Blue Kitchen: modern design with blue buttons –

Blue Kitchen: modern design with blue buttons

Blue modern kitchen ideas

The shades of blue are an excellent choice for kitchen decor. The kitchen cupboards, the island, shelves or the dining table in blue are beautiful and refreshing.

The blue color decreases our appetite by helping us to eat less and lose weight. The blue kitchen , then, is perfect to create a calm and serene atmosphere. In this article we will share with you 25 examples of modern and contemporary kitchens, decorated with touches of blue color.

Modern blue kitchen with wooden furniture

blue wooden kitchen furniture

The blue kitchen decrease your cravings between meals or make overeating. Blue is a quiet and relaxing shade, but if you prefer warmer colors, you can combine your blue accessories with wooden furniture creating an original kitchen decor, friendly and interesting. There are, of course, a multitude of ways to decorate your kitchen with blue. You can, for example, paint your closets blue or create an accent wall with wallpaper in the shade of blue that will allow you to combine it with your other favorite accessories. The blue goes very well, too, with red, orange, yellow or golden.

Blue elegant style Kitchen

Blue modern design kitchen

Blue is the color of the ocean, so if you live in an area where it is rather cold and the sun is missing, the blue kitchen will help you regain your happiness and your good mood. The lighter shades of this color are very suitable for kitchens traditional or classic design that blends elegance and functionality. The turquoise blue in combination with white, light green or gray create an elegant and bright kitchen - especially if your furniture is wooden. here are other creative ideas into images:

Blue contemporary kitchen design

blue deco kitchen idea

Kitchen decorated with LED lights in blue

Blue LED lighting kitchen

blue and white kitchen design

Blue modern design kitchen

kitchen with island decor in blue and white

interesting blue kitchen design

Idea deco modern kitchen in blue, white and black

blue black modern kitchen

Deco retro blue style kitchen

blue retro wood kitchen

Contemporary kitchen with wall decor in blue

blue deco kitchen wall

elegant design blue kitchen

blue yellow deco kitchen idea

blue retro kitchen furniture

Blue modern kitchen ideas

dark blue white kitchen

blue deco kitchen idea

blue kitchen center island

blue lacquered kitchen design

blue wooden kitchen furniture

blue retro green kitchen

blue wall tiles kitchen

deco blue floral wallpaper kitchen

deco blue wall kitchen

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