Idea manual work Christmas decorations to make yourself –

Idea manual work Christmas decorations to make yourself

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Like DIY? So, enjoy this article on Christmas ideas manual activity to prepare, now, your New Year decor! If you've ever tried to make your own Christmas decorations, you may have noticed that this activity requires some reflection and preliminary preparations.

Idea manual work Christmas and home decor Recycling '

Christmas idea manual activity DIY home easy

The period around Christmas is one of the busiest of the year. This is a time when children are on vacation and where you like to spend time with family. For many French and French is also a time of racing and trips: shopping for festive dinners and last gifts, last-minute trips to get someone at the station ...

Idea manual work Christmas home decorating with garlands

idea'activité manuelle de Noël centre table deco

For all these reasons, the decoration of the house is an activity that can be just as stressful as the rest of the preparations for the party. So here's an idea for a good Christmas and New year: think about decorating your home in advance!

Idea manual work Christmas: fabricate original mini Christmas trees in sweet dough

idea manual work Christmas table idea

You have noticed that most shops and towns, today sport the colors of Christmas long before the arrival of the party itself? Because, in this way, we invite the spirit of Christmas and we have the opportunity to enjoy the festive atmosphere longer. It also allows us to reflect on the good times that accompany the end of year celebrations. We can imagine how we spend this time with more details.

Idea manual activity and easy Christmas decoration by Fynes Designs

Christmas deco idea manual activity easier

Did you know that the Christmas markets, where you can buy all sorts of lovely decorations for the feast, usually open their doors a month before the holiday itself? The oldest Christmas markets are also called "markets of Saint Nicolas." They already existed in the 15th century, in neighboring Germany. They began some eight or seven days before Christmas and sometimes lasted until night Mass of the feast.

Idea manual work Christmas decorations and original fabric Christmas tree

Christmas crafts house idea

This extended period allowed the inhabitants of cities where there were markets to prepare for the most important celebrations of the year. Thus we see that even in the Middle Ages, it was aware of the importance of advance preparation!

Christmas decoration ideas and manual activity

idee decoration craftsAnd it certainly was not an accident! During this period, most gifts and Christmas decorations wore the label "homemade". In fact, in the past, we manufactured the original ornaments for the Christmas tree from various wooden objects, fabrics or even fruit. At a time when television, computers and the internet did not exist, create beautiful decorations for his house required a lot of imagination and perseverance!

Idea for crafts and home decor for the party

DIY home decor manual activity

Fortunately, today we have many more ways to create an original design of the house through the exchange of clever ideas and easy to perform. You can start your preparations for year-end celebrations now taking inspiration from our collection of ideas. You will see, your efforts will be appreciated by your guests and your family!

adult and child manual work Christmas tree decorations

idea manual decoration christmas-tree-suspension activity

For DIY enthusiasts, make their own Christmas decorations is an obligatory rite. Perform paper balls and salt dough figurines is a fun craft activity for adults and children. To this we now add another option: that of natural decorations. Their achievement is just as exciting for adults and for children. Why ? Because it involves some preparations related to the collection of outdoor materials.

Idea natural Christmas decoration and DIY

Natural deco DIY Christmas ideas

A few days before you begin your DIY project, dress well and go out for a walk in a park or in the countryside. Are there any that you could use to make original suspensions to decorate her Christmas tree. pine apples, wood or fir twigs, small logs ...

Idea manual activity and Christmas decoration easy home

idea manual work Christmas decoration easy

Then, make sure you glue, paint or glitter, sequins and fabrics. Turn your lucky finds in the forest animals, pine cones painted with glitter or even twigs in tree covered with artificial snow!

Christmas table decorations to make yourself

christmas deco idea manual activity-the-table candles

During your walk, you fell on a piece of wood trunk? Use it to make a candle holder for your Christmas table. Thoroughly clean the timber and make holes where you insert your candles. Adorn the very few remaining pine cones and a little natural foam. This is an idea of ​​DIY Christmas decoration 100% natural!

Christmas deco easy activities

Of course, you can also beautify your table full of other natural objects. If you collected several fir twigs, keep some of them to turn them into mini cute Christmas trees. Adorn the base of your trees with some burlap to imitate a tree quilt. Then, imagine little balls of paper or nuts. Use these nice objects to adorn a console, your fireplace or your coffee table.

Achieving an ecological Christmas tree - a natural idea of ​​DIY decor

idea manual activity noël sapin-ecological-deco-wall

Speaking of Christmas trees, not to mention a major trend in recent years: green firs. 2D version of the tree we used to have at home in December, these trees are often installed directly on the wall of a room. It manufactures paper, in stickers or wood. sometimes used as a substitute for the classic Christmas tree. Others prefer to complete the festive decor in a part of the house (children's room, kitchen ...).

Make DIY Christmas decoration paper to decorate an empty space around its shaft

Christmas decoration idea manual activity-paper figures

Whether you are passionate about the history of the development of a crib or looking for a different type of composition idea to install near his tree, we have an idea manual work Christmas for you. Imagine such a composition paper! Start by finding figures you want to play. Make it models you invented or you've spotted on the canvas. Then, cut your white cardboard figures or colors and arrange them on a blank area next to your Christmas tree!

Make a Christmas decoration for your living room with premium and fun cushions

christmas idea manual activity cushions-a-manufacture-deco lounge

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