The violet color: integrate it into the interior decoration –

The violet color: integrate it into the interior decoration

purple color decoration ideas

Imperialism. Friendship. Passion. Wisdom. Nobility. These are the words with which to describe a room decorated in purple or purple color as it is also called.

Such a part becomes very sophisticated and elegant suite. Using a few tricks, you can pass the joyful task of introducing the purple color in your home. In this article we will try to give you some original and modern ideas that will inspire you for the decor of your home in Parma.

Modern living room minimalist style decorated with mauve

purple deco minimalist living color

You are told all this because often when we think of this color, we immediately imagine a teen girl bedroom decorated with zebra bedding, plush cushions and synthetic purple curtains. But this is only possible approach to decoration in purple. And now imagine an elegant room, decorated in the shade, where there is an air of refinement and glamor that makes disappear immediately, the vision of zebra bedding while ago. So if you want a royal decor, the Parma is just for you! We promise that if you opt for a room decorated in purple, it may be the only place in your home that you would not leave. So ready? Come conquer uncharted our passion behind this shade of purple ... within us and in our lives and define this new style.

Wall Deco Idea purple shade

color purple deco walls

It must not have any illusions - purple is a little difficult color, a color that you love or you hate. So what are his qualities? The purple shade is subtle and elegant. No matter if it is a piece entirely in Parma or just accents that color. This grade has a very strong presence that is noticed immediately. It blends beautifully with white, pink, blue or gray. If you opt for a darker shade of purple, then combine it with lighter colors like white to create a nice contrast. It's a color scheme perfect for decorating the kitchen, bathroom or toilet that will bring immediately an air of freshness and joy.

Decorative stylish kitchen

purple deco modern kitchen color

Even if you, like me, you love purple and violet, it is certainly difficult to imagine you to paint the exterior of your home entirely in purple. But if you feel adventurous enough, it may be a good idea to try. The houses in dark purple are very elegant and original. The purple shade has a strong calming effect. So if you have problems with sleep, you may very well paint your walls or just an accent wall in purple in your bedroom. Choose a lilac shade and combine it with white bedding and furniture broken or taupe to create a modern interior.

Idea deco bedroom with canopy bed

mauve bedroom deco

Like the interiors inspired by the middle of the previous century? Then the purple is the color you need to create a beautiful living room or an elegant living room. Create an accent wall in purple and combine it with accessories, chairs, sofa or a mustard shade paint to create a contrast.

Bedroom romantic decor

bedroom mauve

Always afraid of the purple hue? If you like the purple, but you're afraid to use it in a room like the living room or bedroom, so start with the bathroom. Go for a darker shade and combine it with white porcelain to create a "clean" and calming effect. Purple naturally combines very well with the green where the purple acts as an accent color. Purple and green is a combination that is found very often in nature. Combine the two colors in two shades washed out and you will be surprised of their power to mix and merge.

Decoration bathroom in purple and white


Pale shades of purple are among the best for interior decoration as they bring a touch of nature. But, of course, the purple is known more for its royal roots. So if you want a bedroom or living room, sophisticated and royal, so feel free to enjoy this beautiful color by incorporating accents plush purple.

Deco idea of ​​classical style lounge

color purple lounge deco-

If you will use the purple one place home, so we advise you to do it on the front door. And as we find the purple shade often in nature - think of beautiful shades of lavender, heather, plums and berries - why not use it to the decor of your outdoor? And this is where we already understand the interest of the Parma front we mentioned above. Look at the pictures and choose your favorite ideas:

Contemporary dining room with purple chairs

purple deco lounge chairs

Ideas how to decorate your living room with the purple shade

ideas deco lounge purpre

Idea door decoration

color purple deco door

Room Decor Bedroom ultra modern yellow and purple

flowing purple ultra modern room

Living room with purple sofa design

purple sofa color design

kitchen decor with lacquered surfaces

purple deco kitchen color

elegant living room with color bookcase parma

color mauve-room-furniture
purple sofa living color
color purple bedroom bed

color purple child room

color purple luxurious room

violet color design kitchen

color purple deco green room
purple deco elegant color

purple color decoration kitchen

color-purple-deco-salled-suite bathroom

color purple deco bathroom

color purple deco lounge

purple deco classic living color

color purple deco elegant lounge

purple color work space

romantic interior mauve

color purple room bedding

color purple walls bathroom

color purple walls lounge

color purple bathroom


color purple designer bathroom

mauve living room design

color purple elegant bath room
Parma modern living color

purpre white cabinet kitchen

deco bedroom

deco room wood furniture

deco blue purple room

deco white kitchen lacquered surfaces

deco interior classic style

interour modern deco fituriste

Original deco bedroom

modern decoration purple Buffet

decoration bedroom parma

decoration white purple room

Ultra modern room decoration

decoration living room sofa poupre

deco dining golden purple

deco bathroom design

deco luxury bathroom

room wall deco bathroom

deco lounge bibliotheaue parma

deco lounge sofa poupre

deco pink living room design

open living room decoration idea purple

deco sink purpre idea

idee deco dining elegant

idee deco elegant lounge

deco lounge purple walls idea

minimalist interior deco idea

dining room wall purple design

gray deco purple lounge sofa

Exterior purple deco idea

deco garden pergola curtains

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