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If you are setting up or decorate your kitchen, 2015 is definitely the perfect time to go for an industrial style. Check out this selection of examples of industrial style kitchen to get inspired by the beauty of this style became a big trend.

You will discover the many ways to recreate it in your kitchen. The robust materials are a key element of this style. More material is natural and raw, the more wondrous beauty is present. If you like flea markets well and you often find yourself looking for authentic items you take pleasure in adding to your decor, you probably know that the market offers many opportunities.

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If there is a practical, elegant and adapted to the limited budget, this is undoubtedly the industrial style. Defined by the smooth use of robust materials such as concrete, steel and wood. This style is easily integrated into a modern apartment, loft, house or villa. In fact, at that time the industrial style was not even defined as a style - it was the typical decor for factories and warehouses.

Time passed and people began to appreciate more and more simplicity, "naturalness" and lack of pretension. There was no real research intentional style. He created the As furniture we had available. The surfaces had a purely utilitarian function. At the heart of this scene were the salvage. Suddenly, industrial design has become a real trend and several living areas have intentionally adopted this design style.

industrial style kitchen with original decoration

steel industrial style kitchen

Initially adapted to the limited budget, now more expensive houses and apartments are opting for industrial design. Its success must to humble materials and the fact that it is the key. Often items and recoveries of furniture are unique and full of character. If you like the originality, antiques and retro look, you can experiment and create your own industrial universe in your kitchen. This is one of the main parts that reveals the beauty of its simplicity. The vintage furniture conveys a unique history and authenticity. This style was long reserved for artists who wanted to decorate and improve the look of their workshops with little money.

Industrial style kitchen with black interior and wooden elements


You can redecorate your kitchen at all, which will ask you a greater investment in terms of time and money. You can also work based on existing elements of your kitchen furniture. First, make a list of items already in your kitchen and think that you will need to replace. It is important to choose a theme to harmonize all of your interior.

Kitchen industrial style steel and stone

kitchen steel industrial timber style

All designers are adamant in modern design the bit is the best. To give an item to its rightful place, it must be able to be developed. Moreover, in industrial design is the simplicity and natural beauty of the materials that are predominant. If you have installed a nice rustic wooden table, it is unnecessary to cover the decorative items or a tablecloth. The industrial style is minimalist. In reality, industrial design offers many choices of material and color. You can opt for metal, black iron, zinc, steel sheet, the rusty appearance iron, raw wood, brick and stone. If you have a kitchen in your dining room or living room, integrate your choice based on these. Combine everything with the existing furniture.

Kitchen Industrial interesting design stylemetal kitchen table design loft industrial style michele marcon Snaidero

It is thanks to industrial design as the concrete is introduced in interior design. Long reserved for outdoor structures, it is today much appreciated for its unworked appearance. Another ever-present element in the industrial-style space is the brick wall. His story is similar to that of concrete. Brick, which was always reserved for the exterior walls of buildings, is now very present in contemporary interiors. It is associated not only with industrial style, but also minimalist, Scandinavian, Italian and rustic. The decorative brick dresses, decorates and enhances the furniture from scratch.

open and modern industrial spacedesign-kitchen-style-industrial

The industrial style is often combined with the rustic style. The kitchen below is a good illustration of this harmonious combination. rustic wood, metal, exposed pipes, great lights - all the elements are present. The atmosphere is modern and warm.

Industrial wood kitchen island ideakitchen-style-industrial

The industrial style is bohemian. Long was the interior style workshops of artists who wanted to develop them with few resources. Nowadays, more and more, this style combines the luxury apartments and lofts.

concrete ceiling and brick wallkitchen-style-industrial-design-sofa

The lighting of any room should be careful, especially in the kitchen. This last includes several active areas: work plan, cooking point, lake, dining area. To cook, prepare, serve and eat comfortably, it installs appropriate fixtures. Above the kitchen island, you can install metal fixtures. For the preparation and cooking area, one can choose a lamp holophane powerful and old look. The lighting above the dining table does not need to be very strong.

Photo industrial kitchen with wood furniture

industrial style kitchen center island kitchen shelf wood furnishings carpets

The furniture for the kitchen industrial style is metal or wood. Its look is vintage in Recycling mind. It gives way to the metal, iron, rust and rustic wood.

industrial kitchen with brick wall

kitchen lamp black white design industrial style suspended oliver design burns

Industrial living areas are usually open. When we settled down to live to factories and warehouses, there were no walls separating the rooms. Gradually, we realized that this kind of openness allows better use of its space. It looks larger, bright and easy to live. Today, open spaces combine with modern interior design. Indeed, this trend was inherited industrial design.

Idea designer kitchen with center island

modern kitchen lighting design industrial style suspended central island

then designs its industrial kitchen along with lounge and dining room. When tailoring the industrial style for its cuisine, it is impossible not to also incorporate in its dining room and lounge. Up a room in this design style means to accommodate all its living space. Concrete, brick, iron, and rustic wood are materials of strong character.

industrial kitchen design with concrete walls

Central industrial kitchen island style furnishings white carpet floor storage

Kitchen industrial style with brick walls by design Maxa

modern industrial kitchen design style central island extractor hood

Can we have an industrial kitchen without taking its walls, the ceiling or a concrete floor? The answer is yes ! That's a long time that industrial design is no longer reserved for lofts and artist studios. If you live in an apartment or modern home, there are simple solutions to accommodate industrial style into your kitchen. Install a wall imitation brick or concrete, arrange with the vintage look Recycling furniture, opt for metal lighting solutions, iron and rust finished. Experiment!

Industrial Style: brick walls, wood and steel kitchen design design industrial hanging lamp table wooden chair design

Black interior with light wood furnishingsindustrial kitchen luminaire suspended central block suspended design

What colors for the industrial kitchen? This design style does not limit the choice of colors. One can opt for light colors, dark or bright. In most cases, domestic industrial style prefer darker shades, sometimes purple.

industrial style kitchen with purple furnitureindustrial kitchen central island violet hood

Combining two interior styles is usually a good idea. Often we see the groom industrial style Scandinavian style. The result, an industrial internal and refined at a time. This is the case of all white kitchen below with its vintage metal and wood island. Good game !

Photo in industrial style kitchen with center island and vintage chairs kitchen modern industrial style kitchen design center island

Kitchen with island and white furniture center island kitchen lamp leather chair chair wooden table

Black interior and brick walls in a modern house by Bayon Design Studio kitchen center island black wooden stool sink design pendant light modern design

The above kitchen is part of an apartment that is called "The Loft". Located Clock Tower in San Francisco, it was designed by the design studio Bayon. The kitchen has been moved to the first level in front of the warehouse and windows throughout the brick wall. The cabinets are customized steel wheel with antique accents found in a local salvage yard. Two words to describe this living space design: industrial and refined.

white inside kitchen with center island and vintage wooden stoolswhite interior wood kitchen central island modern idea white wooden floor design chair

Sink in industrial style design OMG projects modern kitchen design layout central island sink

industrial style in black and white black white black industrial kitchen table pendant luminaire design

original suspended luminaireDeco modern central kitchen island pendant light white design

original fixtures in industrial style modern kitchen center island wood luminaire design red shelves

Small kitchen with center island on wheels

kitchen design modern design wooden lamp central island

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