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Christmas decoration to do oneself with recup ‘and natural objects

Christmas decoration to make yourself DIY idea fir tree

Making Christmas decorative items to oneself is a phenomenon that is becoming widespread in recent years. More than a way to save money, holiday ornaments and homemade DIY decor are also a way to balance its budget in December in order to spend more on its gifts or for pleasure during winter holidays.

Moreover, more and more people, judging the ornaments sold too uniforms, looking for original ideas to give their homes more character with a festive decor that better suits their taste. Finally, there are also those who care about the environment and the effects of the mass production of plastic products on Sustainable Development. Thinking of all these categories of people, we realized a collection of images on the Christmas decoration to do oneself with objects Recycling 'and natural.

Christmas decoration to do oneself with decorative balls and pieces of fabric

Christmas ball ornament fabric make itself even

Making Christmas ornaments for his tree, that's a great idea to customize your party inside! Most Christmas balls currently sold are made of plastic and deteriorate in a few seasons only. Fortunately, we can restyle them quite easily to continue using them for several years.

Example Christmas decoration to do oneself with an old ball and paper

Christmas decoration to do oneself paper ball christmas craft activity

To do this, wrap the chosen ball a few pieces of fabric and glue them on the surface. Apply the same technique using pieces of paper pages of an old diary. And if you have broken one of your beautiful balls of glass or porcelain, you can paste it with glue mixed with a bit of gold paint.

Repairing his Christmas globes with an aesthetic and original technique

Christmas decoration to make yourself DIY Christmas tree balls

Christmas decoration cheap: make tree ornaments from old bulbs

Christmas decoration to make oneself bulbs balls

To make your own decorative balls, collect your used bulbs and soak them in a container filled with red paint, silver or gold; then let dry and hang your balls on your Christmas tree!

Recycle old greeting cards to make an original Christmas cournne

Christmas decoration to do oneself recup model paper crown

You have decided to create a Christmas wreath to adorn your front door or the space above your fireplace? Try our idea of ​​Deco to oneself with Christmas greeting cards!

Ecological Christmas decoration with crown pieces of natural wood

Christmas craft activity idea crown deco design objects recup

This is another festive crown small pieces of roundwood. If you find the idea of ​​Christmas decoration to make yourself interesting, collect your old coasters and turn them into a festive wreath with glue and tape!

Idea of ​​manual work Christmas decoration and recycling craft: painted ornament pasta

deco noel object to manufacture pasta itself even recup objects

Want to make ornaments in the shape of angels to your Christmas tree? In this case, use pasta in various shapes: butterfly wings for penne or cannelloni for coprs, beads for hair, thin tubes for the arms ...

Manufactures an original Christmas decoration on pages of an old score

DIY ornaments christmas tree deco paper object recup

Otherwise, you can always reuse an old man music or scores that you no longer use to make elegant ornaments paper!

Reusing waste textiles to adorn salt dough figurines

Christmas decoration to do oneself manual nature ornaments activity

Customize your Christmas tree, it's simple with clothes and textiles that are no longer part of the wardrobe! It can be used to dress figurines made of salt dough, as in the photo above.

Christmas Ornaments cheap and homemade in scrabble letters

DIY deco christmas tree ornaments letters recup scrablle

Small tokens of word games like Scrabble allow us to create Christmas ornaments shaped like small very friendly messages.

How to use an old sweater to make a Christmas decoration Recycling '

Christmas decors such cheap easy DIY

If you are looking for a way to reuse an old sweater, you have several options: dress a cardboard cone to make a mini decorative tree, make Christmas socks ...

Idea to create his holiday ornaments recycled

Christmas ornaments craft activity recup cheap object

... or even to create gift packages or covers for your pillows!

cozy atmosphere and creative Christmas project to achieve with sleeves sweater or wool socks

example christmas decoration cheap easy recycling idea

wool socks and sleeves of your sweaters and jackets could decorate your vases and your candlesticks.

Christmas decoration Photo to wool itself

decorate his house for Christmas cheap socks object recup

It's a beautiful way to create a Deco recycling craft, cheap and very cozy for a Christmas atmosphere quite successful!

Decoration with pine cones and idea of ​​natural Christmas table centerpiece

Christmas table idea deco object recup Nature

If you want to create a natural atmosphere for New Year celebrations, collect natural objects such as pine cones and use them to arrange a rustic table centerpiece with candles.

apple painting pine idea for a mini Christmas tree for indoors

Christmas decoration to make yourself DIY pinecone

Pinecones you also will be useful for making mini Christmas trees. For this, it would suffice to paint them green and adorn them with some ribbons.

original ornaments with Christmas goodies

decoration Christmas tree ornament recup easy DIY

You have lots of Christmas treats at home and you are wondering what you might do well? Turn them into ornaments for your tree!

How to make a modern Christmas tree and green

Christmas decoration to do oneself natural object timber ideas

Those who would not want to buy a Christmas tree does not need to seek a substitute far: they would just have to take a branch and paint it white to mimic the magical appearance of a snowy forest .

Christmas tree model wood manufacturing

Christmas tree decoration idea wood to manufacture self same

As for DIY enthusiasts, they will definitely inspire ecological Christmas tree wood suggestions on the picture above.

Idea festive decor with wrapped gifts at the feet of a Christmas tree

Christmas decoration recup make yourself a gift package

Christmas gifts are also part of festive décor during the winter holidays! So we would do well to keep the packaging of gifts received in previous years to recycle within its festive decor.

Deco Object Recycling 'Christmas made in glass jars

Christmas ornaments diy cheap make a glass ball

Even simple glass jars become unexpected Christmas decorations in the interiors of the most talented designers!

Christmas crib figurines dressed in cardboard and burlap fabric

Christmas decoration to make yourself easy DIY manger

Christmas deco letters to make paper mache yourself

Christmas decoration to make yourself creative paper mache project

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