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white kitchen wood worktop – deco inspirations

white kitchen wood worktop island-peninsula bar

The white color is now become a classic choice for the construction of a kitchen. Associating furniture that color with a natural surface in light or dark wood is an excellent way to create an interesting contrast, while inviting in its interior a natural ambience.

white kitchen woodwork plan for a modern interior, functional and welcoming

white kitchen wood worktop-modern design-idea-Layouts

In addition, the wooden worktop is an interesting solution standpoint of price and benefits it offers us every day. Today we take you to the discovery of a series of white kitchen image wood worktop and you reveal tips for successful design.

white kitchen wood worktop - our decor inspirations

kitchen white plane facade-furniture-modern-garden-hung wood work

To afford a white kitchen is an idea that appeals, no matter if it is to develop an interior space in new or revamp furniture that have lost their luster. White is a neutral color that inspires a feeling of cleanliness and space. Modern, it allows a lot of organization inside and interesting decorative solutions.

Model in white and wood kitchen with exposed brick walls

white kitchen wood worktop decoration-industrial-brick wall

As for the wood worktop, it is known for its natural and warm appearance. In addition to being offered at attractive prices, the working wood kitchen plan is available in several natural shades. So, anyone can arrange the wood and white kitchen of her dreams: Scandinavian, rustic, modern, industrial ...

wood and white kitchen with large center island

white kitchen wood worktop Layouts-island-central-chairs

Highly prized for its natural appearance, wood worktop is also a popular choice among those who want to create an interior for the planet. Indeed, wood and white kitchen is increasingly often carried out, at least in part, of recycled wood. So a good way to help protect the environment while enjoying modern interior white kitchen!

Plan for modern woodworking and custom white kitchen


Added to all these benefits that the working plane wood kitchen is fully involved in the decoration of the interior. Thus, it is playing with this surface and with white kitchen furniture facade we can create a space quite remarkable. Let's see some inspiring ideas for decoration of a white kitchen wood worktop!

white country style with wood worktop Kitchen


One of the most popular white wooden kitchen worktop versions is the rustic style. The white kitchen furniture is typical for the country people inside and this is also the case for wood surfaces. That is why the wood and white kitchen often adopts country-style décor.

Decorative white and wood kitchen with natural work plan

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood-deco chic-modern-campaign

Vintage or modern, white kitchen and rustic wood has undeniable charm. raw wood surfaces contrast beautifully with the color of the doors of the furniture white kitchen.

Idea deco accents rustic modern white kitchen with wood and metal buttons

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood-furniture-bottom drawers

This is combined with handles made of wood or metal and chosen carefully. The wood worktop sometimes hides are many drawers, open shelves now.

Landscaping small kitchen country-inspired façade with white furniture and light wood worktop


This is the case especially if the wood and white kitchen has a center island with shelves serve as storage for dishes or for fresh products just bought at the local market.

modern kitchen with white worktop and wall unit wood

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood-furniture-high-laminate-color beige

The development of a white kitchen wood worktop is also a popular option for those wishing to create a modern interior space. Thanks to its neutral colors, white kitchen can be customized at will. Thus, it is sometimes supplemented by metal buttons, sometimes by walls or a wall color original white kitchen.

white and wood kitchen with painted furniture slate color and metal fixtures


A white wall paint and facade of the same color are combined furniture by contemporary furniture slate shades. The colors of the wood work plan of the peninsula island are underlined by open shelves at the back of the room.

Contemporary white kitchen with small island in gray and wood


This is a contemporary wood and white kitchen with a small central island was painted light gray. The work plan is based on the classic butcher block.

white and wood kitchen worktop with L-shaped plan and metal buttons

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-plan wood-kitchen-in-the-deco-modern

This design corner kitchen combines modern furniture with light wood worktop. To give more personality to the space, we chose metal keys for furniture handles and kitchen hood.

Furnishings lacquered white kitchen and dining corner with suspended wooden counter

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-island-wood-furniture-modern Peninsula

The white lacquered kitchen on the picture above adopts a White worktop suspended type. Its function is to serve as corner meal with white bar stools. The taupe gray coatings highlight the range of light shades of modern white kitchen.

Modern white and wood kitchen worktop with corner meal, oval table

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood dinette-round-table-modern-design

Moreover, in the interiors of modern white kitchen, corner meal often echoes the wood worktop.

wooden dining table and kitchen with natural white deco work plan


If you want to follow this white kitchen decor approach woodwork plan, invest in a beautiful dining table with natural surface.

Idea corner meal with bar stools wood worktop


Those with a kitchen island could also make a corner meal by creating a bar with wooden counter.

Photo white kitchen and wood flooring planks dark

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood central island-plate cooking Photo

The areas dominated by the white color will benefit stools that replicate the color of the wood contained in the work plan. This trick ensures a more harmonious atmosphere in your kitchen.

white kitchen and light wood with small Nordic-inspired bar


Even a small kitchen can accommodate such a corner meal with small bar. Select the color of the wood depending on Deco style that appeals to you the most. Opt for light wood interior Scandinavian style and dark wood for a rustic interior mind.

Mural white kitchen and wood accents and decor in dark shades

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood-color-dark-furniture-high black

The white kitchen wall color often functions as an additional decorative accent. The black paint and ideal for the decoration of a white kitchen with white facades.

industrial kitchen with black paint and wood worktop


It is also a nice option for those who are passionate about industrial design. Above, a small white kitchen with wood and slate colored wall. The painting is enhanced by metallic elements on the door handles and wall shelves.

Example of white wooden kitchen worktop with industrial decoration


In fact, wood worktop is not a rarity in industrial kitchens. In this context, it is usually accompanied with black details and metallic accents. The color of the metal decorations mainly depend on the wishes of the owners: stainless steel, gold, copper ...

Credenza lacquered white kitchen with island and wood worktop

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood credenza-black-coating Mural

This is another idea to vary the appearance of the white and wood kitchen with a credenza in dark tones. Opt for a lacquered sideboard for an ultra modern look and elegant at once.

Modern flooring for white kitchen and wood decor

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-coating wood-basement-great-design tiles

Furthermore, a coating with tiled design placed on the floor or on the walls of the room could serve a similar function.

designer kitchen flooring tiles with white subway tiles and small mosaic


This is a small white wooden kitchen worktop whose walls are covered with tiles subway pristine color. The flooring in small warm shades of tiles takes up and develops the color of the plane woodworking.

raw wood worktop and Deco Central modern white kitchen island

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood jamb-island-central-idee

A work plan can be an artistic creation in itself. This is at least what we show kitchen decor wood and white in the image above.

white and wood kitchen with natural worktop and metal buttons

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood raw-model

His leg worktop is made of raw wood of dark shades. Installed on a white island, it attracts attention, as would any other work of art. To top it all, the owners of this white kitchen and wood opted for some metal buttons in shades of gold. They appear on the kitchen faucet and on the hood to the back of the room.

Design kitchen hood and white decor and wood kitchen


In short, the white wood kitchen worktop offers many possibilities of modern and personalized decoration. Suitable for rooms of all sizes and all shapes, it is an extremely popular but never banal choice. And now to you to find the best variant of deco white wood kitchen worktop for your home!

linear Kitchen and worktop with wallcovering plate blank

kitchen-white-plan-for-work-wood-flooring-boards-wood furniture lacquers

design kitchen with white worktop and wooden credenza


Idea deco white lacquered wood kitchen with island and pale wood desk *


* Photo and design by Sarah Jefferys Design

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