Ideas Pinterest deco kitchen – a selection of beautiful photos to inspire you! –

Ideas Pinterest deco kitchen – a selection of beautiful photos to inspire you!

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What are the trends to be adopted for the development of its cuisine? And what are the tips to know to create a modern and comfortable room? To find answers to these questions, we did a tour on the web to find

the best ideas Pinterest deco kitchen of the moment.

They are to go below. Besides, do not forget to check out our photos on landscaping, the bathroom decor and the most interesting living as Pinterest users.

Pinterest kitchen decor - the colors tend to take for his food preparation space

pinterest deco-modern-island-length central kitchen

What colors to adopt in his kitchen? Pinterest kitchen decor ideas we reveal the answer. Currently, the most fashionable colors for this space are neutral shades like white, black and beige. Simple to apply on walls and on furniture that we want restyle, these colors also match perfectly with other shades and materials.

deco-kitchen-black-and-wood-pinterest-inspired ideas

Eh yes ! If you have decided to follow the trends, as do all elements of your decor! So remember to furniture in neutral tones and a painting in similar shades. To give more personality to this space, try to combine these colors with natural surfaces, such as stone and wood. We will have the opportunity to review these materials a little later in this article.

The original tiled floor, an idea Pinterest Deco kitchen that deserves our attention


The original floor tile is another idea Pinterest Deco kitchen that deserves our attention. As in the bathroom, kitchen decor in recent years is marked by the return of the original tiles. These seem to replicate the Moroccan inspired tiles and mosaic. Version black and white, they are close to the checkered tiles that familiar with their tr-s rich history.

pinterest deco tiled kitchen-black-and-white-checkered-style-Nordic

The original floor tile is a good way to revamp the kitchen. But if you do not want to undertake major works, you might also experiment with a tile renovation project.


Easier to achieve than in the bathroom, he asks only a little paint for tiles, brushes and possibly stencils. Then everything depends on your imagination!

Pinterest Deco kitchen with tiled subway walls

kitchen deco-pinetrest-furniture-white-island-wall-tile coating-metro

We spent the entire publications to this new trend: the subway tiles. This is a wall covering that faithfully reproduces the appearance of tiles underground city of London, from which its name. In its classic version, subway tile is white; but in other varieties also in other shades to better integrate with a specific decor.

pinterest Deco-tiled kitchen bar-metro-suspension-industrial

The subway tile is an ideal coating solution for those who want to create an accent wall. On a more limited area, this type of coating can also be replaced with much success a kitchen backsplash.

wallcovering idea Pinterest kitchen decor - exposed brick

pinterest deco kitchen wall brick-furniture-blue

The exposed red bricks are another great wall covering option that attracts attention. This solution is often adopted in the interiors of industrial design. But it is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens of all styles.

facing-wall brick-deco-pinterest-kitchen-dining area

In addition to the exposed brick red color, there are also two other trendy solutions: those painted in white and those who take dark shades such as gray and black. So plenty of options to customize an exposed brick wall in the kitchen!

Idea Pinterest deco kitchen to invite the natural ambience in his house

pinterest modern deco-length-furniture-wood-design kitchen

Invite the natural ambience in the house is an idea that appeals to more and more modern kitchens owners. And to do so, they often opt for a relatively simple and compact solution: kitchen furniture with wooden surfaces. The solution has the advantage the fact that it does not require us to make additional purchases. It would suffice to provide some wooden surfaces to his kitchen furniture and you'll have it!

pinterest kitchen deco-furniture-wood-deco-black bar

Of course, nothing says we must use the wood on its entire kitchen furniture. On the contrary, try to play with neutral colors and wood surfaces and combine them as you wish!

Idea deco kitchen Pinterest for a chic and authentic interior - marble surfaces

pinterest Deco marble kitchen bar-stools-round

The marble surfaces are another way of inviting natural materials in your kitchen space. Because of the price of this type of stone, the development of a fully dressed marble kitchen is a fact rare. But more often, we turn to the types of cheap marble are used to decorate the different kitchen areas. Among them, the credence table, the work plan and the island are the most common choice.

deco-kitchen-pinterest-storage-shelf-wall bar

So a clever way to offer natural stone surfaces in high-quality cuisine. If the white marble is a popular option, we will not forget that there are also options black, green and salmon for decoration of such an internal space.

Concrete, a modern kitchen decor material according Pinterest users


The concrete kitchen is modern and uncluttered. It draws heavily on the use of this type of material in the industrial and modern design rustic spaces. People, however, is not to the taste of everyone. For this reason, it is not to choose lightly.

idee-deco-pinterest-storage-shelf-open wall

The concrete tent you like Deco modern kitchen surface? Then know that you can choose between several types of concrete and finishes according to the visual effect you want. Note also that some types of concrete require more maintenance effort than others. If you like the look of this material, you can use as flooring or wall, to replace your kitchen backsplash or countertop.

