lacquered white kitchen: 99 modern and elegant examples –

lacquered white kitchen: 99 modern and elegant examples

lacquered white kitchen floor wood-great-table lunch

In recent years, lacquered white kitchen has become extremely popular and more and more people choose exactly this kitchen model.

These kitchens are beautiful and we love their cool, minimalist look as well as their practicality and durability.

lacquered white kitchen modern design

white lacquered kitchen modern decor idea

But how does one build and decorate a lacquered white kitchen? The minimalist white kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most attractive benefits of this style kitchens. The problem is how to give them character and personality?

white modern kitchen with central island and wooden floor

minimalist deco lacquered white kitchen

The white kitchen is very versatile. She has the ability to publish the most spacious room and brighter thanks to its shiny finish. However, an all-white kitchen can sometimes look a bit sterile and cold. To avoid this, you can use different patterns and create contrasts.

Kitchen white with accents in green

lacquered white kitchen green accents

Put modern tiles with colored patterns on the kitchen backsplash. You will aisni create an elegant contrast between the glossy lacquered finish and furniture and texture and colors of the tiles. You can use mosaic tiling, Victorian tiling, ceramic tiled or terracotta floors.

white kitchen with stainless steel buttons on the furniture and accessories

lacquered white kitchen islands, bar-metal accents

For a more modern look, play with trendy materials such as metallic surfaces. Try cooking Deco sideboard with stainless steel or copper paint. You will immediately see the difference!

lacquered white kitchen minimalist decor

white lacquered kitchen design

If you like the vintage chic style, it is advisable to decorate your modern lacquered kitchen with vintage industrial style elements. This may be the exposed brick, wood in distressed or bright accessories in silver and gold.

Kitchen with white brick wall decoration

lacquered white kitchen Plan-hall basement-flooring

The gross effect of a brick wall is achieved by red brick or painted (usually white or black). If for one reason or another, you can not make a scene with real bricks, think of alternatives: the imitation brick wallpaper is a great option for these cases!

White Deco kitchen with center island

modern deco lacquered white kitchen

The copper finish fixtures, gold or silver have also become very popular in recent years. They go very well with the minimalist look of the white kitchen! Enjoy the space above your center island to install a few!

white kitchen decor with gray walls

lacquered white kitchen decoration idea

In the white kitchen, you can afford to have not only one but even two or three accent colors to create a more original setting. This is another advantage of the pristine color much appreciated by designers!

Original kitchen decoration idea

white lacquered kitchen deco interesting

How about, for example, paint one wall of your kitchen gray? dark gray, pastels, taupe ... to you! Consider installing white elements on the gray surface to highlight the contrasts between the two shades.

white lacquered kitchen idea with touches of bright color

deco kitchen white red

Buy orange chairs for the kitchen bar or red lights to put on top of the central island. The white kitchen blends perfectly well with bright colors that give it a warm and welcoming appearance.

Deco modern white kitchen

white lacquered kitchen minimalist modern deco

The clear and mirror-finish white lacquered kitchen has the ability to publish the little larger and more spacious kitchen. It will illuminate any space, no matter the amount of natural light inside. This is the reason that many small spaces are furnished with furniture that color.

Development of bright and modern lacquered kitchen

lacquered white kitchen island-central-keys-inox

But if you want to make your stay even more brilliant and bright kitchen, you can use mirrors that will immediately create the illusion of a much larger space. Place a large mirror on the wall opposite the window or smaller mirrors inside shelves. The kitchen backsplash decorated with shimmering tiles is also a very good idea.

Large white L-shaped kitchen with stainless steel splashback and touches of wood

decoration modern white kitchen

Everyone is not seduced by the idea of ​​installing mirrors in her kitchen. And rightly so, because their surface can be somewhat difficult to maintain daily. If you like cooking and you use that much room in your home, mirrors are not necessarily the best idea! But rest assured, there are other areas that will help you achieve a similar effect. This is the case of stainless steel.

Kitchen with island and white lacquered credenza

large island lacquered white kitchen

The lacquered surfaces modern splashbacks are also capable of filling the mirrors function. Take the opportunity to protect your walls and improve the look of your interior!

white and black lacquered kitchen, a combination of classic colors

black white lacquered kitchen

Sometimes there's nothing more elegant and more classical than the kitchen in black and white. The black painted wood is very trendy right now and you can use it for your kitchen floor covering. Also plan a few extra buttons of the same color for your furniture or kitchen decorative items.

