country marriage: 81 original decorating ideas –

country marriage: 81 original decorating ideas

Marriage country decor to oneself

There are two types of women in the world - those who since childhood have always dreamed of having a large glamorous and elegant wedding and those who prefer to have a small country wedding discreet.

If you are one of those who want to make a "return to origins" and celebrate your wedding in a traditional style and non-pretentious, in this article you will find lots of ideas and tips for organization of your wedding party.

Country Wedding with romantic decoration

rustic romantic wedding deco objects

The theme of country wedding and rustic immediately evokes images of farm and non-pretentious reception, completed the good details - jam pots, bark and a pair of comfortable flat shoes worn with your wedding dress. But you do not have to make your wedding reception at a farm in to make a beautiful rustic decor. Any receipt can turn into beautiful fairy country with a little imagination.

Floral decoration for wedding rustic

Bucolic rustic wedding bouquet

Qu-can a country wedding? Country-style can have really a lot of different interpretations and that is why so many couples choose it. The rustic style is a very broad term that can mean a traditional wedding, wedding in nature or even a vintage style wedding. Often married organize very elegant, rustic ceremonies incorporating many personal elements in the decor.

Table decoration rustic chic wedding with burlap

rustic wedding deco canvas jute

There are other places where you can make your wedding apart from the farm and the barn. The rustic wedding can really take many different forms. You can make your wedding in the mountains or in a vineyard, but also in a holiday villa or on the beach. A rustic wedding can be done even in an urban park of a big city, for example!

Table decoration country style wedding

rustic wedding decoration ideas for table

There's really no decoration rules for the marriage of rustic style - the possibilities are endless. To add a key country for your wedding day, you need to introduce elements that reflect where you make your marriage as pine cones, jam jars and vases varied. Honey, jam, biscuits and chocolate are great ways to thank your guests for coming.

Deco ideas for country style wedding

country wedding deco reception

The country decor is perfect for outdoor as for indoor use. One of the easiest ways to decorate your reception indoors is to incorporate elements of nature. Birch bark, the green and the dry leaves are very good options. And when you mix with green garlands and burlap tablecloths, you will have a beautiful rustic decor.

Creative idea of ​​decor country wedding

country deco wedding cakes

Use the natural beauty of the place leaving your wedding decor to complement instead of trying to make an apparent contrast. Leave the place and surroundings dictate your decor and colors of the wedding. Remember, flowers, pine cones, tablecloths and napkins burlap, lace and green can become your best allies in the decoration marriage.

floral wedding decoration idea

country wedding deco floral table

An original idea is to make a decorative sign that shows the location of your wedding. This is an inexpensive and very effective way to complement your decor. All you need is a plank of wood and paint.

How to create improvised signs for his country wedding

Wedding-Peasant-exterior decoration-idea-fete

Make your mark by writing messages or directions on wooden planks. This idea is useful especially if you have an impromptu reception room in a barn or outdoors. Signs will indicate to your guests where to find the corner wedding gifts, the space dedicated to photos, guestbook ...

Rustic decoration for wedding

country wedding decoration ideas

To complete the decoration, decorate the chairs of your guests by making a decorative bow with canvas just instead of spending a lot of pretentious in fabrics and decorations all made.

original cake for country-style wedding

Wedding cake deco CHAMPÈTE

You can also improvise by creating a table of desserts made from wine barrels as a base with a wooden board on top.

floral table decoration for country-style wedding

rustic floral deco wedding

If your wedding is in the summer, you can serve cold drinks in small jars of jam instead of stylish glasses. jam pots can also be used as candleholders or as improvised vases for your floral table centerpiece.

original accessories for a wedding party rustic decor

Peasant Wedding-lantern decoration-table example

To create a truly original holiday table, consider decorative unusual solutions. Take glass lanterns and fill them with flowers. They can serve as country wedding table centerpiece and have labels with the numbers of tables.

Idea wedding room decoration in a garden arbor

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The campaign-style wedding hall is often an open space. In spring and summer, put on structures open to the outside: marquees, tents and garden arbors. In the cooler months, you select the protected areas of the rain friendly atmosphere.