Develop a bright interior and welcoming - the trick Pinterest deco kitchen to know

pinterest deco kitchen-glazed bay-island-central-credenza-marble

The kitchen is a room where you spend at least a few hours a day. And this tends to increase, especially if one wants to eat healthier and therefore prepare ourselves at least some of the dishes we eat. To make the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable, consider creating a cozy and bright room.

idee-deco-pineterest-kitchen-glazed bay-atmosphere-kind

If a tip Pinterest deco kitchen to know about it, it's the idea of ​​installing a bay window. Certainly, all kitchens do not allow such interiors. But many are favorable; while in other parts, it is also possible to increase the rate of light through careful choice of curtains or blinds for windows.


In short, enjoy the natural light in your kitchen as much as you can. You will see, it will inspire you to imagine even more delicious!

How to develop a practical kitchen - plans Pinterest deco kitchen most popular


The food plan is a very important aspect in the development of the piece. Certainly, the plan may adopt this piece does not always follow the will of the part owners. But there are clever ways of organizing the internal space to enjoy a more convenient kitchen. Let us see what are the most popular kitchen plans on Pinterest.

pinterest Deco black-and-wood-bar-modern kitchen

The linear kitchen or I was probably one of the simplest to arrange and organize. Built around a single wall, it has enough space for all appliances and storage space. The solution for kitchen decor Pinterest will gain additional space for the work plan? Mount an island or kitchen bar!


The kitchen in length is a variant of that in I. usually Reserved for interiors corridor type, it is organized around two walls. What Pinterest kitchen decor ideas for such a modern space? Try to refrain from installing wall units on both sides of your kitchen; this will allow you to improve access of light to all corners of the kitchen.


To complete the list, there are, of course, the kitchen L. Ideal to gain storage space and organize a practical work plan, it is among the most beloved kitchen plans by Pinterest users.

Inspirations Pinterest deco kitchen for those who want to afford an island

decoration-kitchen-vintage-style-industrial-fridge smeg

Afford a center island or peninsula is a popular solution for a lot of modern kitchens owners. No wonder that the decoration ideas with island and photo kitchen of this type abound on the web!


The kitchen island is a convenient supplement that allows us to save space, install a work plan and additional storage. Depending on the organization of the room, he sits in the kitchen or on one of its sides. In some modern interiors, we also opt for more creative solutions around several islands elements that adopt interesting geometric shapes.

The kitchen bar, a modern alternative of the central island

deco-pinterest-kitchen-island-color-white-black basement

You do not have enough space for a kitchen island? In this case, use a kitchen bar! His duties? A bit like the central island, the bar is installed most often at the center of the room. Generally shallower than the island, the bar is a great alternative to the island in small kitchens.


Opting for a kitchen bar is also have more space to have breakfast or drink, even in a small room. Be sure to adorn your kitchen bar stools suitable find yourself more often around the counter!

What are the most fashionable fixtures according to the ideas Pinterest kitchen decor?


What are the most fashionable fixtures according to the ideas Pinterest kitchen decor? They are there for a few years and it seems they will remain relevant for some time: suspensions.

suspension-deco-kitchen pinterest bar-fixture-copper

We love them because they are the focus of ideal decoration for modern kitchens with center island or bar. But not only because the suspended luminaires are also a nice addition for a corner meal and a dining room open.

deco-pinterest-kitchen-design-rustic-modern-under droop

What type of pendant light to choose a trendy interior? Our advice: follow the latest inspirations Pinterest deco kitchen and bet on a suspended metallic tones.

Metal objects that dominate the kitchen decor ideas Pinterest

pinterest deco kitchen faucet-metal-idee

Metal decorative items and accents painted in shades of gold, silver and copper invade modern kitchens. As in the living room and in the bathroom, these decorative items are original keys that give more character to the kitchen decor.


Use them where you want to showcase an interesting detail in your kitchen. storage furniture handles, taps and small cupboards are a good starting point!

The storage Pinterest Deco cooking tips for a more organized inside

pinterest-kitchen-furniture photo-storage-down-trick

Finally, note that Internet users and Pinterest users in particular are very interested in clever storage solutions and space saving for the kitchen. Optimizing the organization of this piece has become almost an obsession for us too!


To achieve this, there are two principles to follow. The first is to try to take advantage of all the free kitchen spaces. Even the smallest recesses can be used for this purpose!


The second principle is to be creative. Eh yes ! As shown by the ideas Pinterest deco kitchen, we do not have to spend much to enjoy a well-organized kitchen. Think of all the storage options DIY and furniture that can build yourself!

Inspirations Pinterest deco kitchen corner meal modern furnishings

pinterest-dinette-kitchen-table round-deco

And since the modern dining area is an essential part of the decoration comfortable and practical kitchen, we collected for you Pinterest ideas for the development of this area of ​​your home. They are exploring below!

photo-pinterest-deco-Layouts kitchen-dinette-modern



Layouts-cuisne-pinterest-deco-in-attic-dining area


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