Kitchen Storage Tips for better use of space –

Kitchen Storage Tips for better use of space

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If you have a small apartment, the subject ofkitchen storage trick be interested. We have some smart ideas to offer. These are practical tips that will make your life, but especially the idea to give you a dose of inspiration for you to consider how your kitchen is arranged.

There is always a better way to store spices, pasta packets, rice, cereals etc. Fortunately, we are here to show you.

A kitchen storage trick is to classify the products by type by putting together them with a label


The cupboards are often misplaced and you never have time to rank well every product. This is quite understandable! Just an idea that can help you - if you put the boxes for the types of products you will be able to find them easily, in addition, it will hide some of the bazaar. If you add explanatory notes that indicate whether have spices or pastry decoration, for example, you have a beautiful effective tracking system.

Great example of use of efficient and practical space

Great example'usage placard cuisine efficace et pratique

A kitchen storage trick is to use the inside of the doors or the coasts of the fridge that are useless. That way, you can hang or paste storage that release a lot of space. You can find ready-made solutions, such as spice jars magnets that are easy to install, but you can be creative and build your own kitchen accessories.

A before / after impressive proves that with a little effort we can reach super results
placad before after impressive proves little'effort arriver à des super résultats

Measures rows for lovers of pastry

measures rows amateur pastry closet trick

Tip kitchen storage for glasses and cups

Kitchen Storage Tip glass cup inside storage closet

Spices magnets for the fridge

Of fridge magnets spice jars side

Another idea of ​​refrigerator storage

Other spices refrigerator storage idea

specific area dedicated to coffee

specific corner dedicated kitchen coffee box

clever trick for storing cleaning products

Tip clever kitchen store cupboard cleaning products

Here's how you can put them nicely utensils

That can store utensils nicely covered boxes

further measures for amateur chefs closet door
Tip kitchen storage lids of cooking pots Wall

Presentation vintage style kitchen accessory blue wall
Large closet space provisions clearly tidy boxes ports

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