Decorative stone for the walls of the kitchen 49 examples –

Decorative stone for the walls of the kitchen 49 examples

Photo white kitchen decor stone

You want to give your kitchen an authentic look and trendy at a time? So, adopt decoration stone walls to transform its original focus! After several decades in which the emphasis was smooth surfaces and ultra modern kitchens today, natural materials such as stone and wood are back and more popular than ever.

And since these materials have conquered the designers, we are able to offer a different interior selection of images that share their design with stone wall. Let's look at them now!

Deco kitchen with white stone walls and exposed beams

beam appartente kitchen interior stone wall

The country-style kitchens and chic country are places where the presence of a stone wall does not surprise us. His raw and natural look blends beautifully with stone flooring or parquet and wooden beams. Moreover, here the stone can act as a central element of the decoration, so it is important to choose a good quality material and color that appeals to you!

Wood kitchen decor with stone from an accent wall

deco wall picture stone kitchen

It has been said again and again: the stone and wood are two types of materials that coexist so well they can be used in kitchens of all styles. In addition to design houses country chic, this combination is also typical for mountain chalet-style spaces, waterfront and inspired decors for the Mediterranean region and Scandinavia. If you have a hankering for one of these styles, please feel free to introduce a stone wall in your kitchen.

Deco kitchen modern style stone

Deco stone wall design kitchen

Continue studying the case of modern style kitchens that are decorated with a stone wall. The combination of this style and the stone may seem somewhat surprising. But nothing is forbidden in contemporary homes: even such unusual wedding can give very good results when the stone is cleverly used to attiter eyes of residents and their friends whenever they visit the room. Moreover, this focus can become even more interesting in a space with minimalist décor or in an interior with white furniture and stainless steel.

Deco interior and exterior wall of stone kitchen Casa Rio Bonito Carla Juaçaba

wall design kitchen

We talked wall accent in a kitchen but how to get this type of wall decoration? Nothing is easier: Use the stone to cover only one wall or part of it in your kitchen. The effect of this decoration will be even more interesting if it is in a kind of decorative element or if it is part of an original architectural solution, eg, a bar, a credenza or a hatch.

Kitchen with transition wall decor

American kitchen interior stone wall

You have an apartment, a loft or house with an open kitchen and you think decorating with stone wall would not suit your interior? Here is what is able to change his mind: a stone wall could help you create a unifying element between the kitchen and living room. This would be an efficient and friendly way to ease the transition between rooms, while enjoying an authentic wall decoration. Now we invite you to visit the rest of our 50 pictures and kitchens with stone decor:

Photo small kitchen with stone wall decoration

small kitchens deco stone walls

interior wall picture stone and kitchen decor

stone wall idea interior decoration kitchen

Idea interior wall stone and kitchen decor

interior decoration stone kitchen walls

Kitchen decoration with internal stone wall

interior stone wall decoration kitchen

stone wall idea and kitchen with center island

island stone wall kitchen

Deco contemporary stone kitchen

Deco stone wall contemporary cuisine

Kitchen stone wall decor

kitchen wall deco stone

kitchen wall Image with stone facing

Wall stone facing kitchen

Modern kitchen with brick wall

Wall bricks modern kitchen

kitchen decoration idea with stone wall

stone walls kitchen decoration idea

Wall decoration stone kitchen

deco kitchen wall stone idea

kitchen decoration idea with stone wall

kitchen wall deco stones

Wall Design Kitchen stone

Wall stone kitchen design

Kitchen interior design with stone decor

designer kitchen wall deco stone

kitchen decoration stone wall

idee decoration kitchen stone wall

Wall Deco stone designer kitchens

Deco stone kitchen walls

Deco stone wall wood contemporary kitchens

Deco stone wall kitchen design

Deco stone kitchen modern design

Deco stone Layouts the kitchen

Interior stone kitchen deco country style

decoration stone wall design kitchen

deco stone wood kitchen

modern interior decor stone

deco wall stone kitchens

stone wall decoration kitchen

deco white kitchen wall

deco wall stone kitchen

kitchen deco fireplace stone

Bar stone kitchen

deco interior wall stone kitchen

white wall design kitchen

walls stone facing kitchen

stone wall kitchen design

kitchen wall brick industrial style

kitchen deco interior brick wall

kitchen design deco bistro stone walls

deco stone kitchen bar

credenza stone kitchen

deco dining kitchen interior wall stones

Layouts interior kitchen wall stone

Deco marble stone modern furniture kitchen

Deco idea credence stone kitchen

Deco stone kitchen modern wood furniture style

deco stone walls modern kitchen

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