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In the midst of a long day and tiring how do you find your center of gravity? Why not try positioning yourself where you start and where you end your-days in the kitchen. The kitchen comfort Domus exudes a calm and sedative feeling that will inevitably have its relaxing effect on you. The simple basics and cubic dimensions give a retro air to this cozy kitchen.

The Domus- kitchen and a comfortable kitchen design both

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Ask your shelves so that they adapt to the open and closed storage. The combination of rectangular cabinets and geometric lines transforms the kitchen white wall into a 3D location. At Val designer spared no energy to do this a design where you can relax. The central island of the kitchen with the stove is connected with a cozy bar that it extends a seat for maximum comfort.

The kitchen bar is very convenient and can also serve as a dining table

comfort food cook bar

The large work space and clear is perfect for preparing or have a meal without being bothered by anything. The built-in sink and cabinets with smooth side are placed so that you have everything at hand. In this kitchen you feel comfortable and at home immediately while the design is modern chic to make you enjoy your meal.

Whether you start your day with an espresso or if you end up with a glass of wine, why not do it in the beautiful kitchen Domus?

There is a lot of storage space in this beautiful kitchen room Domus

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The Domus kitchen is large and bright kitchen-table comfort-food-timber-resized

smooth side cabinets are placed so that you have everything at hand comfort large white kitchen Start your day with a coffee prepared in this comfortable kitchencomfort modern kitchen stove

The modern chic and beautiful design define the Domus kitchens

comfort design retro kitchen

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