Modern kitchen in black and white – 35 beautiful ideas –

Modern kitchen in black and white – 35 beautiful ideas

modern kitchen idea original-black-white-table-stool bar

The kitchen is a very important area, as it allows us not only to prepare food, but also to rest with a drink in hand after a tiring day of work, or to speak with the family.

So proper planning is crucial to our needs, to enjoy d`un functional space, equipped d`une impeccably. Check out our selection of pictures modern kitchen black and white, and choose what suits you best.

Modern kitchen - white background with black accents


If you want to have a modern kitchen black and white at the same time is large, choose white as a background. Then just add small accents in black, d`embellir to your kitchen. Light colors create l`illusion of l`espace without l`alourdir. So enjoy! Also opt for rounded shapes to d`apporter a little sweetness in your space. Look at the picture above! The roundtable is well accompanied by the feet of chairs rounded ends. In any case, the geometric shapes are a super nice idea you can enjoy. Whether you want to use them on the floor or on the wall - in both cases, l`effet is beautiful.

Modern kitchen - style and luxury for your space

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-stool bar-friendly

If you choose black furniture, let the rest of the modern kitchen in white. So you make a beautiful background for your furniture and your n`a l`air not cluttered space. Add chairs to sit around the table; Stainless l`acier and leather are a good choice lorsqu`il s`agit bar stools - so think carefully about this option. Please find below more d`idées to succeed your kitchen layout.

Deco for your modern kitchen with slate painting l`aide

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-bar stools

square bar stools

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-cupboards-stool bar

Small green accent for your kitchen in black and white

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-stool bar-island-Central-White

Modern kitchen with center island

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-stool bar

Beautiful light to your modern kitchen


green wall for your modern kitchen


Furniture for your modern kitchen

Modern-original-idea-black-white-kitchen cupboardsModern kitchen in black and white round table with red chairs

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-black-white-redModern kitchen in black and white with a hood

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-furnitureModern kitchen in black and white with bar stools

modern kitchen idea original-black-white-lampsModern kitchen with central island bar stools

Modern-kitchen-original-idea-black-white-island-central-stool bar

modern kitchen idea original-black-white-island-Central-White









modern kitchen idea original-black-white-cupboards-cabinets

modern kitchen black chair glass table idea

decoration modern bar design kitchen white mat

modern white kitchen idea deco yellow armchair kitchen island

white black yellow modern kitchen design idea lamp

modern kitchen white lacquered furnishings and brown modern kitchen design

idea kitchen island kitchen design chair design black table kitchen

modern white kitchen island elegant modern white kitchen white kitchen table

modern white kitchen design idea original kitchen island design

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