Corner warm and modern food: how to manage it? –

Corner warm and modern food: how to manage it?

dining kitchen design idea retro chair round table vintage orange suspension luminaire

Do you fancy a Dining Area modern and functional in your kitchen? If you also like snacks and you need a well-appointed room and informed to sit back and "fill" your munchies, then we invite you to discover our gallery of 30 development and suggestions for decorating dining area and a successful practice.

Whether you need extra space for your breakfast or just a small dining room in your little apartment, the dining area is always a good idea!

Modern dining area in harmonious colors

dining trend development idea sofa chair chair

No need to have a dining room for a dining area. If you like a little corner where you install to take your breakfast, simply clear a little space in your kitchen and profitable intelligently. In a small kitchen, every centimeter counts. With many clever storage, you can easily achieve your small dining area in your kitchen and enjoy. Consider the space available is one of the first steps to do before choosing the furniture. A tall, narrow table or a small round table - it all depends on the space you have to install it. The advantage of the high and narrow tables is that they do not take too much space while roundtables require a certain surface. In addition, the high narrow table can be used for both table to eat, work and study plan.

Dining area with wooden table and black pendant light

trendy dining areas kitchen design idea trend bench

First, examine all surfaces - walls, ceiling and even central island. For a really functional space, you can turn every empty space useful space. It is also possible to take advantage of the space between the kitchen and living room to install your dining area. In this way, you can also easily make any dishes from the kitchen. Bump your dining against a wall in your kitchen and installing a bench with cushions for seating. The atmosphere is very cozy!

industrial style interior fitted with wooden bench

Inside dining kitchen industrial style wooden bench trend luminaire suspension white brick

Here is an example of a dining area that is part of the central island. The wooden table contrasts with the white kitchen and adds a feeling of warmth. Two white bar stools are installed. This little spot is perfect for a cozy dinner for two.

wooden table and two white stools

wood dining table center island kitchen stools white white kitchen

Often the dining areas are append to a wall to avoid losing space. In this way, space is optimized and the furniture does not become cumbersome. Here is a fairly standard layout: a bench attached to the wall and a gray rectangular table.

classic layout with bench and dining table in gray

modern dining table modern wood chair tendency idea deco flowers

The bench is ideal for a practical for two reasons. On the one hand, its shape allows for easy integration. It can even become an extension of the kitchen or the central island. On the other hand, it can store business! Additional storage space is always helpful. An example of a white wooden bench with drawers:

Bench white wood with drawers

idea dining kitchen design trend luminaire suspension cushions

Remember to decoration. To create a cozy atmosphere, it is important to customize the space. minimalist and original stay. You can decorate the walls with frames and photographs decorate the table center with a nice bouquet of flowers is with a fruit basket. Remember to give your decoration with the style of the rest of the room.

Kitchen with center island and authentic wooden table

table wooden dining chair modern central island kitchen storage trend

A well-appointed space is a harmonious color space. Know how to choose and match is important. What is the mood you want to create in your room? In a gentle atmosphere, blue and light colors are being a good choice. For a more sophisticated atmosphere, you can choose the dark variety. Here's an inside both minimalist, joyful and elegant that combines pink, black and white.

modern and stylish interior, idea of ​​My Domain

dining kitchen table idea development round black metal chair suspended luminaire industrial style bench cushions

Small kitchen and small dining area

dining table wooden chair design idea small kitchen furnishings cushions

modern and nicely decorated interior, idea House Beautiful

Inside modern tendency table white wood yellow stool luminaire Deco Wall

harmonious interior in blue and white

large dining kitchen design idea bench cushions suspended luminaire central island

Small round wooden table

bench dining kitchen meal planning idea speechless round wooden table

Large kitchen with more storage

Modern design interior kitchen lighting idea suspension center island wooden floor

Wood kitchen with two tables

dining areas suspension design table lamp black wooden kitchen wood stoolfurnishings kitchen table idea luminaire suspension cushions bench wooden tablekitchen layout idea central island table suspended luminaire wooden chairscorner meal planning idea cushions bench suspended luminairemodern design idea table dining chair suspended luminaire table curtain wall decormodern kitchen wooden shelf storage library kitchen blue table kitchen bench modern furnishings kitchen table wall flower bouquet table dining kitchen idea wooden bench table layout bouquet of flowers shelves interior design modern round white table lamp wood parquet wood chair contemporary interior design trend beige bench table haute cuisine dining concept red metal stool design trend modern furnishings wooden bench table mat modern trend round wooden table luminaire cushions bouquet suspension furnishings corner meal idea trend bench wooden floor trendy dining modern furnishings Wall Deco dining room kitchen idea small bathroom design dining chair suspended luminaire development within modern minimalist trend carpet leather chair bench'angle idée coussins mur déco tableau mur Vintage interior furnishings idea deco kitchen bench idea modern trend development cushion wooden bench wooden table wall decor

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