How to decorate a country style wedding table
deco table rustic wedding

The table or rustic country wedding is often made of wood. One can even consider using picnic tables or similar furniture in solid wood. Otherwise, plan a decorative piece in this material.

rustic wedding table runner with burlap

country wedding deco tables

Burlap is a fabric that combines country-style and rustic weddings. Get a good amount of this fabric, and use of it to manufacture various decorative items. A table runner, skins for your table accessories, add-ins for the gifts you plan to offer your guests ... these are just a few ways to use burlap to customize your decor.

wedding reception decorating ideas outside or inside depending on the season and endoit

country tables wedding decoration

As we said, the country decor is unpretentious and natural. Get inspired by the season and where you will be celebrating your party to invent themes and cheap accessories.

rustic elegant decoration idea wedding table with flowers

country wedding centerpiece

In the spring, go for a table centerpiece richly adorned with flowers of the season. For this plan to plant this season - will be cheaper to order and you might as well give you a rich floral decoration. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are a great option for the period from early spring.

Decoration rustic wedding table seaside inspiration

deco rustic wedding table

In the summer you are hosting a party at the seaside? In this case, recreate the marine atmosphere on your table and in your party room! Choose shades of beige and light blue and locate shells, starfish, bits of wood floated ...

Wedding Centerpiece with flowers and Moroccan lanterns

country tables wedding center

Another good idea for a country style wedding in summer: from the Mediterranean theme or its versions (Greek, Moroccan). The Mediterranean decor is characterized by its rich ornaments and strong contrasts between white and blue. In the case of the Moroccan style, yet we will add more bright colors and, of course, lanterns at the Arabian Nights.

Wedding Centerpiece flowers in orange hue for fall

Peasant Wedding deco chic

In autumn, it is inspired by the colors of the exterior is taken up and reproduced in her wedding decor. So, we play with shades of red, yellow and orange. A few days before the event, it is a walk to collect natural decorative accessories: chestnuts, pine cones, autumn leaves.

Country Wedding party room decoration for winter

Wedding decoration rustic table

In winter, we will look for warm decor ideas to impress your guests. We use the pinecones, fir twigs and mistletoe, typical Christmas tables, and add their touches of white and red to make a welcoming space festive and welcoming.

Cute little pages carrying alliances with rustic accessories

Wedding-Peasant-idee-organization Children

here are a few ideas in pictures. Look at them and you'll find plenty of original and interesting ways to decorate your wedding rustic country style. There are also full of ideas that follow that will help you transform yourself into your wedding day unforgettable!

floral compositions campaign style wedding decor

rustic floral deco wedding idea

country style wedding: interesting decor ideas

country wedding deco table

vintage and romantic style of decoration for rustic wedding

country wedding decoration idea

Idea original decoration for rustic wedding

country-wedding-gift prompts

Rustic Candle Centerpiece

original wedding table centerpiece

Table decoration desserts

rustic interior deco wedding

Floral decoration of rustic wedding

rustic wedding centerpiece

floral wedding table center

deco outdoor wedding ideas

deco wedding reception outside

deco white rustic wedding

deco elegant rustic wedding

deco rustic wedding Natural Elements

rustic wedding deco exterior

deco rustic wedding flowers

rustic wedding deco interior

deco rustic beach wedding

deco wedding table dessert

rustic wedding flower decoration

wedding table decoration boigies

Wedding decoration idea flowers

Wedding flowers table decoration

decoration elegant rustic wedding

mere decoration idea wedding

Wedding decoration dessert table

wedding table decoration center

deco wedding table pinecones

deco wedding table, country-style

idea wedding cake

Original Wedding cake

idee deco wedding table centerpiece

idee decoration mariaque rustic chic style

deco wedding reception room idea

wedding table deco idea

rustic wedding invitation idea

rustic wedding deco ideas

country style wedding invitation

rustic wooden box wedding

country table Wedding center candles

rustic wooden deco wedding

rustic wooden deco wedding flowers

country wedding deco chairs

Original country floral deco wedding

rustic original deco wedding

country wedding decoration wedding hall

country wedding deco wedding hall

deco rural rustic table wedding

rustic burlap deco wedding

country outside deco wedding

country wedding fairy lights

rustic wedding centerpiece idea

country wedding decoration idea tables

country wedding idea deco tables

country wedding cake idea

country wedding deco ideas

original rustic wedding ideas

deco orange tablecloth wedding table

Peasant wedding-bouquet-bridal-flowers-season

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