Kitchen color taupe – always in fashion! –

Kitchen color taupe – always in fashion!

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Kitchen taupe color is the hit of the winter season. We often associate the winter sky gray and brown wood in the fireplace. While neutral colors, or rather dark, are related to the months from November to February, the color taupe, which is a unique blend of gray and brown, suitable еn done every season.

The unique mixture of gray and brown perfectly combined with white marble in the kitchen taupe

brown color marble kitchen ceilings

This is because this particular shade is easily combined with almost all other colors, dark or bright, such as black, dark gray, dark brown, white, pink, beige ... It is for you to make the choice!

This kitchen shows that the light changes shades of taupe, Seattle Staged To Sell

color modern kitchen Seattle Staged To Sell

Even the bright and aggressive colors like red and orange are a perfect choice to complement the kitchen taupe. It provides a neutral form that gives other colors a chance to be noticed.

The kitchen mole is always in fashion, mixture of tradition and modernity

kitchen walls taupe color design

But the color taupe kitchen is not necessarily incorporated into the house just as do. Combine a few shades of gray and brown throughout the kitchen and voila - the mole turns into focus.

Color is very special and sometimes seems gray, but with a closer look it is clear that this is not the case

kitchen colors white gray brown modern

Why choose a color kitchen mole? First, the mixture of gray and brown is conventional and always in fashion. This combination is classy and elegant, it combines tradition and modernity.

The taupe color can be combined with materials and different materials

taupe marble kitchen wood color

In addition, a color taupe kitchen is much easier to clean than others. This is so because the spots are related to typical activities for the kitchen are not so visible in this color.

White is perfect to highlight the taupe

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You can get rid of them just using a small sponge and a little water and you are probably not leave unpleasant traces. If you have walls or furniture in bright white or pink cooking, cleaning is more difficult to trace as to hide.

The kitchen island mimics a mirror - it is as taupe walls

kitchen island taupe ceilings

Second, it is preferable that the color cooking is suitable for all materials and all materials that are characteristic for this special space at home.

Black provides a perfect opportunity for the mole is noticed

Taupe kitchen lights wood marble

There are iron, wood, aluminum, plastic, even concrete. The taupe color is a choice well made if you prefer a postmodern style bolder or your preferences go mountain villa style, for example.

This kitchen in neutral colors is practical and beautiful at once

kitchen taupe gray brown parquet

So the mole color is a chameleon that is adaptable to every interior design project. Nowadays, there are enough owners and designers who are seduced by the eclectic interior design.

The taupe color is often integrated into the contemporary kitchen

taupe color modern kitchen ceilings

That is to say, it incorporates different styles in the sam e home and often in the same room.

The most modern color for the kitchen is everywhere

kitchen modern design style taupe color

Proponents of the style ensures that it offers unlimited possibilities for the best use of traditional styles and arrange them according to your own individuality.

The taupe in the kitchen into a key focus in our house

brown taupe white kitchen modernity

If you agree with this statement, you can use the kitchen taupe as a starting point to create an eclectic home. Choose cabinets, an island and walls taupe for a neutral base.

The black and white floor is highlighted by the taupe walls and furniture in the kitchen


So use your imagination! Add cutlery in different styles, paintings from different periods in all colors and mix them successfully.

Мême a little accent in taupe color, such as blinds, changing the atmosphere in the kitchen

kitchen taupe pastic black white glass

For emphasis related to the kitchen, attach small forks and spoons directly on the walls taupe color. It's make it ideal for experimenting.

The kitchen taupe color is preferred by fans of vintage style

vintage style kitchen taupe color

By cons, if you are followers of traditional styles, such as Baroque, minimize the number of objects in the kitchen but still keep the mole!

The mole is noticed on the walls of this modern kitchen, Ownby Design¹

Ownby Design kitchen island design

The cabinets in black and white are an elegant option to combine with the walls and taupe colored ground. The gold nuances of this style are both suitable to gray and brown mix.

The brown and gray for an elegant discreet Euro Kitchens and Bath

Euro Kitchens Kitchen and Bath

If you wish to incorporate paintings in bright colors or elements to attract the attention of visitors, the kitchen taupe mat is the perfect option.

The mole creates the illusion of more space in the small kitchen, 121STUDiO

small modern kitchen 121STUDiO

The mat softens even more the taupe color. That's why the kitchen matte taupe is an ideal piece to expose your collection of art objects.

The mole is mixed with iron, wood, marble and concrete

small functional kitchen wood marble taupe

The matte taupe and glossées surfaces like white marble, which is often used in contemporary cuisine, create an impressive contrast.

The orange flowers are a small masterpiece in the kitchen while taupe, Kristin Lam Interiors

kitchen matte taupe Kristin Lam Interiors

The taupe color changes all the time with light early morning and during most of the day, the sun and its rays highlight the gray.

The contrast between the taupe walls and red form the identity of the contemporary kitchen

taupe modern kitchen ceilings matte red

When night comes and the house lights are on, it is the brown particles that are necessary in view.

Then we can use light to assign different tones to taupe. This unique feature of the kitchen taupe allows you practically change the colors of the room according to your mood and your personal taste.

The light brown wood and taupe make a friendly, Jetton Construction

kitchen matte taupe ceilings symmetrical Jetton Construction

In short, we reviewed all the main features of the kitchen taupe. We understood that it offers a lot of freedom in concеrne the style of your home.

White cabinets are are very suitable for taupe

kitchen taupe matt glass timber

The mixed color between two neutral shades is preferred by those who aspire to modernity and also by those who value traditions. So, try this type of cuisine and rejoice with the result!

1. Ownby Design

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