Deco kitchen with black keys and wood

lacquered kitchen modern design idea

It is possible, also, to decorate the floor with black tiles and white or just with a warm floor mats in black for a more textured decor. For even if you love the immaculate floors, it is well known that the maintenance of a floor this color can not hurt to ask efforts. So, enjoy the decor of black and white lacquered kitchen and avoid spending hours scrubbing your floor!

white lacquered kitchen decoration with black walls

kitchen decoration elegant lacquered

Try also opt for black accessories such as lamps, chairs, decorative vases or wall charts. This way you will create a decor that is both modern and classic.

white modern kitchen with yellow backsplash

lacquered white kitchen deco colors

Natural light illuminates the space, but the artificial light creates a dramatic atmosphere. This is why we say that it is able to transform completely the appearance of the kitchen. The white lacquered kitchens can be very stylish and contemporary if they are decorated with LED lights below or above furniture.

white kitchen idea of ​​contemporary decor

lacquered white kitchen red accents

But in case you decide to offer this type of decoration, it is best to call a professional to have a good result. You can also opt for lights in different colors depending on the rest of the decor. Pink, purple or blue are doing very well in combination with the clear and smooth surfaces of the white kitchen.

white kitchen with wooden furniture

lacquered warm deco white kitchen

If you do not like so much the minimalist style too strong, you can still have an all-white kitchen and decorate with natural materials to make it warm. Choose a wooden floor, granite work surfaces or natural stone wall to avoid the sterile look of the white kitchen. White, in combination with wood, creating a truly unique and very warm atmosphere.

Decorative white and wood kitchen

white wood kitchen idea

The white kitchen and wood is an exquisite space that is characterized by its modern and welcoming atmosphere at once. It is a natural choice for those who live in a house with other wooden elements. But this combination of colors and materials is also becoming increasingly popular for modern residences in the city or in the countryside.

Modern white kitchen with decorative natural stone

kitchen design lacquered gray white

Introduce stone elements in the kitchen is another great idea. This can be done through the cladding of walls and soil but also with the level of work and the wall credenza. The type of stone to choose for decoration lacquered white kitchen depends on the effect you want. If you want to highlight strong contrasts, think black and gray surfaces, such as granite. If you want to keep the pristine white look of your kitchen decor, opt for marble.

ultra modern kitchen with lacquered concrete pavements

lacquered white kitchen ultra modern design

Concrete is a modern alternative to traditional types of stone. This modern material is now on the walls and floor white kitchens. It adapts well to the work plan function! Version waxed, polished, stained or painted, concrete folds all our requirements!

How to maintain a lacquered white kitchen?

blue lacquered white kitchen

But how does one maintain all white lacquered kitchen? Fingerprints on the painted surfaces can sometimes become a problem. Note however that the lacquered surface is easy to clean. The white kitchen is also more hygienic than the kitchen in another color. Opt for without handles cabinet doors to reduce the contact with painted surfaces.

white kitchen image minimalist

elegant white kitchen design

There are really many ways to customize the white kitchen. The use of bright colors, natural materials and textures are just a few suggestions for decor that you can use.

black and white kitchen decoration

white and black kitchen

The kitchen lacquered white is available in several models and designs. It'll just choose the style you like the most and that suits your needs. here are 99 interesting and inspiring ideas in pictures:

Furnishings lacquered white kitchen

white lacquered kitchen yellow accents

White Deco kitchen with bar

lacquered white kitchen bar

white and wood kitchen modern design

lacquered white kitchen wood

white kitchen with tile backsplash white

lacquered white kitchen tiles

Contemporary lacquered white kitchen

lacquered white kitchen deco gray

white lacquered kitchen deco interesting

lacquered white kitchen decoration

modern decoration lacquered white kitchen

white lacquered kitchen design

contemporary design lacquered white kitchen

lacquered white kitchen modern design

Original design lacquered white kitchen

lacquered white kitchen gray backsplash

gray lacquered white kitchen

decoration elegant white kitchen

lacquered white kitchen modern deco idea

white lacquered kitchen design idea

lacquered white kitchen modern design idea

lacquered white kitchen center island

Design lacquered white kitchen island

gray lacquered white kitchen island

minimalist white lacquered kitchen

lacquered white kitchen model

open lacquered white kitchen

white lacquered wood Floor

Modern wood lacquered white kitchen floor

lacquered white kitchen table

deco design contemporary kitchen

purple white kitchen design

Modern elegant kitchen design

LED lights kitchen design

modern white kitchen design

white modern yellow kitchen design

Modern elegant kitchen design

ultra modern kitchen design

Contemporary white lacquered kitchen

deco white lacquered kitchen

lacquered white kitchen design

white lacquered kitchen modern design

white lacquered kitchen idea

white lacquered kitchen LED lights

minimalist white lacquered kitchen

Modern white lacquered kitchen

ultra modern white lacquered kitchen

kitchen lacquered white blue red

green white lacquered kitchen

deco modern beige kitchen

lacquered kitchen deco single

lacquered Contemporary kitchen design

elegant design lacquered kitchen

lacquered modern design kitchen

Modern white lacquered kitchen

Modern elegant lacquered kitchen

elagante modern white kitchen

deco modern white kitchen design

modern white kitchen

deco white lacquered kitchen

deco minimalist white kitchen

white deco kitchen design

deco white modern gray kitchen

Original modern kitchen deco

deco small white kitchen

white kitchen decoration and wood

decoration and modern white kitchen wood

decoration elegant white kitchen

decoration kitchen lacquered black white

deco gray white kitchen idea idee-deco-kitchen-white

modern kitchen deco idea

idee deco elegant modern kitchen

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