Blue Tiles: decorative ideas for kitchen and bathroom –

Blue Tiles: decorative ideas for kitchen and bathroom

blue tile design ideas

Blue is a rich and elegant color that is widely used in interior design. The blue tiles is very popular for decorating kitchens and bathrooms.

If you want to create a beautiful and modern accent in one of these spaces and decorate them with blue tiles, in this article you will find many interesting and inspiring ideas. There really are many ways to decorate in blue. Simply just a little creativity and imagination.

blue tile modern bathroom

deco room modern blue bathroom tile

A decorative style where the blue tiles and widely used is the country style. In this type of interior decoration, blue is often combined with white or cream or yellow shades. To create a decor inspired by the countryside style with blue tiles, insert white and cream shades in the room design. Start by painting the furniture in the kitchen or white bathroom. You can also paint the wall above the white tiled, cream or bright yellow. Use decorative motifs in blue on the walls or in the textures to complement the decor. The wooden details are also a great way to fire out the blue-tiled.

Idea elegant deco kitchen with blue tiles

tile blue deco elegant kitchen

Another idea deco with blue tiles is to create an accent wall using blue tiles in combination with green tiles, yellow or dark red. The black in small amounts may also be present. To perfect the look of the room, you can use natural materials for furniture and wood. The oak or pine wood, in combination with wrought iron accents, will help mitigate the bright blue. Paint the walls above the tiles a deep terracotta shade to offset the blue. Finish with decorative accents like towels or wall charts in green and yellow.

Deco bathroom blue bathroom design

blue deco tiled bathroom

In small spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is recommended to use a shade darker than the cobalt blue. To not go wrong, use a color chart which includes cobalt blue. It will also help you find shades to combine with blue. Choose white furniture to avoid overloading the decor, but paint the walls in a clear blue shade and have an accent wall with elements in dark blue.

Idea decoration - kitchen backsplash with blue tiles

blue tiled kitchen contemporine

If you are decorating a small kitchen or bathroom with dark blue tiles, this color can make them seem cold and closed. In this case, it is best to try to "warm up" the blue combining decorating the space with lots of neutral shades. To do this you can, for example, paint them white furniture and walls in a slightly yellowish warm shade. Opt for curtains, decorative towels and pillows with fabrics that are yellow, white and red. If possible, use fabrics with little blue to unify the decor without overwhelming the space. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures:

Contemporary kitchen with blue tiles and white

blue tiled modern kitchen design

Original Deco kitchen with dark blue tiles

blue tiled kitchen design idea

Modern kitchen decorated in blue and yellow

modern kitchen deco tile blue

kitchen design ideas with blue tiles

blue tiled kitchen design

Contemporary Deco Kitchen in blue and white

blue deco modern kitchen tile

blue tiled modern kitchen

blue tile design elegant kitchen

dark blue tiles elegant kitchen

blue tiled kitchen design

blue tile yellow kitchen

white deco blue kitchen

deco modern blue kitchen tiles

deco kitchen tile idea

modern kitchen tile decoration

idee deco kitchen tile design

tile kitchen backsplash idea

blue tiles modern bathroom

blue tiled bathroom

blue tiled bathroom minimalist bathroom

blue tiled bathroom shower

blue tiled room elegant bathroom

blue tiles modern bathroom

deco tiled bathroom

room decoration tiles blue bath

decoration elegant bath room

deco blue white bathroom

Contemporary blue bathroom tile design

deco blue tiled bathroom darkens

deco room elegant blue bath

blue tiled bathroom design

idee deco bathroom design

modern bathroom tiles blue

bathroom blue deco tiles

bathroom deco tiles

bathroom deco elegant

bathroom deco interesting

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