107 ideas central island of friendly and functional kitchen

107 ideas central island of friendly and functional kitchen

Synonymous with functionality and comfort, thecentral kitchen island is an element that opens up the space and makes it immediately warm. It allows the whole family to participate in preparing the meal.

The central island fills more than one function. He becomes the strategic heart of the kitchen or open space to the living room. To design their kitchen island, a precise calculation of the configuration and the size of your kitchen needs. Check out our gallery of over 107 ideas central island and semi-central modern kitchen.

central kitchen island: the heart of your living space

107 ideas central island of friendly and functional kitchenisland design idea kitchen storage

perfect space to prepare a good dish to multiple or a drink with friends, the center island will become the focus of usability in your living space. Gone are the insulation in the kitchen! When preparing dinner, your friends can sit around and keep you company.

central island wooden kitchen design Laurel Feldman

central island kitchen laurel feldman

With its strategic investment, the central island facilitates the movement. There are many design options it proposes. You can either equip drawers and shelves, either install a sink to create a practical washing station. The best is to bring together the sink and the dishwasher for easy washing. You can also incorporate the hob and the oven by capping the extractor hood.

Small island central oval shape and design kitchen

center island kitchen oval

Around this central island, are prepared and shared the meal or you take a drink in good company. First you must choose the right design development. Opt you more for a kitchen or a closed kitchen? If you want to create a closed kitchen, the minimum recommended size is 15 sqm to install an island and facilitate the movement. The open kitchen is a choice that will make your kitchen island the focal point of your living room. He gently mark the separation between adjoining rooms: everything will become easy and will end your isolation when you are cooking!

Semi-central island kitchen design

central island of semi-central kitchen

Islet size depends on the size of your kitchen and the desired functions. The island may be square, oval, rectangular or even of another original form. It is possible to create different levels placing the corner above or below the bar. The usual height during installation of an island usually varies between 85 and 90 cm. For a harmonious development, it is important that the central island is proportional to the size of your kitchen. The idea of ​​a central island is the space savings. Its main function is to make the room functional and convenient transportation. The proper dimensioning and proportion is of utmost importance for you to feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Small island ultra modern kitchen

107 ideas central island of friendly and functional kitchen

Large wooden kitchen107 ideas central island of friendly and functional kitchen

Remember the pattern of activity triangle. The island is built around three main areas: the preparation and cooking, washing and that which is called the cold zone. The optimization of space is an issue to think through what the priorities during the installation of the island. The most known configuration is that of the classic central island. There are also the so-called semi-island or island on the cob. If you have a small kitchen and you do not have the ability to have the clearance needed for around a central island, you can place it along a wall. This will allow you to optimize space, facilitate crossings and make your small friendly kitchen without isolating it.

center island marble kitchen design

Image family kitchen central island of ultra modern kitchen

Let's turn now to some kitchen interiors with modern design and island.

Small island functional kitchen in whitecenter island modern design furnishings kitchen hood

Picture ultra modern central island in black and red

Semi-central island kitchen design black red pendant light

The choice of colors for a living space often appears difficult. We all have our favorite colors. Some like warm or cool colors, others include only black. In most cases, to understand which colors a person loves, one look at his style of dress. This leads to the conclusion that choose shades to dress the interior is easy. Yet, this task is not easy. Our living space is a set of other small ensembles. It is like a LEGO game to build. Fortunately, the kitchen is one of those areas of the house where we can all afford. This dynamic space houses the white as well as red, black and yellow. This is one of the least demanding parts in terms of colors, and at the same time, one of the most important for our well-being.

Central kitchen island in industrial style

central island of concrete kitchen and hardwood industrial design willi bruckbauer Werkhaus

The central kitchen island is only one piece part of the whole. Nevertheless, we must not forget that it is called "central". His aesthetic role is at the center of events. We have the choice between an island which blends with the surrounding décor or an island in a distinct color for emphasis.

Small island Rounded original design kitchen

center island kitchen modern oval pendant light stainless steel

Red and gray kitchen with islandmodern Snaidero kitchen semi-central island

The color red is often present in the kitchen, accompanied by gray, black or white. In the case of the open above kitchen, red wall contrast to the semi-central island gray. This interior fascinates with its unusual shapes and decorations.

Beautiful modern kitchen island central island hood drawer storage sink kitchen bar

A white kitchen with an island, too, in white? Why not ! White is a true "tranquilizer". It is perfect as a dominant color for rooms dedicated to rest: bedroom, bathroom, meditation room. If your favorite pastime is testing new interesting recipes and experiment in the kitchen, it's your meditation room! Indeed, cooking is an activity that relaxes and makes us happy - in the preparation and especially during the tasting! Watch this all white and gray kitchen shines and invites us to prepare delicious dishes enjoying every comfort:

Kitchen island with hob and extractor hoodmodern kitchen hob extractor hood central island

A blank inside Kitchen and Designinside white kitchen center island range hood oven hob

Dress up all its white kitchen is an interesting idea. The white kitchen light bathe your interior. In addition you will feel transported to the world of the elves in the movie Lord of the Rings where everything is white and shiny.

