Deco teal, peacock blue or teal?

Deco teal Deco idea interior color trend

Fancy a deco blue duck ? What this color really is and why it is so trendy? Do you know what is the teal and blue peacock?

Discover the answers to these questions, illustrated with a stunning gallery of interior decorating ideas in blue and all its nuances.

Deco teal, peacock blue and teal in 43 ideas

deco blue headboard duck idea lamp chamber wood furniture foot

As already said, the blue is the color trend 2017! No matter if it is blue duck, teal, peacock blue or turquoise, the color beloved is back this year. He is invited in our contemporary interiors and exteriors to make them fresh and soothing.

Decorative blue duck for a refreshing touch to the living room

teal sofa lounge idea parquet blue white deco flower bouquet

After more than a decade dominated by the clean design, gray and light colors, the colors begin to reappear live and settle permanently on the walls of every room in the house: living room, dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the child's bedroom, the bathroom.

industrial design furniture with wall painted azure and leather chair

azure blue leather lounge chair Industrial fixture floor mats idea

Associated with the sea and sun, blue is one of the most popular colors in interior design and in the field of fashion. It is simply timeless! This year we dare to mix different shades of blue for an eclectic side and is called peacock blue, peacock blue and teal. Do you know what is the origin and where they-are named?

Bedroom trend with wall painted blue oil

color blue room lamp idea walk deco plant

The blue duck is a very intense color. This shade is indeed also as peacock blue, petroleum blue and turquoise, intermediate between blue and green. Like the peacock blue, his name is inspired by the plumage of the wings of some species of ducks. Sometimes it can be found under the name green duck. It is difficult to say what is the real difference between the two. The latter is probably a greener idea! Do not forget that lighting, indoor and photography, is also critical for color perception: they can sometimes appear lighter or darker depending on the light.

beautiful interior with authentic furniture and walls painted blue duck

blue painted wall duck idea interior modern trend

Another popular color in recent times, the blue oil. Derived from the Art Deco period and the field of fashion in the 50s, this grade is highly regarded by many interior designers and contemporary fashion designers. Again, it is not easy to describe with accuracy because it sometimes shows lighter or darker depending on the light. The name of this shade is quite surprising, since oil is black. According to the online portal all colors * and the newspaper's dictionary * The Parisian, petrol blue is a shade halfway between blue, green and gray. Finally, you probably already know, color vision depends on our perception.

Living room with blue walls and decor oil composition of original frames

Deco wall blue wall idea sofa cushions bedside table seating frames wooden flowers

oil blue wooden furniture set against a painted wall in clear blue

blue wood furniture wood furniture oil entrance wall decoration idea

What peacock blue? The peacock blue is a shade of blue and green spectrum. It is very similar to the duck blue and teal. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between these three colors. Its name is inspired by the plumage of the bird - the peacock. This concept appears for the first time, too, in the field of fashion in the mid 19th century. It is very close to another shade of blue named Capri.

Living room with wall painted steel blue and navy blue sofa

sofa mirror navy blue carpet floor flowers steel wall

Modern interior with cobalt painted wall and sofa of the same color

Deco living room sofa trend lighting idea gray mat coffee table wall decor

You've probably already figured out, the common feature between the peacock blue, petrol blue and teal is that these three colors are intermediate between blue and green. There are a variety of shades of blue, saturated or clear and desaturated or darker. The choice is made according to our preferences and desires, but mostly by the atmosphere we want to create in the room in question. In a bedroom, it will opt for soothing shades of blue, like cobalt blue or midnight blue. The peacock blue and teal will also be a great option.

salon interior industrial style dressed in different shades of blue

Deco Blue Room idea luminaire blue sofa blue wooden shelf

Look at this magical interior designed with different shades of blue by Emiliano Salci decorator Diamore Studio, and accented with a chair whose seat is yellow, designed by the creator Pierre Coslin:

fabulous interior that blends blue peacock blue and yellow oil

Modern blue interior design idea peacock blue armchair interior design trend

The blue cornflower blue cornflower close, a clearer idea as blue turquin, is a beautiful color for the workspace. With its gray appearance, it helps concentration while remaining fresh and energetic.

modern workspace with ceiling and walls cornflower blue

idea blue wooden desk work space blue wall blue carpet chair painting

The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen is an icon of Danish and Scandinavian design. This time, he holed his place in this sleek interior and acts accent blue, accompanied by a small ottoman of the same color, ideal to rest his feet in front of the fireplace after a long day ...

bright white living room and open with Egg chair and ottoman in blue duck

Deco teal chair ottoman idea interior fireplace

The blue fits very well in the bedroom, associated with the sea and the sky, it stimulates reflection and meditation. According to the precepts of Feng Shui, blue is a color of the water element that brings calm, purity and abundance. It is perfect for one of the rooms of the house dedicated to the concentration and creativity: home office, studio, bedroom, children's room, playroom.

Bedroom with wall peacock blue, brown headboard, lamp and vintage bedside table

bedroom wall peacock blue deco furniture nightstand

If you want to invite one of these three shades trend (blue duck, petroleum blue or peacock blue) in one of the rooms of your home, it is essential to know how to marry them to better accentuate. Indeed, it is almost the same rules apply as for any other shade of blue.

