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U-shaped kitchen with bar bright functional space

u kitchen stool with black leather hood parquet design bar

Do you want to maximize the space in your kitchen with the best possible way? develop a U-shaped kitchen with bar is the ideal solution for small spaces and for adults.

This type of cooking plan allows you to enjoy a modern space, functional and open to both.

U-shaped kitchen with bar full of beautiful colors and textures

u kitchen with wood design stool wood bar yellow fridge idea

If you are looking for inspiration for the development or redevelopment of your new kitchen, discover our selection of 24 kitchens images with a U-shaped plan and bar. The U-shaped plan is almost always accompanied by a central island. This type of development suitable for all room types, even small.

U-shaped kitchen with black and white bar in an open and spacious apartment

u kitchen with black wood white bar design

Open spaces are light and allow to breathe better, feel more comfortable and relaxed. Enclosed spaces or that are not connected in one way or another, create the feeling of isolation and suffocation. It is not surprising then that in contemporary design, Scandinavian design, minimalist industrial, spaciousness premium.

U-shaped kitchen with bar combining wood and white

u kitchen with wooden bar stools parquet design

Select the plan of your new kitchen first passes by the choice of location. Do you need a kitchen I, in parallel, U, G, L or central island? Often contemporary kitchens combine two types of implantation. In this article, we will focus on the kitchen counter U-sometimes accompanied by a small or large center island. In this type of plan kitchen all the walls are filled with furniture and appliances and it saves space. In general, the sink is placed in the center, next to the preparation and cooking area to access it as easily as possible.

U-shaped kitchen with wooden bar and original decoration

u kitchen with wooden bar design idea develop space

The kitchen is generally a friendly and social space. With the U-shaped worktop, you will put an end to isolation times during the preparation of the meal. In the modern interior design trend is to open spaces. Often contemporary apartments represent a wide open and bright room including the kitchen, the dining room and living room.

white kitchen with wooden bar and U-plane

white kitchen wood center island bar design gray sofa lounge

The U-shaped kitchen layout is also suitable for large spaces. The fact that all the furniture and appliances are concentrated on three walls requires space so that we do not feel stifled and uncomfortable. For small kitchens it is better to choose a center island plan with functional amenities.

Kitchen with black and white bar stools

wood kitchen island bar design idea u map

The U Cuisine is adapted to open to another room spaces, living room and dining room. Over its location is central, the better. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can also install a central island. In this way the atmosphere will be more friendly and welcoming.

Fully furnished with wooden furniture and original stools

kitchen u idea wood bar stools work plan

Having a large space does not mean you can arrange any way. There are certain rules to follow. Often by saying we have at its disposal a large area to be developed, one commits logistical errors.

Modern minimalist kitchen

minimalist kitchen design idea modern bar stool

If you have a large space, it is best to opt for the number of furniture and appliances sufficient. Minimalist stay is essential. Keep the brightness and the room ventilation is very important for the well-being in any room.

white kitchen with steel appliances plant decoration

vegetable deco white bar stools kitchen wooden floor hood

What colors for the kitchen? The kitchen is a space for preparing and cooking food. The meal is associated with harmony and balance, we feed our bodies. It is therefore essential to create a pre-settlor atmosphere, even relaxing.

luxury open kitchen bar with marble surface and suspended luminaires Design

kitchen luxury marble modern design idea

The kitchen does not need much decoration. Simply place a basket with fruit or a bouquet of flowers on your bar or center island.

Modern kitchen with wooden bar stools and white

modern wood stools kitchen design idea

For a relaxing atmosphere, opt for bright colors and mix them with bright and dark shades.

in gray and white kitchen with large center island, bar and decorative details orange

white gray kitchen fixture design suspension bar design

Be comfortable in the kitchen and prepare meals quietly and comfortably while chatting and enjoying its guests.

Modern kitchen with U-plane in a bright open space Scandinavian style

open living Scandinavian design sofa chair kitchen island design

Consider installing comfortable stools around the bar.

Cooked short that combines gray and white

gray white kitchen island stools design furniture idea

You can even place the TV in front of your bar.

Cuisine classic design with white furniture and black granite surfaces

Traditional kitchen design bar arrange island idea

The U-plane is perfect for small spaces.

Small kitchen design simple open on the dining room with blinds

single kitchen bar stools idea develop kitchen blinds

For a luxury kitchen, but less welcoming, it is possible to install the black furniture.

Large modern kitchen with black lacquered wood furniture and white surfaces

modern kitchen design idea u accommodate central island

Think of the comfort of your family and your guests and choose comfortable stools.

friendly kitchen with bar stools and modern design

gray design stool kitchen island idea develop space

Feel free to mix textures.

Kitchen with wooden bar stools and comfortable modern design

bar stool wooden kitchen island idea develop

A wooden kitchen is a cozy and traditional cuisine.

Traditional design kitchen with wood furniture

traditional cuisine convert open space idea luminaire design

Consider the lighting and create light spots.

Kitchen with wooden furniture and white surfaces

kitchen furniture design bar stool bar kitchen

Develop in height and width.

in gray and white kitchen with bar and vegetal decoration

kitchen decor idea gray white modern design stool

Stay minimalist decor opt for a simple, natural and fresh food.

Kitchen with gray furniture and large white bar

u white kitchen bar stool gray modern furniture

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