The kitchen with copper sink: a good idea? –

The kitchen with copper sink: a good idea?

copper sink kitchen design

Opting for a copper sink, is it really a good idea? We examine the pros and cons of the kitchen with this accessory. The copper sink is the type of household device that can be chosen for the decoration of a country-style kitchen, traditional or classic design.

Such a choice will have positive and negative aspects related to the properties of copper.

Kitchen with center island and copper sink

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Copper has proven antibacterial properties, which makes it an excellent material for the manufacture of kitchen sinks. A copper sink that will be particularly suitable for the construction of houses whose owners like to spend much time in the kitchen and prepare food every day. The cleaning fresh produce and in particular fruit and vegetables, will be facilitated by the antibacterial properties of copper household.

Kitchen with large copper sink

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Copper is one kind of metal. But, unlike other materials of this group, it does not deteriorate by corrosion and rust. Instead, the copper sink naturally evolves over time and its patina develops a beautiful color. It gives the surface of this kitchen accessory feature a vintage look.

Kitchen with round copper sink from Native Trails

copper basin modern kitchen design

On the other hand, copper sinks are very sensitive to liquids which contain acidic substances, such as lemon, citric acid, vinegar, and orange tomatoes, for example. This kind of food can easily cause stains on the surface of a copper basin in the spoiling. This applies even for aggressive cleaning agents.

Kitchen Idea fitted with copper basin

ideas copper kitchen sink

The maintenance of this type of sink also requires more effort. To be properly preserved, the surface of this kitchen accessory must be dried carefully after each use with a dishcloth. Its preservation also requires regular waxing procedures. The copper sink is also relatively more expensive than stainless steel or other modern materials. Finally, this type of sink is usually quite large and for this reason, it is usually difficult to install without the help of a professional. So what is your opinion on these kitchens equipped with a copper sink:

Deco kitchen fitted with copper sink

decoration fitted kitchen copper sinks

Kitchen with copper sink

Photos kitchens copper sink

Deco kitchen copper sink

deco kitchen sinks copper

kitchen fitted with picture copper sink

Photos kitchen sinks copper

Idea kitchen layout with copper sink

how to manage her kitchen sinks copper

Copper sinks deco kitchen

fitted kitchen sink copper

Copper sinks kitchens

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basin copper kitchen furniture

Photos equipped kitchen sinks copper

Home decoration copper kitchen sinks

Image designer kitchen sinks copper campaign

designer kitchen sinks copper campaign

Interior design kitchen

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