The blue is invited into the kitchen to make a dynamic side

blue trend kitchen wall painting idea deco wooden table wooden stool

The blue pairs well with almost any color. To further accentuate and highlight, even when we choose white, yellow and gray.

Look at this beautiful interior room with its blue sofa and fabulous wall decoration

interior design idea deco wall deco wall blue couch blue carpet floor frames

In combination with the red, vivid color and warm base, it will seem very nice, but the emphasis will be on that first. The blue color is considered cold.

elegant salon interior that combines red and blue

design idea interior red armchair floor mats low wooden table luminaire suspension

For an elegant and sophisticated side, we will choose blue for the walls and is married to or dark rustic wooden furniture. For the flooring, it will choose the concrete floor or parquet gray and brown.

Living room with wall painted in matching pastel blue furniture and decor

idea interior wall paint blue room sofa cushions luminaire suspension

If you want to add only one element in blue, furniture or decorative, in your living room armchair, ottomans, rugs and curtains are one of the easiest options, but also very practical. Having an extra seat is always good when you have guests at home.

Invite the blue in your room as velvet curtains: it's chic!

interior decoration idea Modern space tends deco blue curtains

The blue goes very well with the color of natural wood, dark or light. Look inside this wall with wooden dressed accent, lacquered wood flooring and furnished with blue armchair Maya. The floor mat Aztec in blue, white and brown is a great decorative addition:

Salon with accent wall and wooden floor and Maya blue chair

blue interior decor idea living parquet wood accent wall mats

very original design space designed in different shades of blue and gray

idea interior stone bench trend blue beanbag cushions fixture

Blue armchair in an interior industrial style with polished concrete flooring and white brick wall

idea interior armchair blue wall white brick floor polished concrete trend

Married several shades of blue in a room, it is possible! Here's proof - this interior room that combines petrol blue, the blue of Prousse, ultramarine blue and peacock blue:

salon interior that combines several shades of blue, beige and gray

interior living room sofa vase flower bouquet idea accent wall flower bouquet

Blue is also invited in the dining room in the form of wall painting. The table surface, too, is light blue, and the chair-type chair. All these shades of blue combine beautifully with parquet, wooden furniture and white vintage ceiling.

Dining room with wall pastel blue, light blue table surface and chair indigo

blue idea blue dining room table lamp wood chair wooden floor coating

Room with wall painted in two shades of blue and blue oil headboard

blue interior idea bedroom headboard wall fixture coffee table cushions

The interior below has something extraordinary and eclectic with its colored walls, its wall decoration photo printed and blue azure ground:

eclectic and original interior that mixes several colors as wall decoration

Deco lounge chair colors tend idea modern chair cushion blue floor coating

Blue and brown: classic wedding and very successful in interior design and fashion

blue wall decoration idea lounge sofa upholstered cushions deco floor lamp

We love this indoor lounge which combines several shades of blue accented by the ground in white, gray lighting and decorative accents in yellow:

Wall pastel blue to match the sofa in midnight blue and yellow accents

interior living room sofa lounge idea luminaire interior accent pillows

If you have an inside sleek and Scandinavian style, painting a wall in petrol blue, peacock blue or blue duck is not necessarily the best idea because you might lose its Scandinavian side. Finally, do not forget that this style of interior prefers light colors, especially for cladding walls, floor and ceiling. Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to add a wooden chest of intense blue color, like this one, made by the Swedish company IKEA:

color blue pastel wooden chest of drawers made for IKEA by Ivar

Wood furniture with antique blue and white drawers matching the polished concrete wall

idea interior wood furniture deco deco chandelier photography modern space ideas

The interior of the below is fabulous picture for a simple reason: the blue steel wall allows the extraordinary design clock to seem even more extraordinary. Well played, Petrol Wand!

Wall steel blue color with fabulous clock representing the moon, design Petrol Wand

interior decoration idea armchair blue wall clock painting trend

To showcase your blue walls, add yellow accents


light and dark gray wedding, blue cobalt wall, wooden floor: elegant and trendy

teal sofa lounge idea luminaire suspension coffee table carpet floor

We love the look washed out blue oil paint this wall! It is wonderfully matched with light wood floors and white pendant light. This combination is ideal for any room, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom. Classic and elegant, blue and white wedding is often associated with sailors at sea in the summer and holidays.

Bedroom in white with wall painted blue oil, light wood flooring

teal modern interior idea pendant light wood parquet

Idea of ​​color for the walls of the bedroom modern soothing ambience

painting interior wall idea nightstand modern interior trend

Why not accentuate one of your walls by painting it blue and showcase your wall decoration? This will refresh your home and you will not even need a lot of ways to achieve this idea.

Living room with wall painted cornflower blue that highlights executives

idea interior leather lounge chair cushions modern wood furniture trend interior idea

We have already mentioned - the blue, it is the representation of the sky and the sea, add a little greenery is then an obvious choice to bring a touch nature in the form of plant preferably pot.

Interior with walls painted halfway shade between blue and gray

indoor lounge chair table wall decoration idea trend mat

Idea Paint, headboard, cushions and foot lamp, all in blue for the bedroom

blue interior headboard idea lamp foot wood furniture cushions

For more information on the colors, their meaning and different hues, visit of all colors.