Deco Easter forty creative and easy ideas to make –

Deco Easter forty creative and easy ideas to make

Easter table decoration idea

Explore these ideas Easter decor quick and easy to manufacture. We offer forty decorative creations that will give you good mood and joy in the house.

Get inspired floral arrangements and other original compositions presented on the pictures below!

Easter decoration purple flowers

Easter flowers deco idea

Create a beautiful Easter decoration with wire tassels and fake branches, it's pretty. You can install the arrangement in a glass jar and fill the rest of the vase with mini colored pebbles or sand. The decor can make a beautiful centerpiece.

Original idea of ​​wall decoration for Easter

Easter decor idea walls

For a festive Easter decor, place of quail eggs emptied in small bags or small baskets or other wooden frames. Glue the eggs on colored paper (green, blue or other pastel). Hang them then the wall in your living room or in your room.

Jolie composition of spring flowers

Deco Easter floral arrangement

Red tulips and white roses are spring flowers. They feature the same season, especially tulips. The contrast color combination and use of pretty crockery give your home a fresh look and spirit of spring. This is the season of floral and soft decoration. Your home will feel the spring. The air in the room will be refreshed.

Easter eggs painted in bright colors

Deco Easter egg colors

So feel free to decorate your home by choosing the colors and the balms of the season! Refresh your home with branches decorated with butterflies and small flowers that may have been found on the said branches or you can stick yourself! Drain the eggs and put them on the branches if you do not find butterflies, as shown in the photo below. Or color them by following the pretty practical Orthodox Christians.

Idea of ​​creating an Easter tree

Deco creatively easy easter

The flowers of the season may be sufficient Deco to celebrate Easter. But if you have other decoration ideas related to this holy celebration for all Christians, as a hen or rabbits, chocolate or as a figure, you can very well get them out of your closet and put them on the fireplace or table or somewhere where they will be visible and you will rise morale.

Pretty Easter decoration with plants

Deco Easter purple flowers

Here is a rather interesting decor although it can not be to the taste of everyone. Ranger real small eggs emptied in a certain order, frame them and hang on the wall like paintings, you will not see such Deco every day. Obviously, nothing prevents to keep the tables all the time, since eggs are not exactly Easter eggs, that is to say colored eggs or chocolate.

Wall Deco of Cades with eggs

Deco wall frames easter

As mentioned earlier, the tulips are features flowers for the spring season and with it, for the holy feast of Easter. White roses, you can find all the time, but their tender and delicate hue made this flower of this great jewel of Spring. Celebrate with the flowers and colors the Resurrection of Christ and the hope of a better world filled with love and tolerance.

Spring Decorating for Easter

red tulips deco green cups

You may know or may not have the tradition of Orthodox Christians during Easter. Do you know they are coloring eggs at Easter? Yes ! They put real eggs in a saucepan, boil water and leave them in boiling water 7 to 20 minutes depending on they like to eat well boiled eggs, calf, hard or very hard. Then they color them and let them embellish their homes while trying to break those of his neighbor or his close that arrives with its own colored eggs. The egg is left over at the end is kept off until the following year without being eaten, of course! Experience shows that it is still better not to keep old eggs at home for a whole year if you break them inadvertently, the smell can be brutal.

Deco interesting Easter with eggs

Deco Easter eggs painted flowers

There are candies that remind many eggs and you can find all colors. Choosing such candy colors Spring is also a good idea. First, they serve you a nice decor and secondly, kids love! You can make them happy in the end, when it's time for you to resign your home for Easter.

Creative idea confectionery decoration

Deco original Easter ideas

We leave the choice to you with the rest of our beautiful ideas a nice Easter decoration that you will be able to watch and maybe get inspired! There's something for everyone - decorations mimi the chic and elegant decorations in silver or gold color or black and white. The important, do not forget all the same, is to respect others and to appreciate the beauty of nature. If you already have it, you will be approached more of Christ that most practitioners practicing! Happy Easter to all!

Flowering branches for decoration Easter

branches deco flowers Easter table

Idea table decoration for Easter fun

decorated eggs easter idea

Rabbits in paper photo frames

Deco Easter photo frame

table decorated sweets and pastries

Easter colorful home decor

Tulips installed in an umbrella attached to the door

Deco door house easter idea

Decoration artificial moss and mushrooms

Deco green tray table

Decoration with a framed greeting card

Deco original idea easter

Easter wall decoration idea

Easy DIY wall decor

decorating idea glasses in minimalistic style

yellow flowers deco Easter

Spring and floral decoration

purple flowers deco spring table

Decoration ribbons

Spring decoration creative idea

Decoration flowers and baby carrots

nice decoration easter purple yellow flowers

easy to perform and original idea

nest'oeufs déco table

Decoration in minimalist black and white


Deco idea with wooden Easter eggs

of the egg-wood-design-idea

minimalist decor


deco easter egg flower plants candle flower decoration wreath idea

Deco Easter egg basket full chicks Deco Easter eggs emptied three different chicks

Easter coloring idea deco eggs Easter idea atmosphere flowerpot egg festive decor tree rose bunny statuette original idea

Deco original fabric Easter eggs

cute rabbit Easter decoration Easter colored eggs

Easter festive decoration small birds Easter tree tissue

decorative paper easter rabbits carrots

easter eggs nest Deco original idea

Easter table decoration idea of ​​flowers Easter decoration Easter DIY easy child

Easter decoration original decorative idea DIY minimalist style

Deco green tray table

dishes Easter decoration

transparent glass bottles green easter

nest'oeufs peints déco

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