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The shabby chic style cuisine combines the elegance typical of the English countryside with a little romantic touches and vintage decoration. This decorating style can be achieved easily with retro furniture redesigned, as well as tissue and kitchen tools bought in a flea market or found in an old country house.

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The kitchen of this style is bright, warm and feminine: it presents itself as a space painted in white or soft shades such as champagne, ivory or beige. This applies as much to the color or the base color of the walls than those used for the rest of the major furniture in this room.

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The original charm of the romantic and chic kitchen, there is the combination of bright shades of original accessories: a credenza retro style, vintage furniture or wooden flooring. Wood is also an indispensable material for this kind of successful decoration: it can be introduced in various ways: by open shelves, antique dressers or simply through the surface of a table or a work plan.

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If you like this style of decoration, it is likely that the flea markets and flea markets attract you. In this case, the decor of your kitchen is an excellent exhibition space of your finds. Kitchen utensils and vintage light fixtures, and dishes with floral motifs are particularly suitable for this space.

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In all designs, influenced by the English-style décor, fabrics play a very important role: curtains, cushions, tablecloths and tea towels are even choosing carefully. We advise you to bet primarily on natural fabrics like cotton, and soft colors or ornaments with motifs evoking the campaign in Britain. Here are more models of shabby chic kitchens:

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