Deco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting –

Deco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

Deco interior kitchen retro kitchen decorating idea space

Fancy a retro kitchen decor? Here are some suggestions and ideas in pictures how to invite vintage spirit in her kitchen with an original and personalized decor.

Deco retro kitchen: original ideas for interior on top
kitchen deco retro original idea diy wood

For several years, it reflects the return to fashion trends and design of the past, of the 60, 70 and 80. This trend also invites in the design of the decoration of modern kitchens. Today, we present you 34 kitchen interiors with Vintage Deco touches.

kitchen decor ideas with retro lighting and utensils
kitchen deco retro idea tiled floor kitchen suspension lamp wood furniture

Copper utensils are not only very strong but also very beautiful to decorate the kitchen and bring the desired retro touch. You probably remember American films of the 60s? To invite this spirit in your kitchen, below, the perfect illustration of a kitchen, inspired by that time, designed in light blue and floor coated in black and white tiles. Look :

Deco idea of ​​wall plates and kitchen with tiled black and white retro style

Deco kitchen chair retro yellow black white tile panel

Decorate its interior walls with pictures of his family, his relatives and his friends, it seems, if not an old tradition, which is closely linked to the birth of photography. This mural will undoubtedly bring retro touch to your kitchen sought. Another option, which can be categorized rather chic style campaign is hanging plates on the wall. This tradition has long been seen as evidence of bad taste, and yet for some time it demonstrates his return, especially when it comes to interior retro kitchen.

Deco idea wall frames and kitchen with tiled splashback Moroccan

deco vintage kitchen idea wood panel chair transparent deco flower bouquet

Idea kitchen with retro-inspired decor: pastel yellow is backinterior kitchen retro deco central idea island stools

The red color is vivid, energizing and imposing. To soften, it is married to white and light blue. To warm even more, installing wooden elements. The kitchen, photographed the image below, show that this formula gives very good results. The retro touch was provided by the suspended luminaires, the credenza white brick, utensils and vintage accessories. The choice of color shades also plays a big role for the transformation of this area of ​​retro modern.

Kitchen in white and red with wooden elements and deco retro-inspiredred wood kitchen table idea wood table deco flowers red chairs

This is also the case of the kitchen interior shown in the image below. It blends light blue for the walls, white and red furniture and accessories to create an atmosphere inspired retro 60s The tiles black tiles and white is present. Here we find new inspiration vintage elements like little curtains on the window and the wall behind the oven silver.

Idea decoration and furnishings inspired kitchen 60s
kitchen decor idea black white tile wall blue kitchen idea white furniture painting

When we say "retro", we talk about everything and nothing. This term can define an interior of kitchen 60s and a kitchen interior inspired by the old Italian and French cuisines. How to define and which one to choose depends on your own vision and your personal taste. Everything is possible, just let his imagination speak!

Kitchen with wooden furniture in rustic style and authentic chandelierDeco wooden kitchen furniture idea candlestick metal wood table chairs

A modern kitchen with some retro Deco touches, it's nice! The proof, this interior bright, contemporary kitchen with open rustic wooden trays, candelabra and industrial-inspired lighting vintage:

Idea kitchen rustic and vintage wooden open shelves
deco kitchen open shelves idea wood dining table chair fixture

rustic wooden shelves are indeed not only a great way to organize your space, while opening it, but they are also aesthetically speaking and always bring a warm retro side and the kitchens.

Install rustic wooden open shelves for warmth and vintage at once
wooden open shelves idea interior wall tile plant deco

When you think of retro kitchens, we often imagine interiors designed in white, sky blue, pastel yellow with touches of bright color: red or orange. This kitchen is not retro, but thanks to the choice of color palette, we believe in an interior in Los Angeles.

tones such as yellow, red and light blue are often associated with retro style
Deco kitchen furniture kitchen decorating idea retro space vintage

The Italian kitchens have a real charm with their large ovens, their rustic wooden shelves, aged metal fixture and the smell of fresh pasta all ... Irresistible!

white kitchen with wooden furniture and vintage SMEG fridge
Deco kitchen furniture kitchen table idea retro wooden deco tiled wall

Idea retro look of vintage kitchen with fridge and patterned tiles
vintage kitchen decor idea wood furniture fixture fridge suspension

