How to convert a length in the kitchen? –

How to convert a length in the kitchen?

Extension ideas for a kitchen floor length white carpet closet design

How to convert a length in the kitchen? This is a question that often arises when one owns a house whose kitchen is in a corridor type room.

Known as difficult to decorate, such kitchen corridor generally occupies a small area and its furniture is installed along one or two walls facing each other. Recent years have seen the emergence of an additional model kitchen of this category: that of open type, with or without an island.

How to convert a length in the kitchen? Our tips for a functional kitchen hallway!

how to manage a creeping deco kitchen roof slope length under

Despite its bad reputation, so this piece has a number of advantages you need to know to learn how to profit from it. Some ideas of suitable decoration for a kitchen corridor are equally applicable to other larger areas we would like to organize around one or two walls (like a bathroom, for example). Let's see how to manage a kitchen in length to enjoy a comfortable and modern interior!

How to develop a long kitchen enjoying all these benefits?

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The corridor kitchen has some advantages of its own and that are worth to be highlighted since they allow us to better understand the issue of management plans for such room. First, this type of cuisine gives us the opportunity to arrange the furniture so you can reach everything you need quickly and very easily.

Do not be fooled by the bad reputation of the corridor kitchen!

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Depending on its size, the kitchen in length is also able to provide plenty of space for the installation of high and low furniture for storing all items and tools we possess.

The kitchen in length with one or two worktops, easy to decorate space

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This type of cooking is much easier to decorate than other interior spaces and allows you to cram all the typical furniture and accessories in a small room size. This gives you more space for other rooms in your home!

These professional chefs who love the corridor plan kitchen

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It is also a very functional space for lovers of culinary art. The proof ? Many chefs choose precisely this type of kitchen plan for their own homes; among these Alon Shaya, one of the managers of Shaya restaurant in the city of New Orleans; Tim Cushman, Covina restaurant owner in New York, Dominique Ansel, owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York and many more!

How to arrange a kitchen in length and what the ideal size for such a space?

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How to convert a length in the kitchen in a limited space? What is the minimum size to meet in the room for such a kitchen is comfortable and functional?

Decorative kitchen length: no limits on the length of your space

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Here are the answers from the pros: there is practically no minimum length of a hallway kitchen. If you work with a particularly long piece, take the opportunity to imagine a distribution of furniture in several areas. As for the usual maximum length for such a space, it is about 2, 5 meters.

What is the optimum width for a closed corridor kitchen?

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The optimum width for a kitchen in length varies depending on the plan you want to adopt. If you think you place your furniture on one wall, the minimum width of the room would be about 1 meter; if you two work plans on both sides of the room, have at least 1, 2 meters between them.

How to develop an open kitchen with island in length?

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Of course, there is no limit to the size of a length in the open kitchen; If you want to add a block to a space like this, let yourself be guided by the principle on the corridor kitchen with two work plans.

Planning kitchen in length - some tips to incorporate all the classic elements in a limited space

Layouts corridor kitchen furniture wood storage model paint color door

After discussing the ideal size of a kitchen hallway, turn to the question of how to develop a long kitchen benefiting from all the classic elements found in larger spaces.

Start decorating your kitchen corridor by determining the number of work plans

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The work plan is a key component in the design of a kitchen, whatever its shape and size.

What options for the development of a functional kitchen in length?

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As we have seen, the corridor kitchen admits three types of spatial organization of this view: with a single work plan; with two planes installed face to face or open type, with or without an island.

Choosing the type of sound plan kitchen length depending on the room size

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Of course, the choice of one of these formulas essentially depend on the room size and shape (open or closed).

Why choose a long kitchen with two work plans?

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The option with two work plans is preferable if you have enough space as it gives you much more room to concoct sophisticated dishes that require multiple ingredients and preparation steps.

Some tips for successful development corridor kitchen practice

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If you have decided to ask two work plans face to face, pick one up for both in order to facilitate work on two parallel surfaces. Remember to provide enough circulation space between the two ends of the room.

How to develop a long kitchen with center island open-ended?

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Stick to the same principles for the development of an open kitchen in length, especially if you have decided to accompany an island: plan well away from traffic and calculate the height in detail plans job.

kitchen corridor furnishings: What are the principles of Deco to know?

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Regarding the kitchen furniture, you can choose between two options: one is to use all of the available height for the installation of storage units; the other, to favor low combined storage, possibly with a few open shelves.

Select the kitchen furniture to enjoy comfort

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In both cases, try to book your low furniture a space with a minimum depth of 60 centimeters.

corridor kitchen furniture for those who want a lot of storage space

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The first option is for those who need lots of storage space and prefer to keep all objects and accessories in closed cupboards.

Kitchen Furniture in length for those who want a light atmosphere space

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The second option will seduce you if you like the interior light and airy atmosphere and if you are willing to sacrifice some storage space in the service of the global atmosphere.

How to convert a length in the kitchen by applying the principle of the triangle of activities?

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The kitchen in length generally being a small space, it has a bad reputation especially regarding its functionality.

What is the triangle of activity and how to use it for decoration corridor kitchen?

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This is what leads many people to believe that such space is not practical and it does not allow the application of the principle of the famous triangle of activity, expression that means the kitchen distribution in three areas centered around three essential elements in every kitchen: sink, fridge and hob.

Model kitchen with fitted long island on the principle of the business triangle

how to develop an open lengthwise central island kitchen sink Photo parquet floor

And precisely how to manage a kitchen length by applying the principle of the triangle of the activity? In seeking to achieve a balance between the different areas, of course!

Kitchen open and spacious hallway with island

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Eh yes ! The corridor cuisine is characterized by its rectangular shape so that it must be reconciled with the triangle of activity!

Tips for successful development of a corridor kitchen under the rule of the business triangle

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To achieve this, it would be enough to place one of the triangle elements (sink, refrigerator or stove) in the area which is in the middle of two other kitchen equipment.

Organize these appliances and the essential elements of its cuisine

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How to choose which of the three objects would be best suited to serve as the focal point of activity triangle? It all depends on the shape of your inside, your desires and your appliances.

How to select the place of his fridge in hallway furniture kitchen?

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For example, an American multi-door refrigerator could well act as a focal point. In contrast, a conventional refrigerator fulfill this function more difficult and it would be better to place it against a wall.

What is the best location for the sink in a kitchen with corridor plan?

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The other two elements being less bulky, they are easier to handle. One principle which should be considered in this respect: they must have access to enough light at any time of the day. Their place will therefore depend at least in part, of the organization of the room and especially the place of windows.

Decorative light length in kitchen with two work plans

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The long kitchen plan does not exclude the development of a corner meal in an area dedicated for this purpose in the same kitchen. We conclude with some examples of hallway kitchen decor with such a space:

What place for a dining corner in a hallway kitchen plan?

Mosaic tile corridor kitchen dining slate credence bar

kitchen Image hallway with dining corner and round table

develop smaller in length decoration kitchen cooking plane hallway

Small kitchen in length with bar and mosaic tiles

Layouts of long deco bar area kindling model kitchen

Photo kitchen hallway with industrial decor and rustic dining table by Compass And Rose

how to manage a kitchen long dining table rustic red bricks

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