. This kitchen model essentially takes the form of the kitchenette for improving the furniture corresponds better to the shape of the house.

Plan modern fitted kitchen open space

kitchen design kitchen of'angle

plan kitchen fitted kitchen open to living for

kitchen island linear coneption

An angle central island is a beautiful addition to such food. It will also be suitable for an open interior with a kitchen overlooking a dining room or living room.

Model fitted kitchen with original island

Layouts kitchen island design

kitchen equipped for open interior idea

fitted kitchen island interior decoration

The hexagonal or octagonal kitchens are rare but it does not mean we should overlook the benefits of interior design they offer. If you have an interior space of such a form, you'll need to plan carefully and well within its forecast forms of storage. But the result will be very interesting!

Fitted kitchen corner organized around an island with bar

Planning deco modern kitchen

plan kitchen fitted with minimalist design angle

model equipped designer kitchen

angle Kitchens are adapted to small interiors such as, for example, two parts separated by a partition or separation unit. They are open, bright and very practical, though sometimes they are to be appointed with shallow furniture.

Photo kitchen fitted with round island

kitchen center island forms Layouts

Idea to develop her kitchen with a central island

shaped center island kitchen

The kitchens spark the imagination of designers because they offer a lot of interesting variants of interior design. These are spaces that lend themselves easily to customization and leave a lot of freedom to view the design of the interior. In short, they are for those who want to create a truly unique space!

Kitchen accessories equipped with modern island

kitchen modern bar interior design

We love the kitchen islands because they give us a lot of organization and design advantages. Modern islands come in lots of different forms, including those that adopt curved lines. Sometimes it is just what is needed to make her kitchen quite special!

Plan small kitchen with peninsula

kitchen idea peninsula modern interior design

beautiful model kitchen equipped with peninsula

amenagée peninsula modern kitchen deco

The kitchen with peninsula is an ideal model for the development of a large interior space. It will allow you to install a separate kitchen bar to serve breakfast in the morning or evening aperitif.

Sample kitchen with center island modern design

center island kitchen model Layouts

This kitchen plan also provides more space for storing kitchen tools, which suit those who love to experiment with different recipes and always need a little more esapce for equipment in their home.

Idea fitted kitchen linear color

plane linear minimalist decoration kitchen

Install all of his kitchen furniture on one wall is definitely an ideal solution for a modern space. This is what makes this type of cuisine is a frequent choice in contemporary homes. The kitchen of this type has a compact appearance, zen and stylish. Its added benefit? You will, in addition, the opportunity to place a dining table nearby!

Deco linear fitted kitchen with wooden furniture *

deco in the kitchen picture modern central island

The furniture being focused in a corner of the kitchen, one can imagine a variety of ways to enjoy the rest of the available surface.

plan kitchen fitted in I with open storage

kitchen plans linear storage floor

Kitchens installed on one wall adopt different storage possibilities: minimalist, industrial design, or Scandinavian, they can have open étgères or host other clever storage solutions.

kitchen model with a modern style with small design island

idea central island kitchen Layouts

The kitchens with islands are so popular that they deserve to be treated in a class by itself! The modern models islands are extremely numerous and interesting.

Sample kitchen in the attic

kitchen models Layouts small space

A kitchen in the attic readily benefit from a convenient island of white color, with all the benefits of a work plan placed at the center of the room.

Idea center island with storage fitted modern kitchen

Planning island kitchen modern design

A central kitchen island that takes the form of a dining table or a bar? This is a very original solution for those looking for ideas for the interior design of a small area!

Beautiful kitchen with large center island

fitted in the modern kitchen island

kitchen planning: idea of ​​cooking practice interior design

design modern design equipped central kitchen bar

Dreaming of an island in the center of the room can give you a greater work plan? And why not consider the possibility of giving this piece an additional function: that of a kitchen bar?

kitchen Image U furnished in contemporary style

linear plane fitted kitchen

Finally, add an important observation: all these forms of kitchens and accessories recognize many variations, because the key in choosing its management plan, it is always your comfort!

Kitchen with black island to open interior

tool for modern kitchen design

Choosing a kitchen plan: focus on comfort and functionality

modern design furniture kitchen storage idea

* Modern kitchen plan by Schulberg Demkiw Idea Architects

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