Pink Kitchen: 20 Examples to check –

Pink Kitchen: 20 Examples to check

White Rose modular kitchen
A pink kitchen is not always girly and feminine feel like most people. But the pink remains soft and romantic color, bold and unusual for gourmet lab of the house. The pink color is an elegant choice for a modern kitchen.

Some will feel good in a pink kitchen from floor to ceiling, others, however, prefer to play on the details and mix pink with other colors.

A well equipped modern kitchen pink

pink design modern kitchen

Simply with white, which makes it even brighter. With orange and green, for example, you have an exotic atmosphere inspired in India or Asia. The pink kitchen is particularly joyful and festive, especially if the pink is added with passion and elegance in the choice of color. By playing only tints and shades of the same basic color, simply by adding different amounts of black or white, can also be achieved very simply shades of colors.

A modern kitchen with pink, white and black

pink white accent kitchen

Pink and black create a rich and posed marriage. If you like good vintage decor style, it is perfect for your kitchen. By adding retro appliances you will complete the look of your kitchen. This marriage is not heavy, he will give a return of sensation in time. Téléportons us to the 50s!

Kitchen white with pink

white rose accent kitchen

An original pink kitchen equipment

Pink modern kitchen furniture

A modern kitchen with pink walls

Contemporary wooden wall kitchen

A kitchen with pink as the dominant color

Modern pink kitchen well equipped

The pink in harmony with the other kitchen colors

pink decoration kitchen

Pink and white walls with designer fixtures

Modern kitchen wall design

A spacious kitchen with pink and white

pink white kitchen furniture design

A minimalist and modern pink kitchen

minimalist modern design pink kitchen

The wood and pink together to beautify the kitchen

Modern pink kitchen

The pink color goes well with white

kitchen-white-pink accent

A pink tile kitchen

pink tiled kitchen

Contemporary pink kitchen luminaire pink kitchen pink kitchen furniture kitchen ceiling dare Pink modern furniture design kitchen

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