How to decorate his house easy tips –

How to decorate his house easy tips

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With this handbook, we present five easy to follow tips on "how to decorate his house" and a collection of 50 beautiful pictures. If you are to develop an interior space that you have purchased or want to renovate an old home, you're probably wondering what are the basic rules for making a beautiful decoration.

Many people think they will never manage to create a really interesting and remarkable look themselves. At the same time, looking at photos and makeover series of houses on TV, we see that the work of designers is not so difficult if only one knows what makes a truly play organized, practical and pretty.

How to decorate his house: living example of furnishings in light colors

how to decorate her home design accessories

Today, we will examine five basic rules applicable to almost any decorating style. For the characteristic elements of each style, you can read our respective articles that will give you ideas about materials, accessories and colors to use for each of them. Two examples of styles trend Scandinavian design and the waterfront.

How to decorate his house: the role of light

lamppost on foot living room design

The first principle is to know on the light. It is an essential element of the decoration of all styles. Natural light can do wonders for the interior, making it quieter or highlighting colors in the room. Make sure that the sun's rays illuminate the room during the day and you have enough of artificial light in the evenings. To do this, choose a few original design lamps placed on small tables, on consoles and sofa tips.

How to decorate his house, the furniture design as an accent in the room

how to decorate his house designer chairs

The second board is the choice of furniture. The furnishings are part of the decorative elements that bring character to the interior space. Even if you have a limited budget, try to find one or two good quality furniture models. This applies especially to the rooms where you spend the most time and where you welcome your friends. A sofa or armchair design, like the one on the picture above, are a good starting point.

How to decorate his house, choosing fabrics

house renovation atmospheres

Next comes the question of how it enriches the home decor with fabric. As we know, carpets, blinds and curtains have an important function in any interior. They have the ability to complete the look of the room or turn into accents depending on how we harmonize colors. The same rule also applies to cushions and throws, which are absolutely necessary for a cozy decor and / or contemporary.

How to decorate his house with green plants

restyle her home kitchen deco fresh herbs

Now for an accessory which is constantly rediscover the beauty and usefulness for ages: live plants. The flowers, fresh herbs and green plants are an excellent way to bring more energy into your home. No need to be an expert in the field of gardening to do so. Check with a florist or one of the many web pages for the types of plants that are easy to care for a beginner.

How to decorate his house with books

Home decoration books makeover

Finish with a decorative accent that we tend to forget these days because of all mobile devices that door constantly self: books. Such as furniture, books, albums and magazines are a reflection of the personality of the owners of the house. Use it so to give a unique look to your home! Here is more decorating ideas with these five basic principles:

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