Design work plan chair bar and kitchen island –

Design work plan chair bar and kitchen island

metal chair seat wood worktop island kitchen decoration contemporary design bar

The bar and the kitchen island are among the most essential elements in contemporary interiors. In addition to offering many possibilities of organization and storage, the bar and the island also often used corners meal or spaces where you can chat or take a drink while preparing dinner .

That is why, in many contemporary kitchens, bar and island go with chairs or stools with a height suited to their counter. If you are looking for such seats, you may find a model that suits you among our ideas chair kitchen worktop!

worktop chair models for bar or kitchen island design Jayson Home

chair model design bar worktop transparent chair wood kitchen

Models chair countertop or kitchen counter can be divided into two categories: the first kiss compact furniture without back or arms, that is to say, the stools, the second - the chairs itself. Consider these two categories in turn to see what they have in store!

black kitchen worktop chair by Eugeni Quitllet

black stool kitchen island deco interior marble bar

kitchen bar stools are become popular furniture in the 20th century and still remains so today. Adapted to small spaces, they combine today under various and varied aspects to meet the most popular decorating styles at present.

wood worktop chair by Pottery Barn

center island kitchen stool rustic chic wooden chair campaign

The natural wooden stools or painted in a light color are well adapted to country-style kitchens and chic country since wood is just one of the preferred materials in this kind of scenery. These stools are characterized by their dark and natural look that is before all the comfort of the guests.

kitchen bar stool by Pottery Barn

Industrial chair worktop decoration kitchen bar stools backless

In industrial kitchen, a style factory vintage stool! Made mostly using conventional materials such as metal, wood and leather, seat top industrial design remains compact despite its robust appearance. This is what allows it to enter easily into lofts and the small-area studios.

Scandinavian worktop chair by Ercole

wooden chair worktop decoration island bar counter kitchen

Speaking of small spaces precisely, do not forget that it is the limited size of the modern kitchen which is behind the popularity of bars and islands. And what better for such a light kitchen stool Scandinavian inspired?

Stool height breakfast bar and island Bernhard

chair design white kitchen countertop design bar Layouts idea island

Given the popularity of white kitchens (and all variations), it is not surprising that a lot of the high seats of bar and island are rightly proposed in this neutral color.

white kitchen stool by Bernhard

counter model chair contemporary kitchen island worktop

Wood is a material extremely popular in contemporary kitchens, whether rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, sleek or shabby chic style.

Bar stool or wooden kitchen island by Roger Webb Associates

bar counter stool model designer kitchen worktop

And it is not by chance that there are more and more bar stools made, at least in part, by this natural material.

metal kitchen counter stool by Sth

chair of-work plan Metal island contemporary design wood kitchen stool braid

The omnipresence of wood in contemporary kitchens is part of a larger-scale trend: that of the rediscovery of natural materials.

worktop bar chair braided Cappellini

chair work plan modern kitchen design stool rattan seat braided metal feet

These materials becoming increasingly used in contemporary interiors, counter stools and kitchen worktop follow this trend!

Chair black worktop height kitchen by Wolfgang Mezger C. R.

black chair model kitchen worktop with bar design

bar chair with folder by Ply Collection

wooden stool white chairs modern kitchen design work plan

Now to our second category devoted to chair work plan with folder. Preferred by those who favor comfort, this furniture can be a real decoration accessory and play a role similar to that of the chairs in a living room.

Chair height worktop and kitchen counter by Jnm Furniture

kitchen picture height bar chair fitted central island modern stools

Leather and imitations included long been among the most popular materials for the manufacture of this type of chair.

high chair kitchen worktop with metal feet by Westelm

chair padded leather bar worktop metal feet decoration design kitchen

These are conventional materials that easily adapt to all kinds of decorations, retro kitchen than with an ultra modern look.

kitchen worktop for upholstered chair with back by Ballard Designs

white chair with modern bar stool record deco kitchen island

Upholstered chair models work plan with large format folder, meanwhile, are suitable for contemporary interiors and for the important area of ​​space.

Kitchen chair height metal and wooden worktop by Westelm

chair work plan with decoration industrial kitchen bar softwood

As stools, bar chairs or kitchen island also exist in wood and metal version as seen with the classical model of natural shades.

high chair modern kitchen worktop by Brunner

stool modern bar design idea Layouts equipped island kitchen

And to combine comfort and functionality, we can now build on a model of stackable chair work area, ideal for small kitchens!

Bar chair work plan with small file for contemporary cuisine in black by Mooi

chair work plan Bar modern design modern cuisine bsitrot

bar chair with folder and small kitchen with island Deco idea Castor

modern leather stool steel small island design idea deco industrial kitchen

Recent years have seen the emergence of a third type of chairs for kitchen counter stools inspired but also has a small backrest.

Bar chair or kitchen island padded with wooden feet by West Elm

upholstered chair with stool worktop file capitonne kitchen white cushion

Designed to provide comfort, these models are available in several versions: wood, plastic, metal, upholstered ...

Chair work plan and design kitchen counter by Jean Louis Iratzoki Alki

high chair deco kitchen wood kitchen island design stool Design bar cabinet

Light and practical, some of these seats are even made of materials suitable for use indoors and outdoors, which allows those who have a terrace to revamp their living space in the summer!

Bar stool with small black folder by Vondom

chair kitchen bar stool contemporary design decoration pictures

high chair bar inside or outside design by Vondom

white bar stool island of indoor outdoor kitchen Photo

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