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You know we are always here for you to present objects and furniture that cause and you can not see in stores everywhere. Because we love originality and we want to give voice to the creative designer.

While you need to refresh your kitchen, make a nice decoration for the kids room, the bathroom renew or redecorate the living room, we're here with our new ideas and créatives.N'hésitez not to read our articles and watch our beautiful pictures and get inspired by what you learn.

The modern furniture for your home - an original chair with zip modern living room furniture

This time the Korean design studio of THE: ZOOM presentiment us their collection of modern furniture and original ZIP: PER. This collection contains unusual and funny design pieces that will make you smile. The name of the collection is not chosen by chance - the word "zipper" zipper means. "The zippers, say the creators, are usually made of fabric. We put them on hard furniture to shock and provoke. The zipper of this exaggerated form in furniture design makes them full of humor and fun furniture. "This type of furniture is perfect for a modern living room or an original nursery. In all cases it is designer furniture that will attract attention. Look at them!

For your bathroom design or stay for the children's room - the original furniture original modern furniture shelf

An unusual design shelf for those who like the unusual furniture original modern furniture living room shelf

A closet with a zipper in the middle original modern furniture closet

Wooden chair of unusual design Original chair modern furniture

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