The yellow color is a lively and vibrant hue, associated with the sun and joy. Usually we say that this shade is ideal for rooms dedicated to physical activities: cooking, games room, children's room. This season is preferred in light colors for a stylish and discreet side or pastel colors for a retro chic side.

bright modern kitchen with wood and yellow keys retro decorkitchen deco yellow vintage furniture idea diy flower deco space

Decorating with plates, it's convenient! Hang them on the wall or place them on your open kitchen shelves, depending on the size of your space and your needs in terms of decor. For small kitchens, hang plates on the wall is a rather convenient and allows to gain space. By cons, we must be careful because the presence of too many frames or decorative items to the wall can visually make your small space it really is.

Deco idea kitchen with plates, blinds and retro wood furniture

deco vintage wooden kitchen furniture idea retro trend

light green Kitchen and retro style
Deco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

Wood joins the rustic and country chickitchen wood shelves Deco idea Deco marble work plane kitchen space

Marble is a timeless elegance material that invites more and more in the interiors of our kitchens and modern bathrooms. Its price is high, but there are solutions quite affordable even for small budgets. Combined with wood and accompanied by some elements copper, marble is revealed even more wonderful.

kitchen idea and chic retro style campaign with rustic wooden shelvesmodern kitchen interior wood shelves wood wall tile idea

For those looking to create a style kitchen country chic, rustic wood furniture is preferred. Combined with copper and green potted plants utensils, it will appear more warm and genuine. Look at this chic country style kitchen lovely:

Beautiful chic country style kitchen and industrial inspiration

kitchen retro chic idea shelf storage wooden table

kitchen with appliances and retail idea vintage ground idea white wooden kitchen bar suspension luminaire Deco flooring trend

The wooden false ceilings are often associated with country chic style kitchens. Indeed, at the time it was just a decorative detail on the ceiling, it served to further isolate better the room because the walls of the latter could not ensure the desired room temperature.

Idea ceiling to give the kitchen a stylish country side
Deco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

Moroccan tiles to dress the wall or the floor of your retro kitchen
Deco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

Moroccan tiles are beautiful, retro design. Here are three good reasons to adopt it in your kitchen as flooring, credenza or just decoration. There are a wide variety of patterns, colors and size. To further accentuate its aesthetic, try to leave the rest of your uniform inside. Look at this beautiful kitchen with credenza Moroccan tiles, blue and white, all of which is in perfect harmony:

Moroccan tiles to dress the walls and give an authentic side to your kitchenDeco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

The SMEG refrigerators is offered in a wide range of colors: orange, light blue, teal, red, light purple. There are two models: one handset, the other is smaller. SMEG manufactures a range of home appliances and kitchen accessories inspired by the shapes and colors of the 50's and 60's.

Idea fridge orange vintage style SMEG * and vintage pendant luminaireDeco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

There is no need to invest 1,000 or 2,000 euros in a SMEG fridge to bring a touch retro chic to your kitchen. Sometimes it is the small accessories and small brightly colored buttons that change everything.

Idea deco and vintage furnishings for an original kitchenDeco kitchen retro and chic country: 33 ideas to sting

In a previous article, we talked about the green color of gray, what it really is and how she begins to find its place in our contemporary interiors and exteriors. Soft, delicate and deep, verdigris is a fabulous color for kitchen furniture and even the walls. The proof, this interior kitchen retro fitted with wooden furniture and painted gray to green:

Original design kitchen with furniture, lighting and island retro stylekitchen furniture wood suspended luminaire design work island idea

Idea kitchen with original retro-inspired pendant lightskitchen luminaire suspension idea plane woodworking

Interior warm kitchen, retro and modern at oncekitchen wood shelves idea plane wood working plant deco fixture

The interior of kitchen, presented on the picture below, is seen very elegant with its work plan in black granite, small curtains and wooden open shelves:

Curtains, lighting, rustic wooden shelves, everything is there to define the interior as retrovintage retro kitchen shelves idea wood open work design

An authentic oven for a chic country stylecountry chic idea interior kitchen oven retro style

Deco idea for objects with a vintage-inspired cuisineDeco kitchen idea vintage inspired modern kitchen


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