The kitchen of Italian country style revisited by Minacciolo –

The kitchen of Italian country style revisited by Minacciolo

Italian country cuisine yellow blue mosaics

Although the Italian designer was inspired by the campaign Minacciolo his style very elegant designs and high quality end up are more appropriate to a luxury apartment in the city.

Most beautiful furniture from this designer are made of clear wood and painted. The mint green, sky blue, light beige and yellow predominate. The kitchens we present offer a myriad of interpretations of style campaign - Vintage, retro and modern.

eggshell color, copper sink, stylish wooden furniture

classy style country kitchen

This kitchen with a cozy atmosphere comes in gray, accented by shades beige cream walls and natural fission furniture.

The Italian countryside style in bright sky blue and yellow

blue retro kitchen design

Vintage style and retro furniture

campaign style retro modern kitchen

This charming country style kitchen is flooded with lovely shades of light yellow, throughout the storage spaces, furniture and walls. Note the vintage marble sink and faucet old.

We like the emphasis on light wood

Design campaign light wood kitchen

The mint green in this kitchen is very feminine. The furniture accentuate the old farm design, even for wooden doors and copper materials.

Color mint and copper in a rustic set

retro kitchen design mint color

The kitchen, unlike all the others in this collection has a modern design. We note that purple daring enough tiles from the wall credenza.

Small tiles very modern violet for this kitchen

Design kitchen chic purple

The yellow sun for the whole and orange pumpkin for this cabinet that gives punch to this retro kitchen, country style inspiration. No doubt, it feels safe and in a warm atmosphere.

Focus on orange pumpkin cabinet

country style kitchen old orange farm

Variations beige and blue

beige blue country style kitchen

Furniture, walls and floors in golden beige

kitchen style beige color countryside

An arched entrance to the kitchen both vintage and contemporary

arcquée entry cuisine Italian countryside

The country style with small tiles everywhere

Italian country cuisine small beige tiles

Natural materials end up with perfect

light yellow country style kitchen

A wall of natural brick and vintage fridge

Deco retro kitchen design campaign

Design campaign cuisinère vintage gas

design french country kitchen style

Design kitchen furniture campaign retro stove vintage kitchen design

retro modern beige kitchen design country style retro kitchen

style country kitchen retro light wood furniture Old style country kitchen closes

country style kitchen white and black tile

Design retro kitchen fridge

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