Kitchen equipment small space – 20 decorative ideas –

Kitchen equipment small space – 20 decorative ideas

small modern kitchen design

Do you want to transform your kitchen small space in the kitchen of your dreams? If you dream of a kitchen furnishings small space, but you do not know where to start, then this article is for you.

The truth is that many people have small homes - the large kitchen is reserved, mostly, to professional chefs. But even if you have a small kitchen, it does not mean it can not be beautiful and modern.

Kitchen equipment small space of modern design

planning small kitchen design

The first thing you must do before starting the kitchen furnishings, is to take good piece of the action. Yes, we told you all the time, but that's because it is very important and a few centimeters can make a big difference in the future design. The best thing to do in a small kitchen is knocking down walls to have more space. But if you are not willing to do, the other option is to give the visual impression of more space. For your small kitchen to be effective, you should work on three elements - storage space, light and appliances. The small kitchens are a real chalenge to decorate, but they can be just as good and effective as the kitchens of large space. Watch our ideas in pictures:

Small kitchen in white

layout design small kitchen area

Kitchen decorated with wood and marble

Layouts marble wood kitchen

Modern yellow kitchen

Yellow small kitchen furnishings

cute kitchen in white and pink

kitchen layout little pink white space

Kitchen practice simple decor

small modern kitchen design

Kitchen modern design in gray and yellow

Design gray pink kitchen

Kitchen with colorful decor

deco, modern kitchen

Small kitchen with center island

decoration white kitchen

Modern cuisine and decor

small original deco kitchen

white and gray design kitchen

small gray white kitchen

Development of wooden kitchen

small kitchen deco stainless steel timber

small kitchen deco retro

deco small simple kitchen

small kitchen design blue

small kitchen original design

small kitchen elegant black

small kitchen open space

small yellow gray kitchen

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