Green Kitchen – ideas for a modern, refreshing decor –

Green Kitchen – ideas for a modern, refreshing decor

ideas deco green kitchen

Green is a great color for the kitchen and yet very dynamic and elegant fra iche. And it is very easy to find inspiration for the right shade of green - just look around.

This may be a stalk of celery, a slice of lemon or cucumber or even looking at a green apple. The green kitchen is so relaxing because it is inspired by nature and the green color has more nuances than any other color. So if the main color in your kitchen is green, the design possibilities are endless including using other colors.

Design green and gray kitchen

gray deco idea green kitchen

For kitchen surfaces, use a green shade which contains in itself other colors as an accent or a different shade than the green. You can use granite that contains shades of yellow and blue or a laminate with salmon or red shades. These shades can then also be used as accent colors in green kitchen as decorative pictures, towels, carpet or tile on the backsplash.

Decoration modern kitchen in green and white

idee white green kitchen

Use green color for decorating the kitchen walls means that green will become main color in your kitchen. Choose a shade lighter than other green accents you will use the room. To ensure that the green color does not dominate the space, opt for kitchen furniture in very light shades. The furniture in white or cream against the green wall will help you create a refreshing atmosphere. To create contrast, opt for an island of dark wood kitchen in the center of the room.

Deco idea of ​​contemporary cuisine

brown decoration green kitchen

Another way to create a green kitchen using green furniture. So you can choose cabinets in a yellow-green hue and an island of darker green kitchen. Other furniture can be in mint green. If you do this, then let the walls a light shade like - white, cream or taupe. Choose a dark green work surface following with cabinets or a kitchen island original green marble.

Ultra modern designer kitchen

modern design green kitchen

The green shade you use to the decor of your kitchen can help you choose other accent colors with which complement the decor. Since green is a secondary color obtained from blue and yellow, most of its nuances contain these two colors per se as components. Use this to choose your accent color. For example, the olive has a yellow hue in itself. If the main color of your kitchen is olive green, then you can very well place a dining table in shades of gold, or rugs and decorative pillows in yellow, to bring out the lighter shades of green. Here are some nice kitchens decorated in green:

Idea kitchen decor with accents in green

ultra modern green kitchen

Lacquered kitchen in green and gray

gray green kitchen design

Modern kitchen decorated in green and blue

idea blue green kitchen

Wood kitchen decorated in light green

deco traditional kitchen design

Original Deco kitchen with center island green

kitchen deco original green central island

country style kitchen in mint green

deco light green kitchen

interesting green design kitchen

green kitchen bar idea

white green kitchen design

Green idea wood kitchen

Wall deco green kitchen

contemporary design green kitchen

modern elegant green kitchen

green deco kitchen idea

wood kitchen island green

central island green kitchen

central island green green kitchen

Green wood kitchen furniture

Modern green kitchen idea

deco wallpaper green kitchen

small green kitchen deco

country style green kitchen

deco light green wood kitchen

deco green lacquered kitchen

deco green kitchen furniture

deco green modern kitchen

green deco cuisine

deco green white kitchen

deco wall green kitchen

decoration green kitchen island

Original kitchen decoration idea

ultra modern kitchen decoration

decoration mint green kitchen

deco green elegant kitchen idea

deco green kitchen idea

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