Christmas tree decoration idea: Ideas and tips for stylish decor –

Christmas tree decoration idea: Ideas and tips for stylish decor

Christmas tree decoration idea in 2015

It is a magical time when at Christmas, walking in the street, it misses majestically decorated homes for the holiday with garlands and ornaments. Decorate the Christmas tree is a tradition honored by many families.

Before we decorated the tree with ornaments and toys made at home like garlands popcorn and pine cones, but decorating the tree now also includes decorative souvenirs and modern fairy lights. Need a Christmas tree decoration idea for this year? Here are some ideas and tips how to turn your Christmas tree into a real Christmas extravaganza.

Deco idea Christmas tree in violet shades

Christmas decoration idea Modern design tree

It is very important to choose the decorative theme and colors before starting to decorate your tree. So you can create a tree inspired by snow or, why not, by the beach if you want a truly original decoration and non-traditional. Select up to four or five colors to the decor of your tree as red, green, white or blue.

Traditional Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration idea interesting

The first Christmas tree decoration idea is decorating with decorative lights. Typical light strings are metal strands in green and white, but you can opt for lights that follow with the color of your tree to create an invisible effect. Illuminate your indoor tree will give it an even more dynamic. To do this, first the base of the tree and working upwards, wrapping Christmas lights around each major branch of the trunk to the tip.

artificial Christmas tree in silver

Deco idea contemporary Christmas tree

Traditional garlands with incandescent lamps can be found in a variety of sizes and colors. And do not forget to also opt for LED string lights that do not produce so much heat that the traditional garlands, but are a little more expensive. shaped globes lamps are another option for decoration of the Christmas tree. They are like colored balls on the tree and create a very beautiful effect. Dare to experiment with different types of decorative lights on your tree for a more magical decoration.

Original Deco Christmas Tree

idea deco purple blue Christmas tree

Now for the traditional garlands. There really are no rules how to place garlands on the tree, but to avoid an effect "sausage" you can start at the top of the tree and slowly increase the amount of garland down. Also to avoid overloading your tinsel tree, you should try to use several different types of garlands.

Deco idea - Christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration idea

After garlands, you must think of ornaments and decorative toys. To "show" and highlight your favorite toys, place them first on the branches, before placing your garlands. Leave space between the ornaments and bulkier toys on the tree. Place some toys near the tree trunk to give depth and make your stay even more interesting decoration. Fill the space around with small and medium sized ornaments. Special ornaments leave for last. Here are a lot of interesting ideas for decoration Christmas tree images. Look at them and choose the ones that inspire you the most:

Contemporary decor Christmas tree

Deco Modern Christmas tree idea

Christmas tree decorated with Christmas lights

Christmas tree deco elegant

Decorative Christmas tree rich and bright

Deco idea Christmas tree blue gold

Christmas decoration vintage style

Christmas tree decoration idea vintage

Christmas tree decoration idea in 2105

artificial Christmas tree decoration

White Christmas tree decoration

Original decoration Christmas tree

deco traditional Christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration idea

Deco idea Christmas tree blue pink

Christmas tree decoration idea fireplace

idea deco Christmas tree decoration

idea deco design Christmas tree

Deco idea Christmas tree paper garlands

Deco idea interesting original Christmas tree

Deco idea original Christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration idea small

Christmas tree decoration idea lounge

Deco traditional Christmas tree idea

Christmas tree decoration idea vintage

Christmas tree decoration idea vintage deco

Christmas tree deco lounge

white artificial Christmas tree

artificial paper Christmas tree

Christmas tree deco interesting

Christmas tree deco etoile

Christmas tree silver purple

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