Harmony in Whiteoval island white designopen oval design white kitchen island

Not to make too "elf", it is still possible to paint one of his kitchen walls in a different color. The kitchen below is a good example how to introduce color in an all-white space. The gray wall and the beautiful picture make all the decor. In this way, it apart, visually present, concentrated in one place of the part. Its location is convenient and does not bother to traffic around the island.

white kitchen with gray wallopen oval kitchen island kitchen

The central island contains the most important elements of the kitchen - work plan, hob, sink, cupboards etc. It is itself a small kitchen reduced to one large piece of furniture. Today, we serve only very few items in the kitchen: cooking stove, oven, sink, worktop, utensils. All appliances becoming more functional and easy to store. food processor was invented Thermomix which not only takes up very little space, but brings 12 functions per se. Basically, we do not need 12 kitchen appliances, but one. Here's why and how the central island makes us everyday - you can do everything there. It is the place of preparation and cooking of the meal, and it has a bar - the place for our breakfast, snack, drink ...

block storage timber open kitchen sink

To create an optimal living space, we look for design solutions condensed said. Rather than develop a kitchen plus a center island, it only installs the block. Finally, you do not need two work plans, right? Such a space is also easier to maintain.

white inside and wood
minimalist kitchen island

green kitchen lemon, gray and whiteisland kitchen range hood design

It is often said the presence of vegetation in the kitchen has become a must. If you want a modern interior Nordic inspiration, the plants should be part of your interior. Potted plants, herbs, vertical garden, vegetable garden - one of these is enough to invite nature. And his presence is enough to beautify and make your kitchen life.

Kitchen with island and cabinetswood center island kitchen extractor hood sink stool stove

Now, discover the rest of our interior designer kitchen gallery and find inspiring ideas:

white kitchen with large islandwhite interior design hanging lamp island kitchen white kitchen

kitchen backsplash green Imagemodern kitchen island hoodSuspended kitchen small space
Floating island open white minimalist kitchen

Small island Wooden kitchen with metal legs

center island modern design wooden kitchen

Kitchen with wooden interior Laurel Feldman

central island rustic hardwood wood kitchen

central island in white kitchen

Semi-central island of white kitchen stool layout design hanging lamp kitchen

Design center island kitchen with a dining area

Modern contemporary kitchen center island

central island in gray kitchenlamp central kitchen island hanging shelf kitchen storage books

central island very artistic kitchen central island suspended luminaire kitchen stool red mosaic art

authentic style kitchen with a central island kitchen center island authentic style pendant light

Small kitchen center island small center island kitchen loft storage idea

Small kitchen island with a sink island kitchen sink wooden stool

Very small kitchen island small island of central white wood kitchen

central island of blue and green kitchen central island green blue design original ceiling storage idea

authentic kitchen with a center island and extractor hood island extractor hood kitchen stool granite wood house

central kitchen island with a sink kitchen storage space center island cooking black wood stool

Island square in kitchen designer kitchen cupboards pendant luminaire stool chair central island kitchen hob extractor hood Cooking center island kitchen lamp hanging chair dining area sink modern interior kitchen pendant light metal stool sink wooden cupboard center island range hood kitchen dining area preparation wash area center island open kitchen design island extractor hood kitchen island design idea central island area functional practical preparation open white wooden table chair kitchen hood modern open design kitchen hood wooden table center island range hood steel kitchen open center island kitchen hood white metal stool hotplates Design kitchen island shaped wooden yacht island bar steel storage cabinets wooden kitchen kitchen rectangular wooden ceiling storage block block rectangular kitchen cooking small kitchen semi-central island storage kitchen open space eating semi-central island white interior

kitchen open living

design center island kitchen pendant light bar

central island center island kitchen sink kitchen hood

Parsonson Architects kitchen design

cuisin in red and white open central island preparation sink

Modern wood kitchen island

kitchen extractor hood open central island

Italian kitchen island

central island wooden kitchen

modern kitchen interior

central island in a house in the country

central island kitchen sink gray orange oven

open kitchen lamp hanging island

open kitchen center island bar stay

modern kitchen with extractor hood black stool hotplates

Modern stool interior lamp black island

kitchen-island-idea-stool-deco lamp

modern kitchen island stool suspended luminaire

center island kitchen lamp design stool

extractor hood center island kitchen sink Italian style

friendly wooden stool wood kitchen

central kitchen island light fixture hanging white deco kitchen object sink design

central island gray wooden stool design

oven kitchen island integrated metal wooden stool

island elegant pendant light wooden chair wooden table kitchen

open center island kitchen sink storage drawers stool black white open center island kitchen design pendant light authentic style kitchen range hood central wood modern kitchen island

kitchen minimalist central island white wood

kitchen center island wooden stool dining table

center island kitchen extractor black steel hood area

kitchen central island wood extractor hood fridge

black island storage drawers kitchen cupboards

central island wooden kitchen sink suspended luminaire hood

island white kitchen gray wooden table stool

open practice functional center island kitchen

open center island kitchen stool white open kitchen island design idea

idea management suspended luminaire kitchen stool wooden mat

industrial kitchen style lamp suspended extractor hood wood sink kitchen open to living island development

modern kitchen center island extractor hood wooden shelves central island white extractor hood stainless steel

island oval shaped modern kitchen cupboards

central island color black hood stool

open concept central island hood yellow color kitchen storage

center island kitchen open white purple

kitchen open rectangular oval central island sink

kitchen center island white black stool hotplates

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