modern kitchen Model: an array of inspiring ideas –

modern kitchen Model: an array of inspiring ideas

model of modern kitchen furniture zen ambiance

What are the trends regarding the model of modern kitchen? The kitchen models that we present here are all very design you can get inspired, I promise!

There will be something for everyone: the kitchen all in wood, kitchens whose walls are brick for those who like this kind of wall decoration, ultra modern kitchens lacquered plastic, etc.

modern kitchen Model: latest trends

model of modern island kitchen furniture design

Metals and metallic finishes are very popular in recent years. It seems that this will also continue this year, says Anne we Ellard Ellard designer Anne Design. It is certain that in his estimation the metals to warm shades, such as brass, gold and copper, will continue to replace metals in cold shades like silver and steel, in the decor of the kitchen since those make the space warmer and more elegant than these.

Decorative stylish kitchen

model of modern kitchen deco small space

According to another designer - Darren James Darren James Interiors - interiors that combine contemporary and vintage style will become the key look this year. This is very good news for those who are not fans of ultra modern kitchens because they unfortunately do not bring this warm and nostalgic touch offered by the vintage style. In the kitchen design, the resurgence of classic and functional kitchen is observed that reflects the "culture" of the house. So do not hesitate to opt for some retro touches in your contemporary kitchen, for example, a central island vintage or retro style oven.

interesting modern design kitchen

model of modern industrial kitchen deco bar

If you've never heard of porcelain surfaces, then it is bound to change this year, especially as the designer Graeme Metcalf Dan Kitchens. The ceramic surfaces are made of ceramic high density and low porosity. This is certainly not a modern material, but it is a new material in the kitchen this year. It is very popular for work and kitchen backsplashes plans.

Decorative wood kitchen trend

model of modern wood kitchen

If you have kitchen stools in your kitchen and if you find the elegant and original, they are not necessarily comfortable, you may have understood. The design now go into the background and his place will be taken by the comfort when it comes to kitchen furniture. Prepare to see more chairs with soft shapes stools, made cozy materials such as wool, cotton or other organic tissues. We will also see many decorative plush cushions.

elegant design of kitchen in white

model of modern white kitchen in 2016

And since it is already question of materials and comfort, now we introduce more and more textures in the kitchen decor. It is undeniable that the use of a bit of texture in the kitchen making her much more interesting decor and atmosphere much more friendly.

Decoration contemporary kitchen in white

2016 Modern white kitchen model idea

Would you have had the opportunity to upholster the furniture of your kitchen? The highly tactile surfaces, freshly carpeted, gives an incredibly charm to the kitchen, and this any color or style.

Idea kitchen decor in white and green

model of modern green white kitchen

Here is a model of modern kitchen very design! The high ceiling and wooden decor while keeping a large modernism and originality, unique style and charm, thick and richly colored carpet is a kitchen whose design was really well thought out and which for many of us can only represent a mere dream.

Kitchen trend interesting design

2016 elegant kitchen design

Another trend, regarding the model of modern kitchen, these are monochrome kitchens. The minimalist to the color level is in synchrony with the simplicity in the geometrical lines. You see clean lines, straight lines and not much imagination, freedom or artistic spirit. And yet, the face that kitchen here is modern and pleasant.

Deco Modern kitchen with dark gray

kitchen design dark gray

If ever the gray is your favorite color, know that this color, to refresh your space, combines really well with yellow. The yellow color gives the gray color a second life and a new look. Yellow allows the gray to appear in all its nuances.

Designer kitchen decorated in gray and yellow

ell-gray designer kitchen

Making his kitchen a living room, it is also a new trend of ideas. Do not consider his kitchen as a separate room and as too special - it is the will of those who furnish their kitchens so they plan to spend much of their time! And they are right, the pace of modern life is not to push the interior design architects create kitchens that reflect the speed and stress.

Modern wood kitchen design

Making his kitchen the place to spend his days, on the contrary, what architects want for their customers and what customers are looking for themselves. Not being able to find time to spend her days, that nobody wants to hear!

Gray modern design kitchen

The modern kitchen model par excellence is the one that offers maximum comfort, modernity while providing an atmosphere reminiscent of the traditional values ​​of old kitchen or place where the whole family gathers at the hours of dinner and supper to to spend time together. The ultra modernity can not reveal the atmosphere in question here, but space and ease it provides allow all members of the modern family to spend time as pleasant and efficient as only such a large kitchen and practice can do.

gray kitchen modern design darkens

The tiles in the kitchen and you put that serves backsplash or wall art can bring the ultimate touch that predetermines all the cooking style. Modern, certainly, the kitchen offers all the luxury that can be offered today, but without being free from mind centerpiece of a home as we used to imagine and as it is supposed being.

modern kitchen design idea

The white tiled subway that some of you choose as a decorative element kitchen backsplash is a touch of style very trendy right now. Why we love so much this type of tile? We assume that the white tiles that we all know is our choice for the modern kitchen since it opens the space it decorates and in this case the kitchen to use a mixture of traditional and modern materials, such as wood and stainless steel, which their side allow us to express our vision of modernity itself including our love for progress and love for the past, where the mix of moderate modernity by the vintage.

modern central kitchen island design wood

Feel free to watch the rest of our images as part of the gallery titled modern kitchen Model!

modern kitchen island design roulette

modern design retro style kitchen

Modern orange blue kitchen

deco white kitchen trend

deco idea trend kitchen

modern kitchen deco idea

modern kitchen deco retro keys

kitchen deco idea trend

black deco kitchen trend

deco, modern kitchen

decoration blue kitchen

modern kitchen decoration idea

kitchen decoration idea trend

model of modern kitchen deco

model of modern kitchen design

model of modern kitchen elegant design

model of modern elegant kitchen

model of modern kitchen elegant 2016

model gray modern kitchen

model modern kitchen taupe

model modern gray green kitchen backsplash element

red model modern gray kitchen

model of modern kitchen idea

model of modern kitchen idea in 2016

model of modern kitchen deco idea

model of modern design idea kitchen

Ultra light futuristic model modern kitchen

model of modern central island kitchen

model of modern lacquered kitchen

model, modern kitchen

Modern retro kitchen model

model of modern kitchen retro style

model of modern black gold cusisine


2016 model modern kitchen wood

model of modern wood kitchen idea

model of modern kitchen design in 2016

Layouts model modern dining kitchen

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